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Girl First Birthday Themes

Updated on June 17, 2014

Baby Girl First Birthday Themes

If you're planning a baby girl's first bithday party, find great ideas for a girl first birthday themes here. Your baby girl's first birthday party is a fun and very special occasion. It is a celebration of her graduation from the baby phase into the very busy toddler years. Make her first birthday party one to remember.

Here you will find the party supplies, themes, and ideas needed to throw a great baby girl's first birthday party.

Girl's First Birthday High Chair Decoration Kit - Baby girls 1st birthday highchair decorating kit

Giving you baby their first taste of cake at their birthday party is fun, great for a few giggles, and a perfect photo opportunity; however, it's also messy. Decorate your little girls highchair for the occasion and don't forget the floor mat to make cleanup a breeze.

Baby Girl's First Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit, 2pc
Baby Girl's First Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit, 2pc

Baby Girl's First Birthday High Chair Decorating Kit includes a plastic floor mat with pink metallic fringe (48" x 30") and a plastic pennant banner with pink metallic fringe (43" long). Each component reads "1st Birthday Girl!".


How to Plan Your Baby Girl's First Birthday Party

Start planning the perfect party for your baby girl today

I remember as a new mom how overwhelmed I felt when planning my very first birthday party. You want it to be a big hit and the pictures to show how great it was. You worry what your guests will think and will feel like you didn't do enough. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your baby girl's first birthday party. Take it from me, a super busy stay at home mom to three children, you will get through this with flying colors. I'll walk you through it.

First, you need to choose a location for your party. For a baby's first birthday, I highly recommend having the party at home or at a close family members. It's easiest when baby is in a familiar setting with all of her things. It makes diaper changes and feedings much easier on you. Also you're prepared for anything. If baby spits up all over her outfit, no problem just change her clothes. If baby gets tired and cranky, no problem just put her down for a nap. Having the party at home will make things less stressful for you and your baby girl so that everyone can have a good time.

Second, you need to decide who to invite. One year olds can get overstimulated very easily. They don't need a loud, energetic party with tons of kids bouncing off the walls. I think it's best to keep a first birthday party super small, inviting only immediate family and best friends. At my little girl's first birthday party we invited my parents and sibling, my husbands parents and sibling, and my closest friend (because her kids are both close in age to my little one). Even with the small guest list, my daughter still got overwhelmed and had to take an early nap.

Third, you need to pick a time. This is very important. You want to pick the time of day that works best for your little girl. This is one time you don't worry about pleasing everyone else. For us, the best time is any time after 9:00am but before the 12:00 noon meltdown. So, we usually have our children's birthday parties at 9:30-11:30am.

Fourth, you need to decide on the food. If your party will run until 11:30 or noon, then you really should serve a lunch. You could cook out hamburgers and hotdogs, order snack trays from Chick-fil-A, have pizza delivered, or make finger sandwiches. There are a lot of options, just be sure you don't leave your guests hungry if your party is close to meal time.

Finally, you're now ready to choose your party's themes and decorations. Everything else (the place, time, and food) is more important than your party's theme and decorations. This is the fun part. You could choose a set theme and buy the starting kit with matching accessories or mix and match pieces from different birthday party supply sets. It's really up to you. Be sure to have fun with it because starting at age two, your little one will get picky and start telling you what color and theme her parties will be.

Take a look at the themes, supplies, and ideas on this page. You'll find everything you need to throw your little girl's first birthday party right here.

Hugs and Stitches Girl's First Birthday Theme - Super sweet girl first birthday theme

This is my favorite theme for a girl's first birthday because it's the one I chose for my oldest child's first birthday. It's super cute and girly without going overboard on pink. The pinks, greens, purples, and yellows with this theme are bright and spring-like.

Hugs and Stitches Girl Honeycomb Centerpiece
Hugs and Stitches Girl Honeycomb Centerpiece

This centerpiece is adorable and super easy to put together.

Amscan First Birthday Bib Girl Vinyl Baby Bib
Amscan First Birthday Bib Girl Vinyl Baby Bib

She will look adorable in the photos wearing this first birthday bib.


My Little Girl's Hugs & Stitches Birthday Cake

My Little Girl's Hugs & Stitches Birthday Cake
My Little Girl's Hugs & Stitches Birthday Cake

Cute Girls First Birthday Theme - Safari themed girls first birthday part

Friendly animals take center stage with this cute first birthday party theme for girls.

Princess Girl's First Birthday Party Supplies - Girl's first birthday princess theme

This princess theme first birthday party for little girls is very pink and girly. Perfect for the little princess in your life. You can easily mix in any pink, white, or silver party accessories with this theme.

Lil' Cupcake First Birthday Party - Lil cupcake girl's 1st birthday party

The Lil' Cupcake theme has been one of the most popular party themes for a girl's first birthday for several years now. It so super cute and girly. The best part, it is very easy to find a cupcake dress or outfit to match the party!

Loot Bag Ideas

Tips for packing the goody bags

Packing a loot bag for a one year old birthday party can be really tricky. Most of the kids will be babies and toddlers, so you need to keep in mind that most party favors are choking hazards. For this reason, for a first birthday I never go with standard pre-packaged goody bags. Instead, I buy bags and shop for party favors that would be appropriate for my guests.

My favorite thing to pack in a loot bag for a first birthday party are board books. The Dollar Store carries a huge variety of board books all for $1 each. They are good quality books. I bought almost all of my children's books their first three years at the Dollar Store, and I'm a certified teacher. Not only do kids enjoy board books, but this is one birthday party favor that will make parents happy too.

Bubbles also make a good party favor for little ones. A small har of bubbles with wand can be bought in packs of three for a dollar at the dollar store. Of course you don't want a toddler to play with bubbles alone, but with their parent's help this can be a really neat party favor.

If your guests are over two years old, then you can add a sheet of stickers to the loot bags. All kids seem to love stickers, so this one can be a real crowd pleaser.

For my kids' birthday parties, I pack 2 board books, 1 jar of bubbles, and 2 sheets of stickers into each loot bag. This makes for a toddler safe, yet fun goody bag.

Are you having fun planning your daughter's first birthday party?

Which is Your Favorite Girl First Birthday Theme? - Thank you for visiting

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