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Baby Pool Floats

Updated on October 2, 2014

Fun Pool Toys for your Kids and Baby

Summer is finally here, now is the right time to splash, splosh, splash in the water with your baby & kids!

It is very important for your baby to stay safe in the water. There are a lot of fun pool toys that you can purchase to keep the safety of your baby. One of the most enchanting pool toys is baby pool floats. Purchasing a floating pool toy for your baby is one of the safest ways to supervise your baby since your baby needs perfect equipment for floating without constantly holding your baby.

Let your kids enjoy the real experience in the water by having baby pool floats. Besides purchasing baby pool floats, you also might need to purchase swim sweaters to give extra safety for your kids. They might get hassled of kicking and splashing by wearing it but it is very important for preventing your kids from drowning.

Different types of baby pool floats

At the market you can find a wide selection of baby pool floats that come with various colors, shapes, styles, and patterns. Baby pool floats not only perfect to keep the safety of your baby, but also can bring fun and excitement too since they comes with many bright and attractive colors. It depends on the age of your child and what you are to do with your baby.

There are several styles of baby pool floats and one of the common styles is boat. You can find various shapes of boat like jet ski, jet airliner, or race car and all of them are fun for your children. Besides boats, baby pool floats also take the shape of aquatic animals such as shark, turtle, crocodile, dolphin or whale. You also can find an amazing baby pool float that comes in the shape of an island which is very enchanting. To bring more fun for your older children, you can buy the remote controlled boats to let them maneuver in the swimming pool and choose the right shapes which are simple to handle.

Baby Pool Float with Canopy

Protect your kids' skin from the sun by purchasing these pool float with canopy.

Cute Characters / Shapes Baby Float

Why do we need to teach our kids swimming from the young age?

Swimming is believed to be the perfect and healthiest exercise for adults and even for kids. Besides brings a good effect to body, swimming also brings a good effect to mind since it can relax the mind and can get rid of tension and anxiety. Because of these reasons, swim lessons are very important to be taught to your children.

Swimming lessons is not that hard only if you combine a right approach which is by combining support and patience with a simple lesson plan. There is no need for you be a certified swim instructor to teach your kids the basic things of swimming therefore you only need to know the basic things in order to help you encourage your children to experience comfortable feelings in the water.

The first important thing that you need to do is making your child feels comfortable in the aquatic environment by holding your child below the armpits and walk with him in the water. After that, keep your hands below his armpits and ask your child to kick his legs in order to develop his movement in the water and you can use a kickboard if you teach your older child. Then to make your child familiar with the water, you need to ask him to put his face in the water and ask him to blow bubbles. You also can play some underwater games with him in order to get him open his eyes. Besides open eyes, you also need to teach the technique of holding breath underwater. Then hold your child around his chest or waist and guide his arms. Teach him some strokes and how to float. After that let your child swims in a very short distance and then progressively increase the distance. Your child need to keep practice swimming because swimming is learned not only by one single practice but also by a lot of practice.

Great Video on what age should we introduce swimming to our kids?

Great Video on How to Teach Kids to Swim


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    6 years ago

    kids always love to ride floats. haha some are too afraid of water.


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