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How to Make Beautiful Memories With a Baby Book

Updated on September 10, 2019
Elizabeth Barlettah profile image

Eliz is a frequent traveler who has 2 kids: 1 and 5 years old. Catch the moment - one of the most important things when you are Mom of 2

The first year of your baby is a very active phase, and many significant milestones are bound to happen.

Soon enough, your little one is wobbling around and babbling away; you will be grateful that you have captured these moments to look back to when they are all grown up.
You can record your baby's first year in this world in many different ways with these photo tips.


Something Nostalgic

A picture of your baby and his favorite toy. If you have not yet, you’ve got enough helpers and the Top-Mom is one of them. This concept is something sweet and funny, but it will be great for your planned baby boy memory book. You can choose a toy and have a photo of your baby with this toy every month. Don't forget to use a beautiful blanket or a pretty curtain as your backdrop to make it look more professional.

Once you have completed your baby's first year, you can put the photos together in a collage with additional wording to explain how old your baby in each photo is. With the toy, you can see how much the baby has grown each month and within the year. The toy will serve as the reference of how tiny they were when they look at the photos in the future.


Something Geeky

Why not try to create your baby, his or her first annual report? This is something a little geeky but funny too. You can buy ready-made books that are available online or if you want, you can create an annual report on your own. This creative idea is a cross between a calendar and a baby book. Here you can record as many or as few notes as you want about your baby through the year.

An alternative would be to purchase an undated calendar and fill in each date with information about your baby. This can be an excellent birthday gift for his or her on their coming out party.

Something Modern

Infographics are the in thing nowadays. If you are a fan, you can do one for your baby. Get a personalized version for your baby's first year available online through Etsy. If you want to do it DIY, your trusty Photoshop will come in handy. Include your baby's stats, memorable moments, milestones, and some photos.

Something Techy

What about a short clip of your baby's life every day? As one saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words. Imagine how many words can a video says. Yes, video filming and editing are time-consuming, but there is an app called 1 Second Everyday that can do them for hard work for you.

This app will record a one-second video of your baby every day. Then stitch together 365 days of this video for you to have a memory to show. You can also carry on doing this if you want.

It's like charting the growth of your baby into a little person.

Something Traditional

Nothing is more traditional than documenting your baby's first year through baby memory books. There are many options available online and offline. You can even customize it with your baby's name. If you want to do it more personal, consider doing it DIY. You can do it in many ways. For example, creating each chapter with each month of your baby's life include few anecdotes and making memories to share. You can also add funny quotes and meaningful things that you love.

Here are some ideas on how to make an excellent baby book for your little one.

Some Unique Ideas for your Baby Book

If you feel that you are overwhelmed with all the photos you have collected of your baby, these ideas on what to put on your baby book can help you.

#1 Focus on your baby's first year

It is hard to choose from the photos we took of our baby. The accessibility to cameras and using them continuously have made gathering and editing these photos a daunting task. Putting them all in one is a lot of work. Start your compilation by focusing on your baby's first year. With all the exciting developments and milestones of your baby's first months, it will be enough to fill one book.


#2 the front and back cover should tell a story

You can use the front cover of the book for the baby's birth photo and the back cover to showcase the first birthday. Everybody will see the incredible changes that happened during the past 12 months in your baby.

#3 add an intro page

Put a newborn shot of your baby along with the details about the hospital and other essential
information like the name, date, time of birth, the weight, and height.

#4 put a collage of your pregnancy photos

Putting your progressive pregnancy photos in different places and posed will make them appreciate how your baby grew inside your belly and became this little person.

#5 include a story about before they were born

You can tell a story about the first time that you found out you were pregnant, how Dad received the excellent news or how they somersault inside your tummy every time you turn the music on.

#6 Add pregnancy photos with your husband

It is a nice touch to add the pictures of you and your husband excitedly anticipating the baby's arrival. You can add a little story about how you were preparing for the baby's arrival.

#7 Reserve a page for the sonograms

Paste real sonogram photos on the baby book. You can save a digital file if you are afraid of fading, but it is a nice touch to add the sonogram.

#8 add the baby's footprint

Many hospitals are now offering sticker for the baby's first footprint. You can talk to the hospital about it or pack one in your bag just in case they don't have them. The sticker provides the convenience of not having to bring the book to the hospital.

#9 tell your birth story

If there are funny details about the baby's birth that you don't want to forget, write them down in the book. It is a nice personal touch that your baby will appreciate in the future.

#10 Add the day/week/month on each photo

You can start with the days-old then weeks and finally monthly labels.

It is a big task to gather all the photos and relevant details about your child and put them in a baby book. But it is so worth it because you and your child are going to cherish it.


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    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Thanks for the post! Useful ideas! Top-mom is a cool site, so many great ideas!

      Elizabeth, i'm your fan!)))

    • profile image

      Kollin Mcney 

      10 months ago

      Such an interesting ideas! Thanks, Elizabeth


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