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fireworks this November

Updated on September 17, 2012

photo from our "safe" display

keep your family safe this 5th of November

Last night my family attended a great fireworks display. It was organised by a professional company, the area where the display took place was well organised and had many stewards and police manning the venue, ensuring safety of attendees at all times. The standard of display was excellent and a great time was had by the many hundred of families attending.

This was the first fireworks display we had been to for a long time and the first official 5th November for my eldest kids. I felt a little guilty we hadn't been before however my hesitancy was well founded and based on an experience we had fouryears ago.

Five years ago we had bought two boxes of reputable fireworks. That year we let them off safely in the front garden and a great time was had by all "oohing" and "aahing" at all the right bits!

We found one box contained more than enough fireworks for our needs to decided to put the other box away in the cupboard for next year!

The next year (4 years ago) arrived and along came Fireworks night! Yippee!

We got ourselves ready to brace the cold November evening and set about lighting as we had done previously. All was going well and my two kids and I stood back at a safe distance and watched these fantastic fireworks explode in the black sky.

As we made out way through the box of fireworks, we set about lighting another, however as it was lit, only part of the firework went straight up into the sky. Immediately my adrenalin started pumping as immediately we realised something was not right. The remainder of the firework did set off however instead of heading on a vertical journey into the sky, it decided horizontal would be more fun. Problem was the direction it took off in made the firework ricochet off the fence, immediately heading into the side of the fence which by some freak turn off events then headed straight for where we were standing at the front of our house. I saw this coming towards us and could do only what it is possible to do - I SCREAMED "RUN, RUN RUN INTO THE HOUSE!" (with lots of expletives which I'll leave to the imagination)

My children were horrified, probably more at hearing me swear and scream like a banshee however the firework, heading straight for us,flew straight under the car in the drive and followed us like a rocket (pardon the pun) all the way down our (thankfully) long hallway, bouncing off the ceramic floor tiles in the hall, almost yelping at us as it travelled.

I was running for our lives and literally threw my son into the kitchen as we passed and screamed at him to hide behind the island unit while my daughter and I ran to the end of the hall and into our lounge where the firework eventually sparked out, much to our relief. Startled and horrified we all stood in shock and I can say I have never felt so shaken or freaked out by something which you could only imagine in a z rated dodgy horror movie!

I have never been so scared for my childrens safety (or my own) and from that moment vowed never to use fireworks and also if the children ever got over this, any future fireworks activity would be a reputable well organised one, otherwise we would not be attending.

So there we were last night, at last.

I'll admit I had been reticent to go, trying to think of lots of excuses but in the end it was a great evening, full of fun and excitement for everyone and finally my kids were smiling at the sight of fireworks again! They have not forgotten however and must have asked over 20 times "has anyone ever been killed or seriously hurt at one of these displays?". Thankfully my honest response was no however freak accidents can happen and using fireworks when they may be old, out of date or simply wonky can put anyone at risk.

This fireworks night I'm sure you have kept your loved ones safe and sound and hopefully enjoyed your evening however until word keeps spreading about the dangers of DIY fireworks night we unfortunately still present danger to ourselves and others around us.


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