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Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms

Updated on October 23, 2013

The ErgoBaby Waist Extender Makes A Baby Carrier Work For Larger Women

Most baby carriers top out with a waist circumference in the low 40 inch range. If you are a larger woman and are having trouble finding a good baby carrier or sling that actually fits then your best bet is probably the original ERGObaby Baby Carrier with the waist extender accessory featured in the photo at left.

The basic carrier is actually a best selling baby carrier that sports some of the highest reviews on Amazon by scores of past customers. The carrier itself however only supports a waist size up to 43 inches around. The waist extender however can be added to the carrier and can increase the waist circumference by an additional 8 inches giving plus size mothers plenty of room.

As you know well and good a baby carrier makes life around the house with a newborn much easier. Although this carrier requires a separately purchased item for larger moms the extra cost and trouble will definitely be worth it in the long run.

See below for a close up of the extender and scroll down for the review and a short list of quality alternatives.

The Best Baby Carrier For Larger Women - This Extender Also Helps Most Men Fit Into The Ergo Carrier Too

The Ergo Carrier with the extra waist extender is by far and away the best carrier option for bigger moms and dads. Although the majority of parents can fit into a standard baby carrier there are many people who need just a few extra inches and the waist extender below offers that to one of the best carriers made today.

It is worthwhile spending a little more time searching for the right carrier if you are a plus size mother.Getting the right fit means both you and baby will me more comfortable

Ergo Baby Carrier For Larger Parents
Ergo Baby Carrier For Larger Parents

What Makes The Ergo Baby Carrier So Good Anyway?

The Ergo carriers are top of the line and loved by mothers (and dads too) everywhere because of their quality construction and affordable prices. In short the carriers are made from high quality canvas and cotton materials and the edges are rounded to keep baby more comfortable.

If you care to understand the ergonomics of the carrier the baby sits in a correct sitting position and the makers also take great care to cater to the needs and comfort of mom wearing it. It has simple and helpful pockets for storage and shoulder straps which lighten the load and increase parental comfort. With the addition of the optional waist extender the carrier also works for people who need even more room, up to 50 inches of room if not slightly more.

As for the use of this baby carrier you will do best using this with a baby that is a bit older, maybe 12 pounds or more. Many parents say that although this carrier is able to be used with newborns it tends to be uncomfortable compared other brands and models at least until the baby is a bit bigger.

Check out the following page where I feature the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier which I feel is far better suited for newborns and smaller infants. It may not work well for the largest of moms but it can work for moms up to size 22 and dads with a jacket size up to 50.

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Alternatives To The Ergo Baby Carrier

I like the Ergo Baby carrier with waist extender for larger people far more than any other option but it's not the only baby carrier on the block that will work for broader shoulders or wider hips. To buy the two pieces you can easily spend in excess of a hundred bucks. The following carriers are top rated carriers and should work for larger moms or dads and may end up costing you less overall.

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