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Baby Shower Invitation Quick Tips

Updated on August 12, 2014

Send It Right, or Regret it Later!

A baby shower can be a fun, but timeextremely consuming project. With so much to do (like planning the menu, drinks, decorations and baby shower games), it's easy to lose track of the smaller things, such as invitations. If you've been given the exciting task of holding a baby shower for your friend then you need to understand how to take care of one of the most important parts of the event - the invitations! This is after all, the seed that gets it all started.

There are many different aspects and details of baby shower invitations that need to be carefully thought out and planned for. This lens will outline some of the most important things you must not forget when it comes to sending out baby shower invitations.

First Things First!

Send out the invitations before you do anything else. You need to make sure that all the friends and family who matter are available for the event, especially if you're inviting persons who will have to travel. If the guests are traveling a distance, send the baby shower invites at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event date. Generally, 3 weeks is the cutoff for getting invitations out for a baby shower. This way, your guests will be able to schedule accordingly.

Guest List

This step needs to be taken with the assistance of the parents to be. This event is ultimately about them and their baby, and they would want people who are important to them attending the event. Their social circle may be wider than you know especially if coworkers are involved. You also wouldn't want to accidentally invite someone that they aren't on good terms with leading to an awkward situation on their special day.

Once you have the guest list from the expecting parents, you will also need addresses to send them to (unless of course you decide to do e-vites instead). This can be tricky trying to get all of the addresses you need. Make sure you stay on your mom-to-be! She may not remember to get them all for you.

If you decide to send out e-vites, make sure you take the same precautions you would with a regular mailed invitation, such as the time frame of sending them, and keeping a good record of RSVP's (see below).

RSVP - Necessary or Not?

Is it really necessary to request an RSVP? Some may argue that it is not. I believe that it is absolutely essential. By having a rough estimate of how many people to accept, it makes shopping for the shower easier. This is not to say that everyone will actually RSVP. And, some people who RSVP may actually change their mind and not attend, or vice versa. But it will at least give you a good idea of what to expect.

Always make sure to put an RSVP line in the invitation. The RSVP expression should include contact information and the final date by which they will have to confirm their arrival. This will allow you to organize the shower in a better way, especially if you're booking a location for the event.

You can either provide an email address or cell phone number where guests can notify whether they're attending or not. Another good tip is to make sure you keep track of your RSVP's! Keep a list of the people who have been invited, and when someone responds with their RSVP, make note of it next to their name. It will be easier to get a final head count when you're ready to start shopping for food and prizes.

Important Details

Mixed or Ladies Only?

This little detail can completely change the entire way the shower will take place. Once the guest list is determined, you will know whether it's a women's only shower or a coed one. The invite should contain a clear line notifying guests if it's going to be a coed one. The design of the invitation should also be appealing to both genders.


The date of the event that will be specified on the baby shower invite is typically 6 to 8 weeks before the baby is due. This date needs to be discussed with the mother in advance to make sure that it doesn't clash with any doctor's appointments or other obligations.

Designing the Invite

Baby shower invites typically reflect the theme of the party that's going to be held. If you haven't decided on a theme or are going to throw one without a theme, then you can design it anyway you like. Just make sure that they reflect baby showers in general and are fun and cute to look at. Strollers, storks, and rattles are often featured in baby shower designs.

Other Information

There is a lot of important information that goes into an invite, which will be needed by your guests. Other than the venue, date, and theme, you need to include information regarding gifts and the address of the location you can also enclose a map within the invitation to indicate where it will be held.

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