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Balance Ball

Updated on September 7, 2010

The Balance Ball

When I write balance ball, most people will think about the big, colourfull, bouncing ball, that is widely used for exercises or simply as a healthy alternative for a computer chair.

But the balance ball that I am writing about, is a giant globe, which can be used to walk on.

I am not sure what the correct name is for this big ball. I have seen many differents words to describe it, such as balancing ball, stability ball, walking globe and acro ball.

I don't know what the 'official' name is for such a big ball, but 'balance ball' seems a good description, since all you do on this ball is balancing on top of it.

The balance ball that I am writing about is a ball that you don't come across so often. I got in touch with it when my son started at the local circus school. It was one of the first objects in the circus school that got his attention. The other object that immediately got his attention was the flower stick. I'll hopefully write a hub about the flower stick some time in the future...

Little Boy on a Big Ball

Below is a video of my son inside the circus school while walking on the big red orange balance ball. He learned to walk on it in a very short time. And since then he is enjoying the giant ball a lot. He could walk on it for a long time if he wanted.

Unfortunately these balls are very expensive, so at the moment he can only walk on it inside the circus school. It will take some time before I will be able to buy him a big ball to walk on at home.

There is a little girl in the video also trying to walk on a ball. He is helping her, but she gets off as quickly as she gets on the ball. It is not as easy as it seems, to walk on such a big ball.

The Video

The Walking Globe

The sign that he is holding in his hands says 'Einde', which means 'The End'.
The sign that he is holding in his hands says 'Einde', which means 'The End'.

The Performance

And here he is, performing on the street together with other young acrobats from the local circus school. It was a beautiful day and the audience enjoyed the show of the young circus artists very much. This video shows the final part of the act. Enjoy!

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If you know the correct description for such a big ball, please leave a comment!
And if you know where to buy them for a good price, also leave a note here.

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    • cym profile image

      cym 7 years ago from Europe

      Fin, thank you! So I will use 'walking globe' in the future to describe the big balance ball

    • profile image

      Fin 7 years ago

      This is a walking globe or a rolling globe... found in the circus world... great balancing skill

    • cym profile image

      cym 7 years ago from Europe

      Hello SpaceAge

      Thank you for your nice comment! Apparently it is easier to walk on a big ball than on a small one, so I think it is better to start on a big one. But I haven't tried it myself yet ;-)

      Maybe I should try it, it could be fun.

    • profile image

      SpaceAge 7 years ago

      Now I LIKE that! 2 thumbs WAY up! I'd like 2 give that a try. I know u start on a small ball & work up 2 a bigger ball (safer) i'd really like 2 know what it's like 2 b able 2 walk on a ball. I bet it would b awsome.