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Five Reasons Why I Choose Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage

Updated on April 6, 2013

My personal review of Avent VIA breastmilk storage

Are you thinking to express your breastmilk and looking for a breastmilk storage? If that's the case, VIA breastmilk storage might be the one you are looking for.

Avent VIA breastmilk storage system is multi-purpose system, light-weight, space saving, and reusable. In this article I discuss about the pros and cons about Avent VIA breastmilk storage system and why you should have it.

Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage System
Image credit: Avent Philips

#1. A breastmilk storage for multiple functions

Express, store, and feed easily with Avent VIA system!

Avent VIA breastmilk storage is BPA free, and therefore it is safe for your baby. The main feature of this system is that it allows you to express, store, and feed your baby using only one container. When I say 'one', it means only one, there is no need to transfer your expressed breastmilk from one container which you use for expressing to another for storing, and then another one for feeding. Any breastfeeding moms who express their breastmilk know that any drop of milk is soo precious, so you don't want to waste it by transferring it from one container to another.

Avent VIA adaptor - The secret behind versatility of Avent VIA breastmilk storage system

Avent VIA cups connected to breastpump or Avent nipple (image courtesy of
Avent VIA cups connected to breastpump or Avent nipple (image courtesy of

Avent VIA system, for expressing, feeding, and storing.
Image credit: Avent

Avent VIA breastmilk storage comes with VIA adaptor. As its name says, it serves as an adaptor which allow you to fit the AVENT via cup to AVENT breastpump. Similarly, it connects firmly to AVENT feeding ring and its nipple, removing the necessity to transfer to regular AVENT milk bottle.

Don't forget to screw it tightly though, to prevent milk leakage and drop during feeding and pumping.

the conversion kit which allows VIA system to be used with other breastpumps (image courtesy of and
the conversion kit which allows VIA system to be used with other breastpumps (image courtesy of and

#2. Use Avent VIA storage system with any breastpump brand!

The magic of breastpump conversion kit

So you think that you may not like this Avent VIA breastmilk storage because you have already bought breastpump of other brand. Here's come the good news. You can use this Avent VIA container with other breastpump brands! Avent provides its breastpump conversion kit which allows you to use Avent VIA system with other breastpump brands, like Medela, Ameda, you name it! The picture on the right shows you how Avent VIA container is used with Medela breastpump.

I believe this also means that you can you Avent VIA system as a replacement of standard feeding bottle, though I haven't tried it by myself but you can go and find out! Do share with me if my guess is right.

Image credit: Mommy Nadia

This nurser kit would be a great starter kit for any breastfeeding mothers

If you are still in doubt, I'd suggest you to purchase a smaller kit to try first, such as this little nurser kit. It comes with everything necessary for mothers to express, store and feed the baby, even though she may not be able to breastfeed her directly.

Avent Via Nurser Kit
Avent Via Nurser Kit

When my son is a few days old, I have started expressing milk to boost my supply. Instead of using the provided newborn nipple, I spoonfed him to avoid nipple confusion. However, as I returned to work, I couldn't selfishly ask the caregiver to spoonfed him any longer (I know it is a tough work). Avent newborn nipple that comes with this kit is handy because it mimics how baby nurses directly from mom, so it did not cause nipple confusion to my son.

stash of milk in the freezer (image courtesy of
stash of milk in the freezer (image courtesy of

#3. The only breastmilk storage that maximizes your freezer space!

Optimize your freezer space with Avent VIA container

Avent VIA breastmilk container nests to each other. Therefore it won't take up so much space in your kitchen cabinet while not in use. Mine only takes one small shelf in my kitchen cabinet, not more. When you use it for storing your expressed breastmilk, you get the advantage to maximize your freezer and refrigerator space. It's stackable and I really loove this feature. The bottom of VIA container fits perfectly on the Avent VIA lid, making it sturdy and not easy to stumble. It's also a great advantage when you store it in your cooler bag or fridge-to-go. I have a pretty slim fridge-to-go (with dimension of 23 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm) in which I can dump in 4 Avent VIA containers, together with all my Avent manual breast pump parts, making it a breeze when it is time to pump.

Avent VIA containers stack up nicely in the freezer. Image credit: Mommy Nadia

Avent VIA labeling
Avent VIA labeling

#4. Easy labeling

It is important to always label breastmilk storage!

Avent VIA breastmilk storage system provides a space for labeling. You can use a pencil to jot down the content (if you wish) and the date and time when did you express this breastmilk. This labeling is also easy to remove, just wash you container as usual and rub the label with the dish sponge. Personally I did not make use a lot of this feature though, because I found that using sticky note is easier to do and the label is clearer.

Image credit: fpuspita

go green, save the earth (image courtesy of
go green, save the earth (image courtesy of

#5. Go green, reuse and recycle Avent VIA cups

Save your earth by reduce the amount of plastic milk bags used

The Avent VIA breastmilk storage system is reusable. You can reuse it until it shows some sign of wear and tear. At this point, you can choose to recycle it for other purpose. Imagine, if you use plastic milk bags which are designed for a single use. A breastfeeding mama which has normal office hour would usually express 3-4 times in a day and 2 mores at night, okay that makes at least 5 bags a day. In a month (considering Mon-Fri working days), you will have 20 days x 5 plastic bags, meaning one hundred. What if you express till your little one is 1 year old? In my case, I express regularly since he was 3 month old to 13 month. That makes 11 months inclusive, meaning, 1100 plastic bags dumped to the earth!

By using Avent VIA system, you save more money and save for our planet. For my case, I only need 30 containers for my little baby. Okay, some of you may argue that you need one hundred or more to build up stocks before your maternity leave is ending. But still the hundreds of container that you use is not comparable to the thousands of milk bags that you will throw away after use. This does not mean I discourage milk bags for any reason, of course, in some occasions milk bags will be more practical and preferred, for instance when you need to travel for a week without your baby.

When your Avent VIA containers no longer suitable for storing breastmilk, you can recycle it for other use. Here are a few ideas what it can be used for:

1. In the kitchen, use it to store your spices and herbs.

2. If you like handcrafting, why not use it to keep your beads. Or some snappies or button if you like sewing.

3. Give it to your babies and let them play with it. They can use it to store things, make a 'castle', and many more. son spent a good 15 minutes (or perhaps more) trying to stack them, fill it with other toys, and open the lids.

Image credit: Shutterbooth

My personal experience with Avent VIA breastmilk storage system - From birth to now, it's always usable

my curious son playing with Avent VIA cups and lids
my curious son playing with Avent VIA cups and lids

My son playing with Avent VIA cups
Image credit: fpuspita

I bought my Avent VIA breastmilk container when I was 20-week pregnant. When my baby was born, I had low-milk-supply issue, and decided to express regularly to increase my supply. There where this VIA system comes to rescue because I used it everyday to store my expressed breastmilk. Still not enough, my baby got jaundice, and the doctor advised me to top up with formula milk. Not wanting my baby to have nipple confusion, I refuse to feed him with bottle. Instead, I made milk in this VIA container and spoon-fed him. When my maternity leave ended, the VIA container becomes my best friend every time I expressed my milk in the office. Moreover, my baby caregiver does not need to transfer my milk to other milk bottle. After warming the milk, simply open the lid, insert the adaptor, the bottle ring and the nipple, the milk is ready for the hungry baby.

The story does not end there. When my little one starts his first solid, this VIA container becomes his puree container. Especially when we are going out, I simply need to fill up this container with the amount of pure for single serving, and I am ready to go. For those mothers out there who plans to make a stock of baby puree for one week in advance, this is also a nice system for you, as you are able to store different types of baby puree at the same time. Just don't forget to label what's inside for easy organization.

When I introduced him to soft spout, I did not buy any special cup or glass. I simply use my VIA cups, connected to the adaptor, then the spout. Look at how you can minimize unnecessary spendings.

Now my little one has grown up to be a twenty two-month toddler. I don't need to express breastmilk anymore. And he does not need his puree because he starts eating the same daily meal just like us. But, this VIA container is still very handy, I use it for his snack container, even his daddy's lunch companion (it is great to store peanut sauce or any other dips). So yes, I'm very satisfied with this product and therefore I recommend it for you!

Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? - Don't forget to read "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding"

This book is very valuable for any breastfeeding mamas. It tells you how to prepare for breastfeeding even before your baby is arrived.

Do you breastfeed / express your breastmilk? - What type of breastmilk storage do you use?

Share with us!

Do you express your breastmilk? What type of storage do you use?

See results

Answering some common complaints about Avent VIA breast milk storage system

What are they?

1. Milk leakage

Some moms complain that Avent VIA cup leaks every time. Okay, I did experience this once, and seeing my precious milk gone was really heartbreaking. So here is my tips: always ensure to screw the lid tightly to the container. Examine whether they have lined properly. Improper lining results in leaking, and wasting your milk.

2. Milk fat trapped in the lid

Don't fill your Avent VIA cup too full. I guess this applies to all botttle/cup container, especially when you want to put it in the freezer. If it is 6-oz cup, try to fill it until 5 oz max, because when the milk is frozen, it will expand.

3. Too expensive for things which can only be used 3 times or 5 times

I am not very sure where people find this '3x' or '5x' rule. As far as I am concerned, the Avent VIA packaging only say you can use it several times, but please stop (discard or recycle) when there is any sign of wear and tear. Of all 30 VIA containers that I have, there were 2 containers showing this sign, so I threw them. The rest of it work fine, so I continue to use it. Try to use safe sterilizing method, in this case I use steam sterilizer. I am not sure whether this guy can be boiled, but I will just avoid that.

If you want to give it a try

Let me tell you a little bit more about Avent VIA breastmilk storage

Avent has several packages for those of you wanting to try this system.

  1. If you haven't bought any breastpump (and interested to try Avent breastpump), find one which the packaging include Avent VIA cup, lid, and its adaptor. I know they have because my sister bought one.

  2. If you already bought a breastpump, then find a package where it contains all the cups, lids, and the adaptors. I purchased the 20 sets of Avent VIA cups and lids with 2 adaptors with very affordable price.

  3. Note that the VIA adaptor is not sold separately, it always comes with the cups and the lids. The breastpump conversion kit is sold separately though, it gives you two adaptors which allows you to use Avent VIA cups or Avent milk bottle with other breastpump.

  4. If you just need some replacement cups or lids, Avent does sell them separately, find it. I knew this because the first time I bought this system, I purchased them as separate items, and realised that they don't automatically come with the adaptor.

  5. There are two different sizes available, 6 oz and 8 oz. Choose the one suits you best. For me, I prefer the 6 oz because my pumping yield has never reached 6 oz in one session. Anyway, my baby never drink more than 6 oz in once too. For mommies who produces abundant expressed breast milk (more than 8 oz in a single pumping session, check how this mom use her Avent VIA containers for her pumping session."

  6. Lastly I wish you all the best, breastfeeding mamas, pumping mamas, for providing the best for your baby. Keep up your good work, and you will succeed!

Find Avent VIA breastmilk storage system in Amazon! - There are a lot of packages to choose from

Avent sells VIA breastmilk storage system in different packages. Some comes with the breast pump itself, some serve as really good starter set, some are perfect for those looking to add more or replace the damaged ones.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Standard Breast Pump Conversion Kit
Philips AVENT BPA Free Standard Breast Pump Conversion Kit

This is a set of breast pump conversion kit which allows you to use Avent VIA breastmilk storage system or Avent bottle with non-Avent breast pumps, which usually only fit standard-size neck bottle.

Avent VIA Breast Milk Storage 6 oz - 10 Pk
Avent VIA Breast Milk Storage 6 oz - 10 Pk

A complete set of Avent VIA breastmilk containers (contains cups, lids, and adaptor)

Avent VIA 6oz Bases 10ct
Avent VIA 6oz Bases 10ct

Buy this when you only need the cups without the lids

Philips AVENT SCF290/12 ISIS VIA Manual Breast Pump Kit
Philips AVENT SCF290/12 ISIS VIA Manual Breast Pump Kit

Avent Isis manual breastpump which comes with complete set of VIA storage system


I hope my review about Avent VIA breastmilk container helps fellow mothers (or other family members) who are seeking a suitable breastmilk storage for their babies. So now, do you think you'll love this Avent breastmilk container just like I do?

What do you think of Avent VIA breastmilk container?

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    • Rosetta Slone profile image

      Rosetta Slone 

      6 years ago from Under a coconut tree

      I expressed and stored my milk in sandwich bags because I couldn't find proper milk storge bags where I live. Wish I'd read your reviews and ordered some of these when my bub was little.

    • fifta profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      thanks, FreshStart7, and many thanks for the blessing

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 

      6 years ago from GRENADA

      Excellent AVENT review lens fpuspita! With great tips for use both during and after breast feeding.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Excellent idea! I agree, breast milk is too precious to lose a single drop. I will let my expecting daughter know about this option.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good info!

    • HenkWillemse profile image


      6 years ago

      Great review, me and my wife will be needed these things soon

    • fifta profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: thank you Susan!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      6 years ago from Arkansas USA

      This is a really good review!

    • fifta profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @AG_1984: glad that you liked it =)

    • AG 1984 profile image

      AG 1984 

      6 years ago

      I enjoyed your lens and liked it very much!

    • fifta profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @dellgirl and @JoanneOtt

      Thanks for visiting my lens =)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a great lens, itâs so full of helpful information. I learned a lot here. Thank you for sharing.

    • jolou profile image


      6 years ago

      Very good information here.


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