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Baby Bjorn Carrier

Updated on September 9, 2016

My husband looks like a superman in Baby Bjorn Carrier

My husband is crazy about his new gadget BabyBjorn Carrier. Before the baby, he loved to surf the net for the new gadgets. Now when we are blessed with a baby, my husband changed. He will never be the same. Now he spends all his time looking for the new baby stuff online. I'm happy! Priorities changed!

We have our precious cargo now and we use Baby Bjorn! We travel a lot and this is the one thing I would suggest to parents! It's a must have item. Have done your shopping yet? See the list of the most important things for newborns.

Just to let you know, myself and my husband are not Baby Bjorn representatives! We are fans!


What do you think????

Ladies! Do you find men with a baby carriers sexy?

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We bought our Baby Bjorn from Ebay - Amazon has them as well

We bought from Ebay. There is a quite big variety of them. My suggestion is to go for a new carrier not used.

Real men wear babies and they love it! - It's so cute to see men with baby carriers. So sweet!

Do you agree with me?

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    • shepardc lm profile image

      shepardc lm 8 years ago

      I really like how they've updated the Bjorn. (I tried an older version of the Baby Bjorn awhile back, and the earlier model stressed my shoulders.) I think they have really improved the way the weight is distributed across your back. I myself am an Ergo Baby fan, but I think the Bjorn is a great product too!