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Best Baby Strollers 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

Getting the right stroller can make your life a lot easier, while the buying the wrong stroller can be expensive and irritating. So how do you pick the right stroller? We will discuss the different stroller features, but the best advice is to try and mach the stroller to your lifestyle and your baby.

In best baby strollers 2014 we are going to look at what makes a good stroller and then review some of the best selling strollers of 2014.

What to look for in a stroller:

  • Safety: The first you should look for in a stroller is stability. You will be moving the stroller over all kinds of terrain and you may want to hang your bags from the handlebars. The stroller can't fall over under either of these circumstances. You also need to be able to strap your baby securely into the stroller.
  • Stroller weight: Strollers have become much lighter in the last few years. In looking at a stroller's weight you need to balance the benefit of features with the extra weight. In general the light weight options are also cheaper than the heavier ones.

Graco Spree Travel System, Barcelona Bluegrass

Graco’s Barcelona Bluegrass Travel System includes a stroller for a child weighing up to 40 pounds, and a car seat for infants up to 22 pounds.  Its shipping weight is about 37 pounds.

It is amazingly easy to assemble – everything snaps together.  Of course, do take care when installing the infant car seat into your automobile.

The stroller folds to fit into a reasonably-empty trunk of a mid-size car.

This sturdy stroller is easy to maneuver.

Plastic parts are stiff but not terribly hard.  They wipe clean.

The stroller only reclines about two-thirds from vertical to horizontal, but most children seem quite comfortable in this range of positions.

This stroller has cup-holders and other storage for the parents – plenty for the omni-present diaper bag.

Top rated baby stroller 2014
Top rated baby stroller 2014

Graco Literider Stroller, Lively Dots

Graco’s Literider Stroller is a low-cost, lightweight stroller.

The many small screws make it tricky to assemble.  Once made, it is quite comfortable to push and steer.  It’s comfortable for your child, too, thanks to all-wheel suspension.

Some parents find it tricky to fold, but others can do it one-handed.  Likewise, the three-point harness is either a great safety feature or another challenge to unclasp.

At about 17 pounds, this is very lightweight.  There should be no problem getting it into and out of the car.

This stroller has cup-holders and other storage for the parents.  Your child’s tray has a cupholder, and it also holds snacks.

The seat is either vertical or reclines about half-way – plenty for your child’s nap.

Best budget baby stroller 2014
Best budget baby stroller 2014

JJ Cole Arctic Bundle me

JJ Cole’s Arctic Bundle line provides water-resistant bunting bags to protect your infant or child from cold and wind.  The Toddler size is for young children; the Infant size is for the very youngest.

The bunting bag fits into strollers or car seats.  The exterior is a tough, water-resistant material; it has pockets to keep small items handy. The interior is a soft fleece.  It is machine-washable!

This is a terrific product for people living in cold and windy climates.  It really takes away the worry about keeping your toddler warm while outdoors.  Most parents find it replaces a “winter coat” for their toddlers.

There is a vent to allow airflow when needed.

JJ Cole also has a less-insulated “urban” version, as well as an “infant” size.  Smart shoppers will be careful to order the right warmth, size and color.

Jeep Liberty 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller

The Jeep Liberty stroller is fairly expensive, but delivers some impressive features.

The suspension and inflatable wheels provide a comfortable ride – probably the most important feature.

The front wheel swivels for easier low-speed steering, although it can be locked into place before you start running.  Purists may say it really is not designed for jogging.  However, it steers well, tracks well, and goes over almost any terrain.

It is sturdy, but also quite heavy at 31 pounds.  Some parents may find it a challenge to lift into the car’s trunk.  It is rather bulky when folded – another challenge for loading into your trunk.

The entertainment features may be a mixed blessing.  The “iBaby” sound system plays your MP3 or iPod’s music.  The “iDrive” lets your child honk a horn and make other car-like sounds.  Both are wonderful on long runs through parks and open areas.  Either can be disruptive when checking out books at the library.

This stroller has ample storage, including cup-holders, for the parents.  Along with the iDrive wheel and toys, your child has a cupholder and tray.

Best baby jogger 2014
Best baby jogger 2014

InStep Run Around LTD Jogging Stroller

This steel-frame jogging stroller is sturdy and inexpensive.  It is well suited for children under 50 pounds.

It works well outdoors, rolling over pavement, gravel or grass.  The rear suspension absorbs most shocks, although the seat itself could be more padded.  The front wheel is fixed – usually a better choice for runners.

It can be folded one-handed and can fit into a car trunk.

The serious runner – or a person who has trouble lifting items into the car’s trunk – may want a stroller lighter than 29 pounds.

The weight limit for your child is 50 pounds.

This stroller features storage areas for the parents’ baggage.

Runners find that they can run without kicking the stroller.  However, some prefer to add some padding so their child is more cushioned against jolts when running on uneven surfaces.

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