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Challenges of a Mom and a Wife

Updated on April 3, 2017

How does a mother and wife go together?

The challenge a mother faces in handling her kids and at the same time in dealing with her husband. This may be a common topic we usually get around but what makes it more special is the challenge we get in reality. Its not easy as it looks! The daily hassle and sacrifices every mother will undergo. Having tips are useful at the same time giving them is also a blessing.

1. Being of a Mom and a Wife

Who said that being a mom is an easy task?

The hardest part is juggling two roles at the same time. Being a mom and tending to my husbands needs as a wife.


attending to my son's needs.

Seeing to it that his physical and emotional needs are met.

Making sure he grows in tune with his developmental level.

I need to ensure that he gets enough time to rest, enough food and milk, and enough time socialize.

He also needs to develop his mental capacity.

At his age, he is a great absorber of almost everythig.

I need to make sure that I feed him good stuff and not junk.

I always check that he gets the best of everything at the right amount and the right time.

I don't want to spoil him but I want to shower him with love.


meeting my husband's needs.

Aside from the physical needs, emotional support is needed as well.

He needs constant approval and constant encouragement.

He has to do on his own at the same time your guidance.

This is the number one biggest challenge...

ADVICE: it's never too late to say THANKS to your mother, to our mother!!

2. Time with Kids

The best bonding for the Family is spending time with the kids. Not only will you know them better but for them to know you too. This is a challenge especially if most or both parents are working...

In our home, we make sure that we all eat dinner together. We enjoy the time we spent just by chit-chatting. The topic could be from our daily experience to our work and schooling. We share views and make it a point to laugh at it.

We may not go out on fancy restaurants and big hotels to spend cash to enjoy but with those little moments we spent, it was more than spending.

Take time to be with your kids because they will not be kids for a long time. Time flies too fast and soon you find out that your kids are now adults. They will soon leave your nest to have their own family. Don't miss out on that opportunity to mingle with them, talk and share your experiences with them while you can. It is the best gift a parent could offer. Not money or Fancy things.

That's what my parents did when I was still a kid! it's not too late to start!

3. Keeping Kid's Safety

The moment a child is born, we are already faced with danger. From that moment, we have to ensure they received the right amount of love and care and the proper nourishment.

What do I mean by danger? The main life of the infant. After being delivered, nurses have to ensure that they are receiving the right amount of air or oxygen. Even when they get stable already, we have to maintain that stability over time. when we get home, more safety precautions are needed to protect our infant.

There are a lot of ways however, these are just practical and common ones, that I hope will help the readers. I'm making it a little bit light though, have fun reading!

1. Never leave the infant unattended - obviously, a dog might steal your infant, joke!! anyways, ive heard a story that a baby was bitten by a rat, how sad! so, if you want then do so!!

2. Never tie the pacifier - sure enough, we hang them around or near the neck for easier access but never, ever tie it around the neck, My Gosh! do we really have to do that? hehehe, really, is it not common sense not to tie it around?

3. Never place a big pillow - For some reason that we all know, it suffocates the baby, right? Whoever invented those anyway, hahahaha...

4. Don't leave the crib door open - Yeah right, what if the baby will crawl, jump, or fly, get that? hehehe...

5. Never leave the bottle - oh yes, not only does it ruin the teeth, it ruins the infant's life? Aspiration, that's it! Your right again!!

These are applicable to infants by the way, for adult, do whatever you're big enough, hahaha...

Seriously, these reminders may seem sooooo simple yet it has a lot of impact and take note, it helps!! We tend to forget and sometimes we really do forgot.

Keep this in your pocket guys!!

4. Juggling Work and Home

This becomes more difficult especially because work exhaust us mom.. right?

The moment we come home, we want to rest but we just can't because we have to cook for our family and do the laundry and wash the dishes and clean the home again...

It never ends..

And it is sometimes tiring...

Patience is the key here. it's easier said than done though but it helps..

Or communication, talk it out to someone to release the tension...

Who do we call, a friend, our husband (who is sometimes not around or whose eyes is glued to the TV) or our mother?

Whoever it is, we greatly and badly needed it...

5. Ensuring Mental and Spiritual Development

And this responsibility never ends until our lives are taken...

Being a mother does not end when a child leaves the home or when she/he gets married... The moment they have a problem, who do they run to? Yes, its US...

It starts inside the home and it starts when they are born... yes, even infants could learn how we act and how we are... Let's be careful then..

This simply means that we should be cautious of what we say and how we act and how we act on what we say...

Therefore, its a challenge that every mother has to undergo..

Its never an easy task to take and it takes a lot of time and sometimes it takes experience to learn.. Sometimes, we also learn from our children...

My Family Picture!

Photos of me and my Family

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Being a MOM is the most tiring job - NO salary but very worth it...

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    • imagelist lm profile image

      imagelist lm 4 years ago

      Cool...interesting content...

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 5 years ago from Ormoc City

      @Wedding Mom: Indeed!

    • Wedding Mom profile image

      Wedding Mom 5 years ago

      Being a mom is a the most difficult job but at the same time very rewarding.

    • profile image

      tinamahan 5 years ago

      You are so right, being a Mom is a challenge when you have to work and keep everything balanced, but it is so rewarding! Thank you for sharing your tips!

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 5 years ago from Ormoc City

      its never too late...

    • Inkhand profile image

      Inkhand 5 years ago

      After reading this lens I wish that I had the opportunity to spend more time with my mother.

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 5 years ago from Ormoc City

      thanks unqedomain and jeremejazz

    • profile image

      unqedomain 5 years ago

      Every special moment is very important for our kids and husband thank you for sharing!!!!

    • jeremecausing profile image

      Jereme Causing 5 years ago from Philippines

      very interesting lens :) this is a challenge for those who would like to be a mom

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 6 years ago from Ormoc City

      thanks so much!

    • profile image

      ouriloilo 6 years ago

      nice to see a Filipino mom and wife balancing her roles as both. keep up the good work

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 8 years ago from Ormoc City

      in reply to vanidiana] i feel that way too... exhausted but thankful with each and every day... so happy and blessed... Its the most enjoyable job...ply to vanidiana]

    • vanidiana24 profile image

      vanidiana24 8 years ago

      You're so right! Being a Mom and wife is absolutely the hardest job on earth! But I enjoy it very much, don't you? :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      kuyaw gd ani mommy cinds..i learn something hehe..tanks

    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 8 years ago from Ormoc City

      thanks!![in reply to chola ling]

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      anonymous 8 years ago


    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 8 years ago from Ormoc City

      [in reply to MyMaria]


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      anonymous 8 years ago

      How to vote? Through the poll lang? :)