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Baby Einstein On The Go

Updated on July 6, 2016

Baby Einstein On The Go

Baby Einstein On The Go is your child's introduction to all things that move.

We know that kids love things that go. They play with boats in the tub, toy cars, trucks, planes and more.

This wonderful DVD has all that plus sing-a-long songs, puppet shows, and more.

In typical Baby Einstein Fashion, it's very interactive, and that's what helps hold their attention.

You can get this DVD at Amazon now, or read on to find out more about this and other Baby Einstein products.


Go, Go, Go with Baby Einstein On the Go

Bicycles, boats and trains; oh my! Growing up is an exciting time for children, but even more so when they know about everything! Just one of the many DVDs for children that Baby Einstein offers, Baby Einstein On the Go is a definite favorite for both moms and children.

Designers, architects and engineers all get their inspiration from somewhere. It makes me wonder "When?" When do children finally realize what they want to be for the rest of their lives and what inspired them to choose that career? For some, maybe they want to be just like their dad who has a passion for boats. Others might want to be like Lance Armstrong and become a professional bicycle rider with millions of fans everywhere. But then there are the few, who just maybe watched something like Baby Einstein On the Go and decided they wanted any and everything to do with things that go.

Children are huge fans of Baby Einstein products. It's common for the children who like even just one of their DVDs, books or CDs, to like them all. So if you haven't bought your child On the Go yet, it's worth a shot. Keep your little one entertained and wanting more every time he fixes his eyes on this inspiring and educational video.

Baby Einstein On the Go features anything that goes, really. The video is divided into segments observing the land, air and sea and the moving things that can go in or on it. Throughout the film, classical music is played, ranging from Mozart to Haydn to Beethoven. So not only are their eyes observing and learning new things, their ears are too.

As little ones start to grow and become increasingly mobile, so does their fascination with anything that moves. Baby Einstein On the Go teaches children about the different ways people travel, while also entertaining them with adorable puppet shows and real-world images. Captivating their minds and ears, this video is an outstanding yes for parents everywhere.

My two year old daughter is infatuated with cars, just like her father. She would rather play with Hot Wheels than baby dolls and she is a pro at making car and truck sounds. After I noticed her increasing fascination with anything that has wheels, I bought her this video. She already watches the Little Einstein's at home, so she was really excited to start watching her new movie. She absolutely loves it! It was a great investment and as long as she's happy, so am I. I bet you will be to, so why not find out and get Baby Einstein On The Go at Amazon.

Children have minds like a sponge; they absorb everything. As parents, we should make it our goal to fill their minds with everything educational we can if it means giving them a better life. Baby Einstein On the Go is a step in the right direction. It will teach your child about many new and exciting things that just might have a huge impact on their future. For all we know, it could change their lives forever.

Baby Einstein On The Go - The Bells On The Train

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      i want to have this dvd on the go in french, is it possible, thank you