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The Best Baby Carriers For Infants

Updated on October 25, 2013

These Top Rated Infant Carriers Will make Your Life Much Easier In The Early Months After Pregnancy

As if you didn't know it already, keeping baby close to your heart is healthy for newborns and mothers alike. These baby carriers are designed for newborn babies and they will make your life much easier in the early months of your child's life.

Most of these carriers and baby slings are designed for newborns but can also work well for toddlers in different positions. I have hand chosen slings, wraps, and carriers that are best for a smaller baby or infant on this page. These aren't supposed to be the most versatile carriers on the market - they are the best for your infant.

My personal favorite wrap for infants is the Baby K'tan carrier. It is a wrap that supports multiple positions and feels more like a sing with a "pouch" for baby than other wraps do. You can see more about this carrier below or through the prior link.

Also, I advise getting something better for bigger babies or toddler later on too because many toddlers just don't want to be restricted to a sling or wrap. Just something to think about for the future.

Top Rated Infant Baby Carriers

A baby carrier is designed in a few different popular ways. There are slings that sit on your shoulders and form pouches for your baby to lay in on your side or front. There are wraps that allow you to position baby just about anywhere on your body. These are great and more versatile but they have a steeper learning curve. There are also structured baby carriers which tend to be a bit better for older babies. The infant carriers below are haend selected too be best for small babies, newborns, and infants. They span all three aforementioned styles.

Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black Stretch Cotton  (S)
Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black Stretch Cotton (S)

The K'tan is actually my favorite baby carrier for smaller babies of them all. It's perfect for newborns as it holds baby close to chest but also good for older babies who like to turn around and face the world. For toddlers however I would keep shopping.

Moby Wrap UV SPF 50+ 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Almond Blossom
Moby Wrap UV SPF 50+ 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Almond Blossom

This is arguably the most popular wrap carrier for babies. It's great just not my favorite. Tons of moms swear by it however so it's worth looking into.


Best Selling Baby Carriers For Different Types Of Moms

The carriers featured above are perfect for newborns and small babies but once baby wants to turn around and see the world things change a bit. The following pages should help you find some excellent options for baby carriers in different styling.

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Did you like them or not like them? Let us know here in the comments.

Which Infant Carriers Have You Tried?

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