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Babies: Playpen

Updated on February 16, 2013


Just woke
Just woke | Source

Papa Toe talking about babies ?

Pap Toe. That's me granddad to 4 and 1 year old boys Dylan and Austin. Their mothers farther is granddad so that's how I became Papa Toe i.e. Tony.

You don't get many Papa Toes or men for that matter coming on Hub pages talking about babeis; but I think I'm right in saying the whole idea is to write about things you've experienced or you know something about.

No one can be as close as a mother to two boys of this age; so I would call myself someone who's having a second bit of a cherry. Times change and in my time as a young father in my 20's, like most people, I was out trying to make a good home for my three boy's and my wife. I was on the road at 6am, never saw the boys in the morning, trying to building a business, getting home most nights around 7pm, which we planned, so I'd have at least 30 minutes to an hour before the boys went to sleep, most of the time they where in bed waiting for a story.

It's only now, at fifty-no chance, that I realize how much I missed. So times have changed and I know it's life; but the sad thing is Dylan and Austins farther, my son, and the boys mother are in the same position as I was, maybe not so drastic but they both work and everything's a rush.

I've wrote hubs about decorating, which I served my time at, and running a bed and breakfast which I've done for the last 28 years.
We have a lady who dose, for the rooms and once people have left in the morning, after cleaning up the breakfast things, we have quite a lot of time on our hands.
So the boys stay with us two to three days a week and Dylan the oldest stays over one night a week and more when we can kidnap him.

Playpens provide both a play area and security for your baby; there like another pair of hands if you have to pop out of the room for a few minutes, safe in the knowledge that your baby won't come to any harm.

If you decide to buy a playpen, do it before your baby is moving around so you can get him or her familiar with it; that gives it a better chance of it being a hit rather than a flop later on.
For the same reason, if you have the space, go for a pen with a reasonably large floor area.

Some babies like the feeling of the playpen being 'their' place to play, nap or simply watch your activities or if your name Austin trying with all your strength to climb out.

This Graco TotBloc Pack 'N Play Playard with Carry Bag has 644 customer reviews 547 give it five stars and 78 people give it four stars and nothing lower

Big Tip for Babies Three Months and Older

I've noticed and I think every mother would agree that one of the hardest thing mothers have to combat is tiredness. It can be really hard work holding down a job and looking after small children day after day. But don't worry there's a light at the end of the tunnel, the catch is you have to have more than one child. The older they get the more they play with each other which gives moms a little brake.

So what's the big tip.

Keeping in mind you need a little rest every now and again. We bought Dylan, then three years old, a helium balloon which he enjoyed immensely. While he was playing I couldn't help noticing the baby, Austin, couldn't keep his eyes of the big red balloon that was hovering above him; so once Dylan had finished playing with it I made a loop at the end of the string and put it on the babys wrist.
We put him in his play pen and he soon caught on that if he moved his arm the balloon would bounce around; it kept amused for ages and when he finished he went out like a light.
So it performed three jobs in one, it kept him amused, he had plenty of exercise and a good sleep.

It stands out a mile

The Graco above will double for both a play pen and a cot so the baby can have a snooze in day in the play pen and up the apple and pears at night to the cot.


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    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 4 years ago

      A very informative and interesting hub. I have a little one so I love reading hubs like this.