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Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals Review

Updated on July 6, 2016

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals

Much like the Baby Einstein World Animals DVD, Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals will introduce your youngster to a variety of different species.

But unlike World Animals, this one isn't a safari. Neighborhood Animals features creatures that will be found close to home.

You'll find both live video and puppet shows featuring animals they may have as pets, animals found on a farm, and animals found around and in your local creek or river.

It's all accompanied by kid friendly classical music to stimulate your child's mind and help keep him entertained. And we all know kids love animals.

Keep reading to discover many more of the wonderful things contained in the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals DVD.


Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals DVD Review

Disney knows how to entertain children in every way. From their world famous theme parks to the Baby Einstein series of learning systems, they make learning easy and fun for a small child. The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals series will help your child quickly learn the words that go along with everything from the family pets to the neighbors’ animals that they may see every day.

Babies are born curious; they have to be to understand what is going on in this strange new world around them. They see bright colors better than subtle pastels, so Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals are colorful and fun.

All the Baby Einstein products are well-crafted and high quality. Baby Einstein knows only too well that babies like to squeeze, chew and handle their toys, so their Baby Einstein toys are made to be safe and durable. These wonderful products not only entertain but aim to introduce babies and toddlers to the world of poetry, art, music and nature, and were developed from a child’s point of view.

First introduced in 1997, Baby Einstein was the pioneer of baby development products. Babies and toddlers all love the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals DVDs and they laugh, sing along and squeal with delight as they learn about all the furry and feathered friends around them. Hosted by Pavlov the Dog, a series of brightly colored puppets and pictures are introduced to your little one, and your child will quickly learn to recognize all the different animals.

Incorporating popular classical music, including Vivaldi and Beethoven, your child is subtly introduced to the world of classical music too. It is a fact that that children who listen to classical music when they are small, and even before they are born, grow up to be more intelligent. So, Baby Einstein knows exactly the best ways to stimulate and educate your little one.

Babies and toddlers are fascinated with everything that moves around them, especially other children and the family pets. With sing along songs like Old MacDonald’s farm, accompanied by sketches, drawings and illustrations of the animals being introduced, your child will soon be trying to sing along, and parent and child will have so much fun as the child tries to imitate the sounds made by those neighborhood animals.

None of the Baby Einstein series is expensive, making this wonderful learning system accessible to every parent who wants to help his or her child onto the path of learning, in a fun and affordable way.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals exposes toddlers and babies to the animals most likely to be found close to home, or perhaps on the local farm or in the local petting zoo. By combining live-action footage, colorful images and fun puppet shows, all accompanied by songs and classical music, your child will quickly learn to recognize all the animals he may encounter around him on a daily basis.

Babies and toddlers the world over are clapping their hands, singing along and making animal noises, thanks to Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals Video

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    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 6 years ago

      This was the first book I ever bought for my little girl! Brings back so many memories.