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Baby's First Teddy Bear - Organic Teddy Bears and Soft Toys

Updated on March 17, 2012
Mary Meyer Organic Plush Toy
Mary Meyer Organic Plush Toy

Organic Teddy Bears and Other Soft Toys

A first teddy bear is a very special gift for a new baby. A first teddy bear or other soft toy will often be kept over the years until the child is grown, and even into adult hood. Strong sentiments become attached to it - after all, this teddy will have been in the life of the baby almost since day one. It will have been loved, cherished, cuddled, cried over and smiled at. It will probably be placed beside the baby even before he can reach out and hold it, perhaps appearing oversized beside the tiny infant in photographs to be looked back upon in years to come.

So choosing a baby's first teddy bear is a very important task. When choosing any soft toy for a baby, it is important to check that it designed as safe for infants, because otherwise the fur or fabric can come away easily and be ingested by the baby and even choked on. Remember, babies soon reach the stage when they like to put anything and everything into their mouths. Soft toys and teddy bears are popular items to chew and suck on, so it is important to check the label before you buy.

But perhaps you have thought about going one step further? All things organic have seen a massive surge in popularity over the last few years, as people have begun to realize what really is in the things we buy. The main organic market is food produce, but it is rapidly branching out into all sorts of fields - including organic teddy bears and soft toys.

What's In a Soft Toy?

When you think about it, it stands to reason that no teddy bear could be better for a small baby than an organic one. If a baby is going to spend a lot of time with a teddy, chewing on it with determined vigour, then the higher the quality of the materials used to make it, the better. Organic teddy bears and soft toys are made from pure, non-toxic fabrics and fillings, with no harmful additives. When you consider that the average cotton plantation is sprayed with chemical fertilizers approximately nine times before being cultivated, then you start to get a picture of what your baby might be putting in his mouth. What's more, the filling of the teddy bear could contain chemical fire retardants, despite the fact that natural alternatives exist. And it is not only the fabric itself, but the dyes that you should be aware of. The dyes used for organic soft toys tend to be free from heavy metals and undesirable chemicals, which means that your baby will be cuddling up next to the healthiest product possible.

Mary Meyer Earthmates Organics

Mary Meyer's Earthmates Organics Collection is absolutely adorable. Pictured right are the blue teddy and the green puppy - who could resist these lovable little creatures? These soft toys are made from 100% certified cotton fabrics and fillings.  No toxic pesticides, chemicals or dyes are used.

I love the fact that these animals are so colorful. Even though many soft toys aimed at babies are fairly neutral in color (think beige, cream, etc.) babies actually love color. Color stands out and stimulates a young baby, which is especially good when they are very small and have only just begun to explore their surroundings. Bright color is appealing and interesting, and babies can actually pick out colorful objects more easily. These are both great choices.

MiYim Soft Organic Toys

MiYim produce a wonderful collection of soft, organic toys, including friendly teddy bear Eugene (pictured right). MiYim's Organic Storybook Collection is made using only natural and organic materials.  The dyes are produced using plants and minerals, so there is no concern over exposure babies to chemicals.  Eugene is a happy-looking bear, a perfect first friend for a baby. And who could resist Eugene's friends, Victoria Bunny and Andrew the Hippo?

Charlotte Organic Plush Bear is also from MiYim, and made from 100% certified organic cotton. As no herbicides, pesticides or synthetics are used in the production of this soft and snuggly Sleepytime bear, it is the perfect gift for a newborn.

Taggies Naturals Organic Puppy

 Though of course it is not a teddy bear, this Taggies Naturals Organic Puppy just had to make its way onto the list.  A winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, this soft and delightful puppy is made from 100% certified organic cotton with pure silk tags.  Only eco-friendly dyes are used during manufacture.

Taggies originated from the concept that babies always want to play with the tags on clothes, etc - and this little puppy has plenty of tags for exploring little fingers.

An Organic Soft Toy - A Perfect First Gift

When a new arrival comes into the world, parents naturally want to provide the best and healthiest evironment possible for their baby - and what better gift to choose for a new baby (and for the planet) than an organic teddy bear or soft toy?


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