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Updated on July 23, 2014


Baby carrier for infant is one of the first things a woman would be looking at buying when pregnant or immediately after delivery. The baby carrier for infant helps the baby to have proper back support at the same time having the warmth feelings of the mother. It can be used both indoors and out doors to hold your baby close to your chest. One of the items a pregnant mother would probably shop for is the baby carrier. This is because after the baby is born you can use the baby carrier to bring the baby back home or you may not have time to go shopping for a baby carrier after the baby is born due to much responsibility that would be bestowed on you as a new mother with a new born baby to cater to. Some parents would want to consider buying a new or used baby carrier depending on their budget or the preferences. Now you may be wondering why you need a baby carrier for infant when you can easily hold the baby in your hand, here are just few reasons why you need a baby carrier.


Why do I need a baby carrier for infant?

Keep warm: The baby carrier help to keep the baby warm while transporting or when at home. Babies’ needs and love to be kept in a warm place, and no where can be appropriately warm than the human body.

Closeness: Baby’s love to have the closeness of the parents, and to make the best out of being close to the baby, use a baby carrier to further strengthen the closeness between you and the baby.

Proper monitoring: If you are busy and would not like to leave the baby alone in the nursery or the baby cot, then the baby carrier helps you have access to your baby while you finish up your work. You can easily monitor your baby while in the baby carrier because the baby is right with you at all time.

Comforting: when you carry the baby with a baby carrier the baby is comforted even if he or she has been crying before then. The baby carrier also gives babies special comfort than other means of carrying babies.

Security: The baby carrier for infant make baby feel more secured than being left alone in the baby cot. Due to the warmth feelings they get from the parents or anyone carrying them, they tend to feel more secured.



Evenflo snugli baby carrier

 The evenflo snugli baby carrier is best for the transporting of your baby inside and outside the house. It’s a kind of carrier that is well padded for the comfort of your baby. It has a stiff padding behind the head to give your baby’s young head extra support which the baby can not do on his own until he or she is old enough to hold his head. Evenflo snugli baby carrier is machine washable and last much longer.


Benefit of evenflo snugli baby carrier


Comfortable: The evenflo snugli baby carrier is comfortable both to the baby and the person carrying the baby. Due to its well padded features it gives the baby maximum comfort and relaxation.


Supports the back neck: Evenflo snugli baby carrier gives enough back support to the baby while the baby is in the baby carrier. This feature is very important to help support the tender neck and head of the baby which the baby can not carry until certain age.


Machine washable: You don’t need to worry about the washing of your baby carrier any more as the evenflo snugli can be easily washed in a washing machine without it being rumpled or torn.


Sturdy: The sturdiness of this baby carrier gives you the confidence that your baby is in a safe hands without the fear of the baby carrier being torn or worn out.


Easy to adjust straps: The straps are made in such a way that you can easily adjust them even while the baby is still on you. You can easily adjust it to the position you want at anytime.


Soft: The most interesting thing a bout this baby carrier is that its very soft unlike some other baby carrier that looks and feels hard on the baby tender skin. The evenflo snugli is very soft on the baby body that baby would feel comforted while in it.


Front and backpack carry: You can change it to the position that best suit you, because the evenflo snugli is very flexible and can be used in divers’ ways. If you are not comfortable with the front position, you can easily change it to the front position.


Easy to reach buckles: The buckles are easily reached, for proper adjusting of your baby position. You need not struggle to get the buckles fastened to the hooks.


Ergonomic pull forward: This is a very special and unique feature of the evenflo snugli baby carrier that I love. It gives you an ergonomic support from both back ache and waist ache.






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