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Baby Einstein World Animals

Updated on July 6, 2016

Baby Einstein World Animals

Baby Einstein World Animals is a great way to take your 1 to 4 year old on a world safari without ever leaving the living room.

He or she will see the animals in their natural habitat in exhilarating and sometimes comical footage set to music that will keep them entertained time and time again.

There's the live action footage and puppet shows in between to help keep their attention.

Classical and kid friendly music adds to the entertainment and learning.

In our household, this was also a magical DVD. Get yours below, or just keep scrolling down the page to find out more about what's on this DVD.


Growing Up With Baby Einstein World Animals

As children, we could never wait to grow up. We wanted to be just like our parents who got to do whatever they wanted, like staying up late and eating junk food. Then again, we didn't have movies like Baby Einstein World Animals to watch and learn from. Let me tell you a little bit about what today's world has to offer.

As a little girl, I was perfectly content with playing with my older brothers, (who by the way wanted nothing to do with me) playing with dolls and taking bubble baths. Had I known then about all the cool new movies and learning programs there are now, I would have refused to grow up. Baby Einstein is a huge brand name that people all over the world are investing in. They offer numerous products that help teach your children about anything from colors to shapes to animals to art. Preparing a brighter future for your child is just a click of the mouse away.

Baby Einstein World Animals takes your little one on a musical journey throughout the world, teaching them about new and unexpected environments featuring all kinds of different animals. They will learn about dolphins, bears, cheetahs and birds and so much more after diving into this exciting, new adventure. It will expose their gentle little minds to a world they never knew existed. Why not expose your little one to as much good stuff as possible?

While on this drive through the safari, your child will learn all about the animals they could typically see at the zoo, but instead running free in their natural habitat. The DVD features wildlife footage, stimulating puppet shows and intriguing colorful images with beautiful, classical music accompanying them through it all.

After reading many reviews, it is safe to say that Baby Einstein World Animals is definitely a good investment. Mothers everywhere have shared their experiences regarding this educational DVD and highly recommend it to all other parents. It has features that will really help stimulate your child's brain by showing them the animal and then saying what type of animal it is. Also, it is very specific. Instead of just saying "Fish" when a picture of a clown fish appears, it will say "Clown fish." Doing so helps your little one to understand that there are many different types of fish that exist.

Children's educational videos, flash cards and books are more common now than ever before. Parents everywhere are looking to products like this so that they can raise their children to be smart, well-rounded and perceptive. It's a great investment that will benefit both you and your child.

This DVD can be found on many websites, but unfortunately is not sold in stores anymore. However, many of the newer Baby Einstein videos are sold at places like Wal-Mart and Target. After doing a little research, I must say that I find Baby Einstein World Animals, along with many of their other products, to be very reasonably priced. What is just a few dollars when it comes to the education of your children? In my opinion, you can't put a price tag on something like that.

Baby Einstein World Animals Video

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