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Baby Gate With Pet Door | Baby Gate With Cat Door | Dog & Animal Access Hole

Updated on October 2, 2012

Baby Gates with Pet Doors, for Cats, Dogs, & Animals Who Are Free To Roam

A baby gate with pet door allows you to keep your kids safe, while letting the cat, small dog or other animals in your home, move around freely. They come in many styles, but most have small pet door openings, ideal for cats and little dogs.

Common features on baby gates include the type of mounting, which can be pressure mounted, or hardware/wall mounted. Tall and wide baby gates are available to keep them safe as they grow, and they can also be walk over or walk through with a swing door.

Most gates are made of plastic or wood, but metal gates are also available. A cat flap in the door can sometimes open to a bigger size, for small dog access. Baby Gates with cat openings are manufactured by Carlson and Safety First.

Below are the available baby gate with pet door options. You can compare features and prices in one place.

Wide Baby Gate With Pet Access - Additional Extensions Available

Extra Tall Baby Gate with Animal Access Door

A Cats Life Without a Baby Gate with Pet Door

Baby Gate with Cat or Animal Access Hole Options

Making your home safe for baby is an ongoing process. A baby gate with pet dooris a great way to keep your baby safe without having to worry about your pets needs to move around, get to a litterbox or door, or access their food.

Because babies and toddlers are so prone to discovery, they want to investigate everything. You, as a mom or dad, cannot watch your child every moment. The gate can be placed in a area that is safe, secure, and baby proofed, while you travel to an area that is not.

Baby gates with cat openings do not have to be difficult to install. A pressure mounted baby gate does not permanently affix to the walls or doorway. This way, these baby gates can be moved within minutes as you need them. In areas where there is no hazard to baby, such as stairways, this set up without mounting hardware works just fine.

Pressure mounted baby gates with pet access offer complete portability and ease of use. They travel easily, and can be folded up for trips when you want to keep your baby safe away from home.

If you have areas where you do want a permanent installation or dangerous areas where the pressure mount may not be secure enough, such as stairways, then you need a wall mount gate. These can often attach to a wall or stairway, such as a banister, and do require a few minutes to attach.

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