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Best Baby Bathtub

Updated on September 8, 2013

The Best Baby Bathtub is Also a Baby Bathtub Seat

Finding the best baby bathtub for easily and safely bathing your baby is very important. Here you will find a baby bathtub review for the best baby bath tub, as well as a few great alternatives.

As a mom to three I can tell you that a great infant tub makes bathing your slippery, wiggly baby much easier. The best baby bathtub has a good support so that you can easily bathe your delicate newborn, but it also can accommodate an active baby that can sit up. I've found a real winner with the PRIMO EuroBath. Read my parent review for this great infant tub below.

Image: PRIMO Baby Bathtub on Amazon.

PRIMO EuroBath Baby Bathtub
PRIMO EuroBath Baby Bathtub

Best Baby Bathtub

PRIMO EuroBath is the best baby tub

The PIMO EuroBath baby bathtub is unique because it features a bump that supports your baby, even as young as a newborn, to keep them from slipping down. This super sturdy infant tub also features additional raised sections that cradle baby's head, neck, and shoulders. Not only does this help keep your baby safe, it also makes your baby feel secure to make bath time a pleasant experience instead of a frightening one. The two indentions at the head of the tub allows you to keep soap and wash cloth close at hand, which also helps keep your baby safe because you aren't fumbling around for your baby's bath supplies. It also has a plug that allows you to quickly drain the water if you place your baby in the tub only to discover you have filled it too full. All of these features make this the best baby bathtub for newborns and young babies.

Why This is My Pick for Best Baby Bathtub

  1. It's size. This infant tub is large enough to accommodate babies newborn up to 24 months, meaning it will grow with your baby.
  2. It's sturdy. This infant tub will last not only through your baby's first two years, but can be stored away and used for all of your future babies as well.
  3. The raised supports are a great safety feature that will keep your baby from slipping down under the water level.
  4. The supports help to provide a bath seat for older babies and toddlers.
  5. The plug provides a handy way to drain the tub.
  6. The finish makes the tub easy to clean and also provides no soft portions to mildew.
  7. The indentions provide a place to keep bath supplies handy.
  8. You can't beat the price. This is a sturdy and very practical baby bathtub and is reasonably priced at around $30.

Best Baby Bath Tub
Best Baby Bath Tub

The Best Baby Bathtub is Also a Baby Bath Seat

It's also the best baby bathtub for toddlers

The unique raised supports in this baby bathtub also allow it to be used as a bath seat for babies that are sitting up and even for toddlers. This infant tub is large enough to accommodate toddlers up to age two. This makes bathing a squirmy toddler a breeze and also saves you money since you won't be needing to purchase a separate toddler bath seat. This is the only infant tub or bath support that you will ever need for all of you children.

Best Baby Bathtub - The best baby tub

It's a baby bathtub and a toddler bath seat all in one handy product. This sturdy infant tub is easy to wash and accommodates babies newborn through two years old.

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White
PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

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Other Nifty Baby Bathtubs

The PRIMO EuroTub is still my pick for best baby bathtub, but here are a few other good choices.

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