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Top Rated Baby Carriers That Face Out

Updated on October 23, 2013

Front Facing Baby Carriers Are Great For Curious Kids

When you have a newborn it's great to have a snug baby carrier that lets you keep baby close to your heart at all times. It's comforting to your baby and much easier for you to protect the baby while you get things done around the house our out on errands.

If you've ever had a child before however you will know that after a while your baby is going to start getting curious about the world around him. We found that we absolutely had to find a good carrier that allowed us to carry him facing forwards otherwise he just wouldn't let use use the baby carrier any more.

There are of course many different baby carriers out there and they are all designed to work well with babies of different sizes or ages but in my experience most carriers, even the best carriers, are really only best for certain age ranges.

For instance the ErgoBaby carrier is functional for newborns and up but it's excellent for babies that are six months and older. The K'tan carrier pictured to the left however is phenomenal for newborns and small babies but as they get bigger it gets a bit less awesome.

Even still of all carriers that face out the K'tan Baby Carrier is my favorite. It's is like a Mobi Wrap that's easy to use and it's a lot cheaper then the Ergo Baby. of course these aren't the only carriers that are good for front facing babies. Lower on this page I've featured a number of alternative to my favorites some of which will be much cheaper than the others at the sacrifice of some quality or certain features.

My Favorite Baby Carrier For Front Facing Babies

As mentioned above there are lots of baby carriers that work well for babies that are forward facing but my favorite is the K'tan carrier featured below. It is attractively priced and holds babies in either direction as well as a in sling positions. It works well for babies of any age up to 35 pounds although I'd rather use it on smaller kids than bigger ones.

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling-Black S (W dress 6-8 / M jacket 37-38). Newborn up to 35 lbs. Best for Babywearing.
Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling-Black S (W dress 6-8 / M jacket 37-38). Newborn up to 35 lbs. Best for Babywearing.

This carrier works for almost every parent no matter their size. Coming in five different sizes this wrap will fit and help you stay active even with a child in arms.


It's a bit pricier but I really like the Ergo Baby carrier too. If you have the extra cash it's hard to beat it in terms of comfort and features.

Two Quality Front Facing Baby Carriers That Are Cheap

The K'tan is a bit pricey for some parents even though it's nowhere near the highest priced carrier on the market. Even still there are a few good options for inexpensive wraps and slings that work well for babies that face forwards. Here are two of the top rated cheap forward facing baby carriers for sale today.

More Good Carriers That Face Baby Forwards

I'm a fan of quality products that are made well and have lots of features that actually benefit me as a parent. I like the K'tan baby carrier featured above as well as the ErgoBaby carriers the best as they meet my expectations for what a good baby carrier is. Unless I'm going hiking and need a framed hiking carrier these are exactly what I'm looking for. Other than these and the cheaper options featured above there are however many other carriers that will face your baby outwards. Here is a selection of them for you to browse through.

The Best Carriers & Slings For Sale Today

Most good baby carriers work well for babies that face forwards or backwards. Although I have my favorites it's sometimes better to shop for a carrier that meets another need and then make sure baby can site forward facing in before buying. The following pages should help you find the right carrier for you if you don't already know which one to buy.

The Cheapest Baby Carriers For Sale Today
Yes, we as parents want the best for our children but in the real world everything has aprice and we can only afford so much. Baby carriers (on the high end...

Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms
Most baby carriers top out with a waist circumference in the low 40 inch range. If you are a larger woman and are having trouble finding a good baby carrier ...

High End Baby Carriers Sold Used Online

As a parent I have no problem at all buying used stuff. I can usually get items for far less in used condition than I can brand new. In many cases the items I buy are used but appear to be new nevertheless. If you want a good carrier but don't have that much money to spend see the lists below which feature Baby K'tan, Ergo Baby, Beco Baby, & Britax carriers all in used condition and sold at heavily discounted secondary market prices.

What Feature Is Most Important To You In A Carrier?

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