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10 Hospital Photos You Must Take to Remember Baby's Birth

Updated on July 29, 2013

10 Pictures You Should Take at the Hospital of Baby's Birth

You'll want to remember all the details from your baby's birth forever. You'll also want to be able to tell your baby (when they are 23) about the day or night they arrived! Capturing pictures of your baby's arrival is a way to keep your memories alive for a lifetime (and jog your memory for details that might otherwise fade away).

Don't worry so much about capturing the perfect picture as you are preserving the details for your memory. You'll have chances with professional photographers (in the hospital and at professional studios after you get home).

Camera phones are great for taking baby hospital pics because they are easy to carry around.

Picture #1 - Mom and Dad before labor starts

Stage this photo up to a month prior to due date

Take a picture before labor starts of mom (or mom and dad) with the suitcase packed and ready to go (or even in the car). This photo will most likely be staged, but it will remind you what car you had when baby was born, and how you prepared for baby's arrival. You could even photograph mom in her hospital slippers with the suitcase. It's all about capturing details so that you can tell good stories about baby's first birthday for years to come!

Picture #2 - The suitcase

Take a photo of your hospital suitcase, with everything you packed. One day you might find it funny to remember what you packed (especially first time parents who may go overboard). It's the details in this photo that matter.

Picture #3 - Hospital Pictures

Take Photos When You Tour the Hospital

If you have time after getting to the hospital and mom is feeling up to it, take a picture in front of the hospital or in the waiting room. You could also take this picture during a child birthing class or when you tour the hospital before delivery.

When my second daughter was born, my water broke at home in the middle of the night. We arrived at 2am and no one was at the admitting desk. I paced back and fourth for a good 10 minutes before anyone came to get me in a room. It's a funny story looking back, but I literally could have had my baby in the waiting room. Would have been great to have a photo for our family books.

Picture #4 - Room Pictures

Take a picture of the room number you are in. Doesn't have to be a high quality photo, but if you ever make a how you were born baby book, you can document the detail for your story.

Picture #5 - Cutting the Cord

Ask someone in the room to take a picture of dad cutting the cord. You might put grandma in charge of taking this photo if she's going to be in the room with you. Just tell her in advance that taking this photo is her responsibility (and ask her to be mindful of what she captures.

Picture # 6 - Baby's Length and Weight

Take pictures of baby's first checkup (weight, length, etc) and first wipe-down bath.

Picture # 7 - Baby's First "Hold You"

Mom will want some candid shots of getting to hold and feed baby for the first time.

Picture #8 - Who Helped Bring Baby in the World

Group Photo

If you can talk the nurses or doctors into a picture (and they have time) it would be awesome to remember everyone's names that helped bring baby into the world. You can even have the picture printed and have them sign their names (or leave baby a small note) on the picture.

Picture #9 - Baby's First Outfit

Take pictures of baby's first outfit. Depending on their size, it may be the only time they ever wear it!

Picture #10 - First Family Photo

Have a nurse or family member shoot a "first" family photo with everyone present at the hospital during baby's birth (young siblings may not be present). And mom, don't worry about what your hair looks like - you're beautiful because you just brought a baby into the world.

Make a Baby Book on Your iPhone - And it will arrive shortly after you get home (4 days)

Dad's and grandmas - this is for you! You can now make a hardbound book that is an AWESOME keepsake all from the photos you take with your iPhone. The best part is, you don't have to worry about downloading the pictures off your phone. Just make the book right from your iPhone with their app MosaicBook.

This small 7 inch book is specifically designed to make iPhone pictures look great in a memory book.

Did you get enough pictures while at the hospital of your baby's birth?

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    • jdwheeler profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes and I'm glad we did.


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