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Baby Snoopy - Where to Buy Baby Snoopy Bedding, Cribs, Blankets, Diaper Bags, and other Nursery Items

Updated on September 8, 2011

Baby Snoopy - Champ Snoopy 4 Pc. Bedding Crib Set

There are some absolutely adorable bedding and crib options when it comes to decorating with Baby Snoopy nursery decor.

This first 4 Piece Snoopy Bedding set is called Champ Snoopy. It includes the quilt, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle. It features different sport themes along with Snoopy and Woodstock. It fits a crib with a standard size 28" x 52" crib mattress and is very cute.

Baby Snoopy - Lambs & Ivy Peek a Boo Crib Bedding Set

This second Snoopy Bedding set is also a 4 piece set and is called Lambs & Ivy Peek A Boo. The 4 pieces included are the Snoopy Quilt, Bumper, Sheet and Dust Ruffle all in a cute patchwork like design.

Baby Snoopy - Lambs & Ivy Blue/Green 6 Pc. Crib Set

This third Snoopy Bedding set is a 6 Piece set called Lambs & Ivy Blue/Green Vintage Snoopy. It features adorable images of Snoopy including Snoopy doing his popular happy dance in some of the patchwork squares.

This set includes: Quilt, Bumper, Sheet, Dust Ruffle, Diaper Stacker and Window Valance.

Extra pieces that match this set can be purchased as well such as lamp, wall decor, mobile and more. Link for these items are listed below.

Baby Snoopy - Sleepytime Crib Bedding

One of the most popular Snoopy Baby Crib sets is the Snoopy Sleepytime Bedding set.

It is so popular in fact, that many stores are actually having a hard time keeping it in stock.

At this writing only the Snoopy Sleepytime Wall Hanging is available, but keep checking back with Amazon because they are expected to get more sets in.

Baby Snoopy - Snoopy Baby Blankets

A Baby Snoopy Blanket is the perfect baby shower or baby gift to give any parents-to-be. There are so many adorable options available.

You can buy a Snoopy baby blanket on its own, or there is the option of blankets that include adorable baby Snoppy plush animals or items already made up to make the perfect baby shower gift.

Snoopy Baby - Baby Snoopy Diaper Bags

There is also a rather large selection when it comes to Baby Snoopy Diaper Bags.

You have the option of blue for little boys, pink for little girls or soft green if the baby's sex is unknown.

Most of the diaper bags come with some extras such as a changing pad, a wipe case or even a cooler bag.

Simply click on the blue links to see larger pictures and which items are included for each Snoopy Diaper Bag.

Baby Snoopy - Baby Snoopy Window Valances and Baby Snoopy Wall Decor

There are quite a few options when it comes to Baby Snoopy window valances and wall decor.

Some of the items match the crib bedding sets mentioned above, but there are also a few items that can be used in any Baby Snoopy Nursery.

Baby Snoopy - Baby Snoopy Lamps and Baby Snoopy Crib Mobiles

There are quite a few options when it comes to Baby Snoopy Lamps and Snoopy Crib Mobiles.

While most of these go along with the Snoopy Crib Bedding Sets mentioned above, they can also be used in any nursery with a Baby Snoopy theme.

Baby Snoopy - Baby Snoopy Rugs, Pillows and Night lights

There are some very cute options when it comes to Baby Snoopy Rugs, Pillow and Nightlights as well.

These products can also be used in any nursery that has Baby Snoopy decor because they are all generalized enough to fit in with any Baby Snoopy theme.

Baby Snoopy - Baby Snoopy Hamper and Baby Snoopy Basket Liners

While there aren't too many Snoopy hamper or basket liner options available, the ones that are will also fit within any Baby Snoopy theme due to the light and coordinated colors.


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