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Parenting choices, reviews of baby products, and childrens products

Updated on February 17, 2013


The proceeds from this site are donated to several children's charities and only a small portion of funds generated go to the upkeep and maintenance of this page.

This site is dedicated to product reviews that parents may find helpful when researching products for their children and infants. All products have been personally tested by my family and these are the results we found. We receive no compensation from the makers and manufactures of these products.

I hope you fine this information useful in your research for quality products for your family. You will find at the bottom of this lens their is a Readers Feed back and voting section. Please feel free to take your time to vote for your favorite product review, and leave constructive comments or your experience with a featured product.

Similac Simply Smart 4 FL Oz Bottle
Similac Simply Smart 4 FL Oz Bottle

Product Review: Similac Simply Smart Baby Bottle with Level 1 Nipple

We just had out 3rd child in May and she was fickle about nipples and feeding methods. She refused two other nipple styles and bottle styles. We had great success with the Playtex drop in style bottles with our 2nd daughter but this girl refused them. She latched right away to the gumdrop style level 1 nipple on the Similac Simply Smart Bottle. This ergonomic BPA free plastic baby bottle seems well designed with a notch shaped vent on the nipple called a Intellivent. It also features a SmartClose collar to ensure the top is fastened properly so it doesn't leak. It has a EasyMix internal vinyl stirrer that helps mix the baby formula as you shake the bottle. It does create more air bubbles but if you hold bottle upside down and shake it will pop the excess air bubbles. The other problem I noticed is you have to make sure the nipple is fully in place or the Intellivent will leak when you shake up the bottle and feed.

Other than that it seems to be a very good product we tested the 4, 6, and 12 fluid ounce models and our baby girl feed very well from them.

They also make a nipples for 3 Months to 1 year old so this is a easily upgradable product at a fair cost.

L'il Critters Gummy Vites Reviewed

L'il Critters Gummy Vites
Their children's vitamins in the form of Gummy Bears to taking them are almost like eating candy.
View more »

Order Gummy Vites on Amazon and the royalties from each sale go to Our favorite charities!

Product Review: Infant Mylicon Gas Relief Drops

Infant Mylicon Gas Relief Drops
Infant Mylicon Gas Relief Drops saved my wife and me from a lot of sleepless nights and from cranky baby girls after each feeding.

Click link below to read the full review

Little Noses Saline Spray Drops

Little Noses Saline Spray Drops
Little Noses is a all natural saline solution so it's harmless to use on infants and small children and it works great for adults as well
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Review of Gerber 1st Foods

Our daughter is growing at a healthy rate, so now at five months old she is ready to begin solid foods. We choose to start her on Gerber 1st Foods; they come packaged in convenient packages of two 2.5 ounce containers. The smaller sized plastic Tupperware style containers are perfect for her new diet of solid foods. They are small enough to fit in the diaper bag, and come with a plastic lid to help seal the unused portion of baby food for later feedings. The only downfall of the plastic container of baby food is that the lid doesn't seal air tight. So you must keep it in a plastic zip-lock style bag or slightly larger sealable container to avoid the baby food from leaking out if it happens to over turn in the diaper bag during travel.

Gerber 1st Foods come in a wide selection of fruit and vegetable selections. The available tastes include green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, peach, pear, banana, and more.

Our daughter's pediatrician recommended starting with vegetables first, instead of fruits. This would help her acquire a taste for vegetables first, rather than fruits. She said other wise our baby would prefer the sweet taste of fruits, and reject the vegetables at meal time. We started with carrots first, serving her about five to six spoonfuls at each feeding.

She quickly went through one 2.5 ounce container in less than two days, which amazed us. After she completely finished one or two containers and showed no allergic reaction to carrots, we moved on to squash, and so on. Within a couple weeks time our daughter had made it through the broad selection of vegetables, and we were pleased with her gradual desire to take more spoonfuls at each feeding. So after she sampled the entire garden variety of Gerber First Foods vegetables, we gladly started her on the wide selection of fruits.

She seems to have enjoyed all the available fruits and vegetables we had picked out for her at the grocery store. We are quite pleased with the nature of all the Gerber 1st Foods products, each containing no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Most of the selections of Gerber First Foods are low in sodium and sugar and packed with vitamins A, B, C and minerals like iron, and zinc essential to a growing baby's first few months of development. For more information and a list of products and nutrition facts see or call 1-800-4-GERBER for a complete list.

Overall we are highly satisfied with this product and would recommend it to all parents who have a young child preparing to start on solid foods.

Read this review also published on Associated Content.

Review of Gerber 1st Foods
Gerber 1st Foods come in a wide selection of fruit and vegetable selections. The available tastes include green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, peach, pear, banana, and more
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Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal Reviewed

Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal
Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal contains Vita Blocks, a healthy amount of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as a small amount of Calcium, Vitamin E, and other much needed vitamins and minerals babies need in their rapid growing stages of development.
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Product Review: Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for Babies with Fussiness or Gas

Product Review: Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for Babies with Fussiness or Gas

Milk Based Infant Formula Powder, Iron Fortified, and Partially Broken Down Proteins for Babies Zero to Twelve Months

Manufacture: Mead Johnson & Company, Evansville, Indiana


Rating: Eight Out Of Ten Stars.

Our newborn was experiencing severe gas, and spit up from the standard Enfamil Lipil formula, so under recommendation from her pediatrician we tried the Gentlease Lipil formula.

Almost immediately her spit up reduced by eighty percent, but still at every feeding she would spit up a small amount.

She also still had a mild discomfort from gas that would keep her restless.

After adding a tablespoon of rice cereal to every four ounce bottle, her spit up went away almost completely.

Gas was still mild and was some what controlled by regular doses of Mylicon Infant Gas Relief Drops every other feeding, and before bed time.

After feeding on the Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for about a week, our daughter started reaping the benefits of the formula with a healthy increase in weight.

It's a milk based formula that utilizes partially broken down proteins to reduce the amount of gas produced during digestion.

Packed with iron, every other mineral and vitamin, it includes amazing doses of Niacin 1000 micrograms for every five fluid ounce serving.

Definitely a product to consider if your infant is extra fussy, has heavy spit up, or experiencing discomfort from gas.

The formula was priced about the same as the regular blends of imitation breast milk. Most other Manufactures' seemed to have competing product similar to Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula, as well as a generic store brand version that contained the same nutrient guide contents and ingredients.

We also found that our child's doctor can get you samples, and signed us up for a coupon mailing list from Enfamil. The Coupons were great, they were gift checks for five to seven dollars off the Lipil products, and we received several free samples in the mail from time to time. Which came in very handy on the extra tight house budget?

Their website also contains great coupon deals, and reward more coupons for completing surveys and such through third party sites. Some surveys were a total waste of time though, and the third party sites were all red flagged by my spam filter for being a high spam mail sender.

Overall we were satisfied with the product and its results. We gladly would recommend it to others experiencing similar infant feeding and digestive troubles.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. I would give this product and easy eight.

Read My origional Product review published on Associated Content

Product Review: Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for Babies with Fussiness or Gas
Website: Rating: Eight Out Of Ten Stars.
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Playtex Nurser Baby Bottles

And Playtex Drop-Ins System Pre-Sterilized Disposable Liners

When my wife and I had our first daughter we tried the Playtex Nurser baby bottle's that use the DROP-INS System, it's a plastic bag type liner that you can fill with baby formula or juice and after each use dispose of the liner. To me at first this seemed wasteful, and I asked what was wrong with the old fashioned baby bottles that were practically a dime a dozen, but after our daughter seemed to reject the old fashioned nipple style baby bottle I reluctantly gave the Playtex Nurser style a try. She really seemed to enjoy feeding from the Drop-In style bottle better than the standard baby bottle. Then our pediatric nurse explained to me why; the Playtex Nurser bottles nipple is styled and contoured to respond in the baby's mouth much like a woman's nipple would during breast feeding. This made sense to me, I guess I felt uncomfortable of course discussing women's nipples with our nurse but it sounded logical. She also explained how you could press the liner in when it's filled with baby formula to extract the excess air in the bottle; thus reducing the amount of air that get's into the baby's stomach during feeding, and decreases spit up, Colic, and the ever painful abdominal gas build up in the child.

My wife loves the drop in style bottle; you simply discard the used liner, and rinse the Nurser bottle and nipple of for use in the next feeding. She told me how she couldn't stand the smell of spoiled baby formula that was hard to clean out of the old fashioned style of baby bottles. She explained to me; "You never can quite clean the bottom of a standard baby bottle thoroughly, but the Playtex Nurser bottles are a breeze to clean and sanitize after each feeding." How can I argue with that, I'm all about spending less time cleaning, and more time relaxing with the family.

The bottle and liner both have easy to read measurements in ounces and milliliters on the sides, which is very handy for the late night feedings, and when on the go.

So when it came time for our second daughter to be born, my wife stocked up on Playtex Nurser bottles and Drop-Ins System Pre-Sterilized Disposable Liners from the grocery store. We highly recommend these products to and family with a new born infant, over all Rating of the Playtex Nurser bottle and Drop-In style liner is a perfect ten.

Manufactured and Distributed by Playtex Products Inc. P.O. Box 1400, Dover, Delaware

Website: Consumer information line 1-800-222-0453

Product Review: Del Monte Fruit Naturals

Del Monte Fruit Naturals
I recommend Del Monte Fruit Naturals to any parent or health conscience person who enjoys a great fruit snack for lunch or between meals as a healthy alternative to junk food.
Click Link below to read the full review

White Cloud Supreme Diapers Reviewed

White Cloud Supreme Diapers
White Cloud Supreme Diapers are a great value for any parent who wants disposable diapers for their baby but needs to stay in a reasonable shopping budget
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Product Review: Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid

Product Review: Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid

Manufacturer: Nature's Bounty Inc., Bohemia, New York

Product Description: A dietary vitamin supplement helps boost energy and metabolism. It comes in liquid form that is dispensed orally with dropper under tongue, and held under the tongue for recommended time of thirty seconds to allow time to absorb into the blood stream.

Product Rating: Nine Point Five out of Ten Stars

Review: I stumbled upon this product on a whim. Don't be fooled by higher priced infomercial products. While I'm sure the higher priced products sold by the late night infomercial companies' produce the same results. I found Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid in the vitamin isle at discount retailers and grocers like Wal-Mart, and Gerbes.

I have for a long time been fighting depression, which gave me lack of energy.

I had tried all the popular antidepressants over the years, most only helped temporarily.

Then I over heard a sales pitch for a similar B-Vitamin supplement. They listed symptoms like fatigue, crankiness, irritability, lack of motivation; all could be a sign of a B vitamin deficiency. Our lack of Vitamin B in our diets stem from poor diet, and how as we age our digestive track gets gummed up with fecal matter and undigested food. So our bodies as we age lack the ability to properly absorb what little vitamins is in our diet. A large number of elderly adults get B-Vitamin injections to boost their metabolism.

Shortly after taking the product the first time, I noticed a quick burst of energy after ingesting. I also immediately noticed the quick warmth and slight redness of the skin, caused by the flush from the massive twenty milligram dose of Niacin (as Niacinamide). It wasn't an unpleasant effect (the skin flush), but it may alarm some users who are unaware of this slight side effect of Niacin. The Quick energy burst was due to the one point two milligrams of Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin), which provides twenty thousand percent of our recommended daily value of B-12.

Several days, and weeks after taking the product three times daily with each meal, I noticed a my energy had been greatly increased. I wasn't depressed as much or cranky for most of the day around dosages. I noticed more focus, and motivation to start, finish, and complete daily tasks, and even exercise more regularly.

My friends and family even noticed an elevation in my mood, and my increased energy at work. This definitely came as an answer to my prayers for relief of this lingering depression.

I found the product useful in its pocket sized two fluid ounce bottle, and easy to dispense squeeze dropper lid. I carry a bottle with me on eventful days were extra energy will be needed. Trips to the zoo, performing in concert, and even chore day at home become less stressful, and more productive and energetic with regular doses.

The only down side of the Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid is it stains clothes easily if dripped on garments while handling the dropper during doses.

It's colored deep orange red, and will easily stain any light colored clothing it may come in contact with.

Overall I would give Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid nine point five out of ten stars.

It's rare to find an item at your local store that will actually change your life. Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid has changed mine for the better. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from lack of energy, and slight moodiness.

Read this product review also published on Associated Content.

Product Review: Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid
Product Description: A dietary vitamin supplement helps boost energy and metabolism. It comes in liquid form that is dispensed orally with dropper under tongue, and held under the tongue for recommended time of thirty seconds to allow time to absorb into the blood stream.
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Order Spring Valley B-Complex Sublingual Liquid on through thisbpage and the royalties from each sale goes to our fav

Great Stuff on Amazon for your baby, order from this site and the royalties go to our favorite children's charities!

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      6 years ago

      This is an awesome lens!

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      8 years ago

      I too love the playtex bottles for all the same reasons yours wife does! I too am a parent and do lenses on things I know best: baby stuff!

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      9 years ago

      Neat lens, my favorite baby product is the Gerber baby food. I was raised eating Gerber and I have raised my son eating it to.

      Anyway, good lens and 5 stars for you ;)



      Baby Food Mill

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      9 years ago

      Parenting is undoubtedly the most challenging as well as the most rewarding of all aspects of life. Lens like yours allow the readers to understand the intricacies of parenting toddlers and to determine on better choices. Looking forward to many more interesting posts.



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