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Snoopy Baby Shower Theme

Updated on April 9, 2017

Are you planning a Baby Snoopy Shower?

Snoopy is a popular theme for Baby Showers and for decorating the baby nursery. Finding Snoopy shower items can be difficult because some of the party supplies have been discontinued.

However, with a little time and patience you can find the Baby Snoopy Invitations, games and favors to make the shower complete!

You will be able to host the perfect Baby Snoopy Baby Shower for the special Mommy-to-be!

Baby Snoopy Shower Games & Favors

Let a professional party planner assist you with customizing the shower games and favors. Then you can concentrate on the other shower details!

The shower packages includes Advice Cards, Prediction Cards, Bingo Cards and Scratch Cards with options to include Bookmarks, Wordsearch Puzzles and The Diaper Game. The games are all personalized with the Mom-to-be's name and the shower date. What a time-saver for those of you searching for Baby Snoopy themed game activities.

Baby Snoopy Votive Candle Favors

If you are looking for a unique keepsake to present to the shower guests, these votive candles in the baby snoopy theme are perfect. They are handmade with your choice of snoopy graphics, the Mother-to-be's name and shower date, and a short verse.

Each are wrapped in your choice of white, yellow, pink or blue tulle and tied with a cute matching ribbon. These are one-of-a-kind baby shower favors that are sure to be a lovely keepsake for those attending the shower.

If you are having a formal luncheon, place a candle at each table setting as a nice surprise gift!

Baby Snoopy Candle Favor
Baby Snoopy Candle Favor | Source

Baby Snoopy Shower Tea Favors, Candy Favors and Bath Salts Favors

It is difficult to find Baby Snoopy Shower Favors, but there are some very cute favors available from sellers specializing in hard-to-find shower items. Some of those items include Teabag Favors, Bath Salts Favors, Baby Pacifier Candy Favors, Lifesaver Candy Favors and Tealight Candle Favors. These are very cute Baby Snoopy items that will coordinate with the shower theme. These favors can be given to the guests as a keepsake to remember the special day.

Decorating for the Baby Snoopy Shower

Decorating for the Baby Snoopy themed baby shower doesn't have to be difficult. You could choose to hang moon and star cutouts from the ceiling and and fill some star shaped acrylic bowls with pastel mints or m&m's.

If you can't find Baby Snoopy tableware you can always use pastel blue, yellow and green cups, plates and napkins. Coordinate the balloons to match and add some plush Snoopy items and you will have created an adorable Baby Snoopy shower for the mommy-to-be!

Baby Snoopy Decorative Items

SInce the Baby Snoopy designed tableware has been discontinued, you may have to use a plain blue and/or yellow tableware desgin. This will fit in nicely with the games and favors that are customized with the Baby Snoopy graphics. Don't sweat the small stuff... most guests don't even pay attention to the plates and cups. It's the games and favors that are the hit of the party!


Additional Items to consider for the Baby Snoopy Themed Shower

If you add some various moon and star shaped items to the party theme, this will contrast nicely with Baby Snoopy on the Moon theme. The mini star shaped gelatin molds could be used to make star shaped ice cubes, candies, jello, etc.

You should also check your local Dollar Stores for some acrylic or glass star-shaped bowls which would be wonderful to use for nuts, mints and other food items. Or you can also buy a set of six 6 inch glass bowls in a case of 6 for $1.00 per bowl...this is a terrific bargain! These can be found online at

Baby Snoopy Shower Invitations

To purchase and view additional styles of Baby Snoopy Invitations seen below in the gallery, please visit my Ebay Store below!

Baby Snoopy Invitation Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Baby Snoopy Lighting for the Nursery

The Mommy-to-be will certainly appreciate this Baby Snoopy night light to add a soft glow to the nursery. It will fit right in with the snoopy themed decor and is sure to bring a smile to your little one's face when he or she awakens during the night.

The bedside night table lamp is an adorable addition to the baby snoopy nursery and as your child grows can continue to be used as well.

Baby Snoopy Shower Cakes, Cupcakes & Diaper Cakes

Photos of the Baby Snoopy Cakes below are courtesy of the following websites:

Baby Snoopy Cake Ideas! - Cakes, Cupcakes & Diaper Cakes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Baby Snoopy 3-dimensional Moon CakeBaby Snoopy Star CupcakesBaby Snoopy CakeBaby Snoopy on the Moon CakeBaby Snoopy Bottle CakeBaby Snoopy Blue & White CakeBaby Snoopy Diaper Cake
Baby Snoopy 3-dimensional Moon Cake
Baby Snoopy 3-dimensional Moon Cake
Baby Snoopy Star Cupcakes
Baby Snoopy Star Cupcakes
Baby Snoopy Cake
Baby Snoopy Cake
Baby Snoopy on the Moon Cake
Baby Snoopy on the Moon Cake
Baby Snoopy Bottle Cake
Baby Snoopy Bottle Cake
Baby Snoopy Blue & White Cake
Baby Snoopy Blue & White Cake
Baby Snoopy Diaper Cake
Baby Snoopy Diaper Cake

Baby Snoopy Diaper Cakes

There are some adorable Baby Snoopy Diaper Cakes available from various online stores. Many of these Sellers specialize in creating the perfect diaper cakes and offer a very reasonable price. A Baby Snoopy Diaper Cake will add a lot of style and color to the gift table. And after the shower, the Mom-to-be will have many fun and useful items to add to the nursery.


How to Make A Snoopy Doghouse Diaper Cake

Baby Snoopy Nursery Accessories

If the Mommy to be has a Baby Snoopy themed nursery, these decorative items for the room will be the perfect accent! Also a great idea for a baby shower gift! Even if the Mother to be has a gift registry, some of these Baby Snoopy Nursery items are difficult to find and can only be purchased online.

The wall switchplate with Baby Snoopy and Woodstock is an adorable addition to the Baby Snoopy themed nursery. For the nightside table or chest these Baby Snoopy drawer pulls are just the cutest idea. They are sure to add a fun and whimsical theme to the room.

Have you hosted a Baby Snoopy Shower?

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