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Baby Sign Language

Updated on November 5, 2012

Sign Language for Babies

Teaching baby sign language is a lot easier than you think as long as you have good materials. I taught all three of my children baby sign language before their first birthday. I highly recommend teaching your baby sign language so that they can communicate their wants and needs with you. On this page you will find baby sign language dvds, books, and flash cards, all the materials I used to teach my babies sign language.

Why I Believe in Teaching Baby Sign Language

Most babies and toddlers are able to express themselves through sign language long before they are able to talk. The gestures involved with sign language are a lot easier for them to master than the skills necessary for clear speech. Sign language gives babies the ability to communicate with you.

Baby Signing Video - Video of a baby using her signs.

Baby Einstein "My First Signs" Baby Sign Language Video - Baby Einstein sign language for babies.

My daughter learned her first signs through watching this video. She really enjoys it. We play it at home as well as in the car. She learned all of the signs in a couple of weeks and even learned to say a few words just by watching this video.

Baby Einstein - My First Signs
Baby Einstein - My First Signs

As babies grow, their eye-hand coordination begins to improve as their ability to interact with their surroundings blossoms. It is the perfect time for My First Signs, A playful introduction to 20 common words and phrases from baby's world -- including ''mommy'', ''daddy'' and ''I love you'' -- both Spoken and in Sign Language. Join special guest Marlee Matlin as she demonstrates this exciting way for babies to express themselves even before they have master verbal communication. Featuring fun puppet shows, real-world images and beautiful classical music, this delightful program presents fun ways for you and your baby to interact on a whole new level!


Baby Signing Time Baby Sign Language Video - Sign language for babies age 3 months to 36 months.

I love the entire Signing Time series. In my opinion, it teaches signs even better than the Baby Einstein videos. Also, Signing Time is full of fun images and catchy songs. It's just more entertaining to watch than Baby Einstein's sign language videos and it teaches more signs.

As a mom and a certified teacher, I highly recommend the Signing Time videos.

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD
Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs and songs for everyday events in baby's life - eating, family, pets and more.

Designed specifically for babies 3-36 months old, Baby Signing Time combines sign-along songs, playful animation, and the positive reinforcement of signing babies - who are all age 2 and under - to teach you and your baby to sign the easy way!


Signing Time Baby Sign Language Videos - Signing Time volumes 1 through 5 sign language for babies.

I love all of these Signing Time videos and so do my kids. My oldest is now 4 years old and has enjoyed these dvds since she was 7 months old.

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards - Teach baby sign language with flash cards.

Flash cards are a fun way to reinforce basic signs with your baby or toddler.

Baby Sign Language Game - See It and Sign It Game-Intro to ASL Sign Language

See It and Sign It Game-Intro to ASL
See It and Sign It Game-Intro to ASL

An easy-to-follow game that teaches American Sign Language the fun way. It's six games in one, plus a DVD with live action demonstrations.


The Alphabet Phonics and Sign Song - Teach Your Baby the Alphabet with the Signs and Sounds for Each Letter

Signing Time Video - Signing Time signs for days of the week.

Babies Learn Sign Language Faster Than They Learn to Speak

Babies learn sign language surprisingly fast, and many seem to even enjoy it.

Words can't express how exciting it is as a parent when you see your baby make their first signs!

Reasons to Teach Your Baby to Sign - Why should you teach your baby sign language?

  • You will understand your baby much sooner.
  • Your baby will be able to express himself much sooner.
  • Sign language is a good skill to have.
  • Teaching the sign along with a word helps your baby to learn to speak.

Can Your Baby Sign? - Did you teach your baby sign language?

Did you teach your baby to sign?

See results

Teaching Baby Sign Language - Thank you for visiting.

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    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      I taught my babies sign language. It was great. Currently teaching my 6 month old. Thumbs up to you!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My sister and one sister-in-law were both big on teaching their children sign language and I can still remember my jaw dropping when my 6 month old niece could sign for things like "milk" and "please". Blew me away but it was obvious it made things much easier! I'm not sure what program they used but that Signing Time video collection might have been the one. Nice lens!


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