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Baby Room Themes | Baby Room Ideas for 2014

Updated on January 7, 2014

Baby Room Themes & Ideas for Boys & Girls

You'll find awesome ideas here for baby room themes & ideas for boys and for girls. There are basic blue and pink ideas, as well as unique baby room ideas showcased on this page.

Decorating your baby's room can be so much fun! Choose colors and themes that you love, because you will be the one who will enjoy the room the most, at least until baby gets older.

Add cute decorative accessories to your baby's room, too! For example you can add matching themed plush toys, lamps, curtains, rugs, wall decorations and more. Be creative and have fun are my two best pieces of advice during this exciting time! I'm currently on the hunt for the best nursery idea this year for my baby-to-be; here are some of my favorites.

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Baby Room Themes for Boys

Great baby room ideas for a boy's nursery include, but are not limited to, sports, nautical, automobiles, jungle, forest animals, farm, etc.

Traditional Blue Sports Theme for Little Boys - Baby Boy Room Decor: A Popular Idea

This cute baby room theme includes sports balls! You'll get the quilt, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle with this set, but you can also add other matching accessories that you will see when you click on the link. Items such as a lamp, diaper stacker, mobile, valances and more. You can always add you own decorative touches, too. Perhaps some plush sports balls, sports wall decor, a football nightlight, a soccer rug and so on. There are many great possibilities for a sports themed baby room!

Baby Room Themes for Boys - Baby Room Decorating

Fireman Baby Room Idea for Boys' Rooms - Baby Room Ideas for boys: Engine 27

This bedding set has a ton of coordinating pieces to round out the room! This is a fun baby room idea because it will grow up with your little guy.

Engine 27 Lamp & Shade w/bulb
Engine 27 Lamp & Shade w/bulb

I love the firetruck lamp base.

Nojo Engine 27 Hamper
Nojo Engine 27 Hamper

This is a great folding hamper.

Engine 27 Coral Fleece Blanket w/Applique
Engine 27 Coral Fleece Blanket w/Applique

Blankets are great for putting on the floor so baby can play on them.


Beautiful Neutral Theme for Boys - Baby Boy Room Decor & Ideas

This baby boy room decor is so pretty with the tans and browns. It's soft and delicate, and will provide a warm, inviting theme for your son's nursery--and that's exactly what you want to be in your little one's room...calm! This is a simple theme that makes a huge impact. It's a unique design, that you don't often see for a baby's room, too! So if you're looking for something different and fun for your baby room theme, consider this Puppy Play crib bedding set. Other accessories are available also, and you can see them when you click on this link.

Baby Room Themes for Girls

Girls baby room ideas might include pastels, butterflies, flowers and so on, but you'll also find unique ideas here for a baby girl's room decor!

Beautiful Pastel Idea for Girls - Baby Room Themes for Girls

I just love this color combination! It's traditional yet modern (which is a great combination!).

Dena Sophia 5 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set with Bumper by Kidsline
Dena Sophia 5 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set with Bumper by Kidsline

This is such a sweet color combination. I love that the classic pink is there but the focus is really on the teal which makes for a unique baby room.


Pink Crib Bedding Sets - Baby Room Decorating

A sweet baby girl's room is always well-dressed in pink! It's simply serene.

Purple Floral Baby Room Idea for Girls -- She Can Grow Into This! - Baby Girl Room Decor

This cute baby room theme includes purples and flowers. You can add your own purple, pink or other colored accents to complete the theme. How about adding a flower pillow and rug, and a cute matching lamp?! You'll find other matching accessories when you click on the link, also!

Sweet Jojo Designs Danielle's Daisies Flower Baby Girl Purple Floral Bedding 9pc Purple Crib Bedding Set
Sweet Jojo Designs Danielle's Daisies Flower Baby Girl Purple Floral Bedding 9pc Purple Crib Bedding Set

If you want to step away from traditional pink, purple is a great girly option.


Purple & Flower Nursery Decorations - Cute Baby Room Themes for Girls

These are some really cute accessories to help you finish out the room.

Nylon Hanging Butterflies Decoration
Nylon Hanging Butterflies Decoration

Hanging butterflies give an ethereal feel.


Aqua and Pink Baby Girl Crib Bedding - Baby Room Theme for Girls: Soft Colors

This pretty aqua and pink baby room theme for girls is nothing short of stunning. It's a unique nursery color that combines the pink and aqua together nicely. The 4-pc. set includes a crib bumper, sheet, blanket, and skirt.

Baby Room Themes

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Which Baby Room Theme is Your Favorite? - Do you prefer a more traditional or more modern style?

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