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Baby Gadgets that Work

Updated on April 18, 2013

Baby Shower Gifts and Gifts for New Dads

Are you looking for baby gadgets that will actually be useful? I've collected together the best baby gadgets, the ones that you'll use regularly and get great reviews from other parents.

These baby gadgets make great baby shower gifts for expecting Moms, or gifts for new or prospective Dads. And they are also good purchases for parents to make for themselves as they plan for a new arrival.

Useful Baby Gadgets

I'm a Mom and a gadgetaholic. Sure babies just need milk, clothing and cuddles, and if that's all you can afford then they'll do just fine. But there are some neat gadgets around that make life easier, offer reassurance or in some cases are just enjoyable to use.

Baby gadgets are also a good way for Dads to get involved with babies, yes Moms can use gadgets too, but with a tiny baby they'll appreciate someone else reading the instructed and getting gadgets set up. Baby gadgets are great gifts for new dads.

One this page I've collected together the most useful baby gadgets. The ones that get great reviews from people who actually use them. I've included my own experiences.

The Baby Gadgets

Baby Gadget Safety

Never place a baby monitor or other gadget with a cord within 3 feet of a crib.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor

Video Baby Monitor

A Video Baby Monitor allows you to watch as well as listen to your baby from another room. We had one of the first baby videos monitors on that market when our first son was born. It was brilliant! When he was sleeping we often wanted to check on him, especially in the early days, but if we actually went into the room he would wake up - not good. With the video monitor we could watch him as much as we wanted without disturbing him and see that he was just fine. A video monitor is useful for years - it's good to be able to keep an eye on what your kids are up to when they are playing in their bedrooms.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor

@ Amazon


The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor is a modern video monitor with a 3.5" LCD screen. The touch screen allows you to adjust the brightness, pan/scan and zoom. The monitor works during the daytime and at night (you get a black and white picture at night). It has a talkback mode so you can talk to your baby (sometimes this settles them and it's great for older children who can understand you too.)

You can add additional cameras if you have more children (don't think it's only babies that you will want to watch - you will want to see your three year old playing with teddies at 9pm and tell her to get back into bed!)

The reviews are good, but a couple of things are worth pointing out.

1. Don't expect the picture to be TV quality, it isn't, but it's good enough for its purpose.

2. In some houses you may experience static interference with other devices (this is a potential problem with most baby monitors). This can usually be resolved but many people get frustrated when they hit this problem with a brand new baby (and not a lot of sleep). Here's a great DadLab video on baby monitor static causes and solutions. Try and get the monitor up and running before the baby arrives!

Summer Infant's BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor Video

Philips AVENT BPA Free Essentials Gift Set with Sterilizer

@ Amazon


There are lots of high-tech electronic sterlizers on the market, they work fine, but in our experience the Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer is a more straightforward solution to sterilizing. You add water and then put it in the microwave. It works well, it's compact and easy to take with you when you travel.

You'll find a lot of reviews on the non-gift set version of this sterilizer AVENT Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer.

The sterilizer can be used for baby bottles, breast pump parts and baby feeding equipment. Don't forget that you'll need a sterilizer even if you're breastfeeding if you plan to use a breast pump.

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology

@ Amazon


The Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology allows you to easily, quickly and accurately take a baby or child's temperature. You pop in in a babies ear for just two seconds (it uses a disposable shield for hygiene.) to get an accurate reading. We have one of these and I bought one for my sister as a gift. Before we had this we were never quite sure whether we were getting an accurate reading with more basic thermometers and wriggling infants who didn't want to be prodded.

This thermometer is popular with reviewers, many of whom, like me, had tried various other thermometers before finding one that works.

Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor, Blue

@ Amazon


The BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor has a sensor pad which detects tiny movements when your baby is asleep, if movement stops then an alarm sounds. A movement sensor is recommended for premature babies and those an increased risk of SIDS, many parents use them with babies that don't have an increased risk, just for peace of mind.

This movement sensor gets excellent reviews and we really like the AngelCare AC401 setup videos - they take you through how to get the sensor set up correctly.

Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist humidifier, Various colors

@ Amazon


Mist humidifiers are intended to ease breathing in babies and small children, especially when they have coughs and colds. This sounds plausible to me, I'm asthmatic and humidity definitely helps. The Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist humidifier gets lots of great reviews and has a cool water drop design.

I have a note of caution on mist humidifiers though. You must be prepared to properly clean them or they can harbor germs (which could mean they do more harm than good.) We have one of these that we bought when my son was ill and struggling to sleep, we used it for that illness, and then never bothered with it again - the kids have been pretty healthy and I couldn't be bothered with the cleaning routine for the occasional sniffle.

Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist Humidifier Video

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green

@ Amazon


Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm displays the temperature of bath water and beeps if the water is too hot. It's also an interesting toy.

We had a gadget like this and it was actually very useful. You might think it's easy to tell when the water temperature is right for a baby but I always liked having the reassurance. I used mine right up until my children were toddlers. The Aquatopia Bath Alarm makes a useful inexpensive gift for new parents.

Philips Wake-up Light Plus, White

@ Amazon


This might seem like an odd recommendation for a baby gadget, but it has worked brilliantly for us in establishing a good sleep routine for our children. The Philips Wake-up Light Plus simulates dawn and dusk by gradually increasing or decreasing light levels. This is great for getting a baby ready for sleep as you go through the bedtime routine and for waking them up naturally at the same time each morning. For us, getting our babies to wake up naturally at the same time each morning was the key to getting them to go to sleep easily at the same time each evening.

You don't want to use this in the first few weeks (if you just got the baby back to sleep at 5:30 am, you don't want them waking at 7:00), but once you are ready to establish a routine this works really well. It's good for nap times too if you have good blackout window treatments.

I also recommend this gadget on cool gadgets for women it's one of my favourites.

Popular Baby Gadgets

That I'm Skeptical About

Gadgets that you can use to play music and voices to your baby in the womb and 'educate' them are very popular. Honestly, it sounds like nonsense to me. But they are very popular gadgets and get superb reviews so people are obviously enjoying them - just not people like me ;-) I do understand that parents want to find a way to make more of a connection to their baby so maybe these gadgets are really just great for helping parents prepare for and bond with their babies.

Bellybuds - Pregnancy Bellyphones - Play Prenatal Music and Voices to the Womb

@ Amazon


BabyPlus Prenatal Education System

@ Amazon


Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System, Black/Green

@ Amazon


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Best Baby Gadgets

What Baby Gadgets do you find useful? - Comments

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      Raid 2 years ago

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    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 6 years ago

      I'm not big on gadgets. My most useful baby product was a sling and for my newborns a swaddle blanket. You have some interesting products here. Blessed.