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Reviews of the 4 Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors (Fetal Dopplers)

Updated on January 17, 2018
Susana S profile image

Susana has worked extensively with pregnant women and families with children under 5. She is a mother to 3 children from 4-25 years old.

Listen to the Incredible Sound of Your Babies Heartbeat

During pregnancy, sometime towards the 12th week, a wonderful thing happens. We're able to hear our babies heartbeat for the first time. Usually, during the appropriate doctors or hospital appointment, and with the use of a baby heartbeat monitor (also called a Fetal Heart Doppler), the parents-to-be hear their baby’s heartbeat and what a wonderful sound it is!

It is an incredible sound - a fast, powerful beating that runs from 120 to 160 beats per minute.The strength and rhythm of the heartbeat is the best indication of how the baby is doing inside the womb and fortunately, you can now check on your baby in the comfort of your own home with a baby heartbeat monitor. Safe and easy-to-use, prenatal fetal heart dopplers are now affordable for every eager and watchful parent.

4 Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors

Below you'll find reviews of the four best baby heartbeat monitors available on the market today and I think you'll be surprised at how cheaply these miraculous little devices can be bought for. At under $40 you can listen to those precious baby heartbeats day after day and get to know your baby well before he or she is born.

Angelsounds Fetal Doppler

Appropriately named Angelsounds, this baby heartbeat monitor is the best way to bring you in closer contact with your little angel.

Guaranteed FDA approved and easy to use, this battery-powered Angelsounds Fetal Doppler can be operated as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy. Ultrasound gel is necessary and included in your purchase.

It utilizes ultrasound technology for a louder and clearer sound quality. The included headphone set makes for an intimate listening session between mother and child, but the box package also comes with a recording cable.

With it, you can attach the baby monitor to your computer or radio to record those precious moments and share them with the rest of your family.

AngelSounds Fetal Doppler
AngelSounds Fetal Doppler

Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler Monitor

Weighing about 12 ounces, the Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler Monitor is a cheap and effective way of hearing your baby’s heartbeat. The 9th or 10th week of pregnancy is the earliest time you can hear the heartbeat. Around this time, ask your doctor how to properly locate your baby’s back. This is the best site for finding and listening to your babies heartbeat.

Apply your ultrasound gel, place the probe as directed and listen away. Done properly and the sound comes out clear and magnified. It is almost as good as the Doppler monitors used in the doctor’s office so you don’t have to wait for your next appointment to see how baby is doing. Light and easy to use, this baby heartbeat monitor is an effortless way of being aware of your baby’s condition. Declare this money well spent with more precious moments to cherish in the journey from conception to baby to child.

Heart-to-Heart Digital Prenatal Listening System

From manufacturer Summer Infant who makes quality infant products, the Heart-to-Heart Digital Prenatal Listening System is a safe and non-invasive baby heartbeat monitor for parents-to-be who wouldn’t want to miss a thing in their baby’s development.

The unit’s heartbeat sensor picks up the baby’s heartbeat, including hiccups and kicks that begin in the middle of the second trimester. It has volume control, a comfortable waist strap and simple on and off button.

Another nice thing about this monitor is its allocation for sharing those wonderful moments. There are two headsets so Mommy can have Daddy or the baby’s older sibling listen, too. It also includes cables that could be attached to the computer for recording the heartbeats into quality sound files which can be emailed to family and friends.

How to Use Wusic

Baby heartbeat monitors are sometimes recommended for mothers with tricky pregnancies, those with babies who need to be constantly watched, so they are kept healthy and safe. But they are also for parents who wish to hear the first signs of life of their babies, document them and cherish forever. These fetal dopplers, now available and easy-to-use by lay people, make this possible and enable the bonding of parent and child to begin in the womb.

Wusic Womb Music Fetal Doppler

This high quality Fetal Doppler is another baby heartbeat monitor from manufacturer, Wusic. This monitor is a little larger than some of the others available but it delivers heartbeat sounds just as well, and remains safe and non-invasive. It works via an ultrasound sensor sensitive enough to pick up your unborn baby’s heartbeat, including hiccups, and kicks.

Quickening, the first movement of the baby, also felt by the mother, will definitely be magnified in the best possible way with this unit. The device includes built in speaker with volume control, earbuds, computer cable and battery.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very informative about a most important product.

    • Susana S profile image

      Susana S 7 years ago

      Hiya - Thanks for that Spacey :) I might add it in!

    • Spacey Gracey profile image

      Spacey Gracey 7 years ago from Essex, UK

      Hi Susana - just saw this hub come up on my daily email. I had planned on doing a hub on similar theme but never got round to it. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that for mine I had planned on using the phrase 'listen to your baby's heartbeat at home' - I think the at home bit was important - it comes up in Google SA and the first page includes a Yahoo answers page with a PR of n/a - always a good sign I think.