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Behavior Chart Re-enforce's Good Behavior

Updated on March 27, 2012
Having fun at the Zoo
Having fun at the Zoo | Source
Chore Chart
Chore Chart | Source

The question was should a child be bribed for good behavior? My feeling is, they should be bribed to behave but they should be taught that behaving will be rewarded by receiving special privileges. If, they choose to misbehave some of their standard privileges will be taken away. Between the ages of 1 year to 4 years children are learning the art of listening, how to pick up their toys, to say please and thank you, being kind to their family and friends, being quiet in church and much more. It's recommended that chore charts begin at 4 years old. Rules such as pick up toys, listen to mom and dad, say please and thank you, be nice to your brother or sister, no tantrums when out with mom and or dad and whatever else their parents feel are important.

The children should be talked to about the chart, what the rules are and that each day they obey the rules they receive a happy face sticker and the times they misbehave it's a sad face sticker. Let's say that if they have all smiley face stickers for a whole week they get to go for an ice cream, for 6 smiley faces they get to rent a movie, for 5 smiley faces they can watch their favorite show for 1 extra episode. The special treats are only allowed on Friday night or Saturday during the day or night. No special treats during the week. Now. how about the sad faces, what do you think is fair? I believe they need to know that if they have sad faces, they don't get any special treats, they could lose watching television for a night, no bedtime story, something along those lines.

All they grow, so does their chore chart. You can add making their bed, doing their homework, behavior in school, at family functions, out with mom and dad, ect, ect, ect ... The privileges and restrictions change right along with their chore chart. For children from 8 years and on the special privileges can be an extra hour of television on a Friday or Saturday night, a trip to the ice cream stand, dinner at McDonald's or Burger King, depending on where you live, a new book to read, a extra hour to pay on the game system or be on the computer. The restrictions should be based off what they enjoy doing, if it's computer games, no computer, if it's using a game system, no game system, if it's a television show, don't allow them to watch it, let them know that since they choose not to behave they lose privileges instead of getting privileges.


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