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Collecting and Playing with Bella Sara Horses

Updated on January 18, 2015

Little girls and horses go together like peanut butter and jelly. While most young princesses felt left out of the male-dominated Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh games, now there is a card collecting hobby that is right up their aisle.

The barn aisle, that is.

Interact online - with horses, not strangers

Bella Sara is a horse-themed collectible card game featuring positive messages for kids 5 to 12.

Unlike Myspace and other social networking sites unsuitable for young ladies, there is no peer interaction on Bella Sara. Girls create an account and enter codes from cards they own to "unlock" horses they can feed, train and groom.

They can also play games and solve puzzles on the site. The site is free to use: there are no subscription fees. Plus, parents can set a game play time limit from one to three hours in the parental controls.

Worldwide appeal

Bella Sara is available in these countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Australia
  • South Africa
More countries should have access later in 2008.

The site claims over 1.6 million registered users worldwide.


Native American themed card series

This series introduces kids to Native American culture. Native Lights represents tribal stories, images and traditions in a positive way.

Series 5 includes new horses named after Native American tribes (Comanche, Shawnee, etc.) as well as updated versions of familiar Bella, Jewel and others with a new themed look. More new horses introduced in Native Lights include their animal companions, including a snake and an eagle.

• 45 horses (each with animal companion)

• 10 energy cards (includes dreamcatcher, moccasins)

• 17 foil horse cards

Packs contain seven random cards.

Native Lights on Amazon - (Series 5)

Series 5 Native Lights Bella Sara cards and sets

Can I buy a specific horse?

Cards come in packs with random horses included. You may get a common horse or a rare one; all new horses or duplicates of ones you already have. That is part of the collecting hobby.

There should be four common cards and one rare or extra-rare card in each pack of five.

The extra-rares are the shiny foil versions of the rare horses. Only one in six packs has an extra-rare card.

eBay sellers that specialize in Bella Sara cards are a good resource for a special card you just have to have, but be aware you will pay a premium for the rare horses.

Make sure the eBay seller guarantees an UNUSED code, and that the code is not legible in the auction photo. Otherwise, someone else may already be playing with "your" horse!

I recommend Ann's Bella Sara Horses, an eBay store I have added links to throughout this lens. I have completed several auction purchases with this seller personally, and was very impressed with the prompt and protected delivery of the cards just as described.

Other products such as mini binders to hold the cards, puzzles, and even plush toys are now available from Bella Sara. See the list of items at Amazon at the bottom of this page for more options.

eBay: Jumpstart your stable

Get complete sets of Bella Sara cards from a reputable eBay seller.


Ancient Lights was released in Fall 2007. It highlights Greek and Roman mythology.

Cards in this series have a pink border.

Ancient Lights checklist at

Ancient Lights checklist at
Ancient Lights checklist at


Northern Lights included Celtic and Norse themes, and was released in Summer 2007.

Cards in this series have a light blue border.

Northern Lights checklist at

Northern Lights checklist at
Northern Lights checklist at

Series 2 Cards

Cards in this series have a gold border.

• 85 horses

• 12 energy cards (non-horse items)

• 27 are foil (Angel, Balto, Bella, Bellisimo, Bello, Cajus, Dino, Fiona, Flipper, Freja, Hummingbird, Jewel, Lancelot, Mermaid, Misla, Parlez, Pegasus, Rain, Roxy, Shaman, Spottie, Tao, Thunder, Tiffi, Treasure, Wavebreaker, Yin and Yang)

Series 2 checklist at

Series 2 checklist at
Series 2 checklist at

Bella Sara cards on Amazon - Series 1

Series 1 Bella Sara cards and sets

Series 1 Cards

Cards in this series have a silver border.

• 45 horses

• 10 energy cards (non-horse items)

• 9 are foil (Bella, Bellisimo, Bello, Fiona, Jewel, Rain, Shaman, Thunder, Yin and Yang)

Series 1 checklist at

Series 1 checklist at
Series 1 checklist at


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