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Best Bathtub Toys For Toddlers: Most Popular Bath Toys

Updated on July 23, 2014

What are the best bathtub toys for kids in 2014?

LLoking for best bathtub toys for toddlers? Below you'll find all you need. Toddlers love to play in bathtub and bath time should be a fun time.

Kids bath toys should be safe. So you're going to look for toys made from materials free of BPA (Bisphenol A) , PVC or phtalates. Those chemical substances are harmful to our health so make sure you check this before you buy.

Second important issue is to avoid buying bath toys containing small parts that could be swallowed by your toddler.

Lastly - toys with sharp edges and points should be avoided too.

Ok, now we know what to look for, so let's pick some safe, colorful and funny bathtub toys!

Want a shortcut? See most popular and high rated toddler bathtub toys here...

Generally there is one hint for you: choose bathtub toys with highest reviewers' ratings and you can be sure you buy great toys that were tested in battle by both parents and kids!

Images courtesy of Amazon

Popular toddler bathtub toys on Amazon - Best rated and beloved by kids!

For all those who have no time reading reviews, I featured below 5 popular bathing toys for kids which got many positive reviews and highest ratings. That simply means that you can't go wrong with any of those toys. Many satisfied parents and happy kids love them, so will you!

Choosing Best Bath Toys For Babies

Great bathtub toy should meet these criteria:

There are some features that all best bath toys have. When looking for a water toy, make sure it meets standards mentioned below:

  • Material which the toy is made from must be free of BPA, PVC and phtalate. Is is important because toddlers love to put things into mouth, bite, chew...
  • Also be sure that reviewers don't report of any sharp edges or points on the toy.
  • The toy has no small parts that could be swallowed by your Boo-Boo.
  • Sturdy and robust construction toys tend to last longer; even if falling on the floor many times, they survive


Pretty obvious: many stars = many happy customers = you will most likely be satisfied as well

You're sure that the toy was tested on the "battlefield"

How much are you willing to spend on a bath toy?

See results

Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net - Funny Floating Water Toys

Kids love to catch moving objects. Just release the cute colorful bugs on the water and watch your baby catching them in the net with lots of laugh! By the way, this is one of the best selling bath toys for toddlers on

ALEX® Toys - Bathtime Fun Quacky Cups 833Q - Squirt, stack and drain!

There are three cups, each with easy-to-grip handle. Additionally you get a yellow rubber duck squirter. The toys have bright live colors, so your Boo-Boo will notice them immediately. If you're looking for educational toy which guarantee great entertainment, this set is for you!

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Quacky Cups
ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Quacky Cups

There are so many ways to play with these toys and it is so simple! Kids can stack the cups and unstuck them. They will explore how the water "works" by filling the cups with the water and observing it to drain through the holes. It is so cute when your Sweetie tries to catch the stream of water coming from the holes!

Teething babies will find duckie heads perfect to bite. Of course these toys are BPA-free. I bet that your kids will love to play with these toys not only in the bath tube, but also in the pool or even in their room.


Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy - Perfect Stacking Bath Toy

Your Boo-Boo will love to pour the water, float the duckies on the water surface and stack one into another. It is a set of adorable three duck-shape cups, made of BPA, PVC and Phtalate-free plastic. Bright, live colors will certainly catch your Darling's eye.

Green Toys My First Tugboat - Popular toy boat for bathtub

What will strike most you when you first unbox it is the size - it's BIG! And this is good. Your kid will also love its bright colors. By the way there are few different color options to choose from. The boat features really great floating abilities, even when partially filled with water. Generally your Baby will have lots of fun with it! Go Green parents will surely appreciate that this toy is 100% made from recycled milk jugs, so it doesn't contain any BPA or phthalates. One more great feature - it's produced in USA.

Green Toys My First Tugboat - BPA, Phthalates Free Bath Toys for Kids, Toddlers. Toys and Games
Green Toys My First Tugboat - BPA, Phthalates Free Bath Toys for Kids, Toddlers. Toys and Games

This cute, colorful boat has so many uses! Your child will love to sail it around the tub, sink the boat, pour water out of it... What I love most about this toy is its size - BIG - and that it is sturdy and really well made.

Very important safety feature is that this toy has no sharp edges or points. When compared with other toys, I must say that My First Tugboat from Green Toys is rather inexpensive!


ALEX® Toys - Bathtime Fun Star Crayon In The Tub - Crayons in the bathtub? Yes!

Your children will be delighted to draw all around during bath time. They can cover shower wall, tile areas or even their own little bodies with whatever they imagine! Lots and lots of fun is waiting for them!

And you can be totally sure that after your Little one's art rage ends, you can easily remove all paintings from colored surfaces even using only your wet hand.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon
ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon

What I love on this bath crayon is that the baby has no problem to grip it in the little hand. If you compare this Bath Crayon from Alex Toys with other crayons, you'll find out that this one doesn't dissolve in the water and colors very well. Additionally reviewers mention that it washes off the wall or tube far more easily than other.

This crayon has two more great features which I find very nice. First is that it floats on the water so your Boo-Boo can easily find it in the tub. Secondly, your baby can write and draw even under water!


More Baby Bath Toys? - Your toddler will love them!

Find even more bathtub toys for kids below. Again all fo them are picked from top quality toys produced by well known and popular toy manufacturers. All 5 toys have high ratings and great reviews.

Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys 9+ Months Set Of 5 Assorted Squirt and Float Sea Characters Promotes Early STEM Learning By Teaching A Child About: Constructing, Cause & Effect, Buoyancy
Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys 9+ Months Set Of 5 Assorted Squirt and Float Sea Characters Promotes Early STEM Learning By Teaching A Child About: Constructing, Cause & Effect, Buoyancy

A set of 5 super cute pals ready to make your bath time funny.

The characters comes in different colors and textures.

There's so many ways to play with them! Fill them and squirt or squeeze them under water to create air bubbles!

All of them are floating and their size is perfect for little hands to grab.

These toys are safe for your baby, because they're BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free.

TOLO Toys Funtime Fishing Bath Toy
TOLO Toys Funtime Fishing Bath Toy

Let' go fishing!

The set consist of a pole with a smiling worm in the end of the line and three lovable fish in bright colors so your little one will notice them immediately!

This educational toy helps your kid to develop hand-eye coordination.

All toys are made from quality plastic, which is a feature all parents will surely welcome.

Green Toys Submarine - BPA, Phthalate Free Blue Watercraft with Spinning Rear Propeller Made from Recycled Materials. Safe Toys for Toddlers
Green Toys Submarine - BPA, Phthalate Free Blue Watercraft with Spinning Rear Propeller Made from Recycled Materials. Safe Toys for Toddlers


Ready to explore the bottom of your tub?

Then go straight to the surface looking for next big adventure!

In the rear of the sub there is a real spinning propeller.

The yellow watercraft features great floating abilities, it's sturdy and you can use it in the tub as well as in the pool!

Good news for environment-conscious parents; the toy is made from 100% recycled milk jugs and is free of BPA, phthalates and PVC.

You'll also love that the maintenance is made simple and easy. The cabin can be opened and you can put the toy into your dishwasher.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Flutes
ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Flutes

Making music in the tub?


With these lovely and colorful water flutes it is possible!

To make this amazing instrument work, first fill each flute with varying amount of water and you're ready to go!

Now blow the flutes to start playing cute tones.

To help you play, the flutes come with a set of waterproof song sheets with simple melodies.

Lots of fun is waiting for you and the toy helps your baby to develop hearing and music abilities.

Yo Gabba Gabba Bath time Fun Bath Buddies
Yo Gabba Gabba Bath time Fun Bath Buddies

I remember when I was child, I loved sticking wet papers on the was awesome! ... my mother didn't share my enthusiasm :)

I bet your kid will love these Yo Gabba Gabba characters which your toddler can stick to the bath tub again and again.

These buddies float on the water surface, so your Pumpkin will always easily find them.

The set contains 21 pieces of vibrant color foam characters. The "stickers" are durable and made of 1/4 thick foam.

These stickers are really great. You can play with them also out of the bath!

baby bath games for kids
baby bath games for kids

7 Tips To Make Your Bathing Time Easier And Safer

Baby bathing tips and tricks

Baby, mom and dad...everyone should enjoy the bath time and here are some tips and tricks that will help you spend this time safely and comfortably:

  • Giving your baby a bath immediately after eating is not a good idea. It can easily split up when moving around the tub.
  • To ensure your baby feels comfortable in the bath, use a bath seat (or bath ring). You not only give some comfort, but also prevent the toddler from slipping. It is important to buy a bath seat which can easily attach to the tub's base.
  • Do you give your toddler bubble baths? Stop it, because your baby will more likely suffer from bladder inflammation, as studies has shown.
  • Accessorising your tube with a non-slip mat is very idea. Boo-Boo will surely start to climb and stand on his own. On the rubber bath mat baby is more secure, but even then hold your child.
  • Prepare the bathroom before giving your toddler a bath. Is there warm enough? Also make sure that the place is draft-free.
  • Keeping baby diapered until it is ready to go into the tub is a really good idea. You'll avoid getting wet from unexpected pee-shower.
  • Is your toddler potty-trained? Make sure their "reservoirs" are empty before bathing.

best bathtub toys for toddler
best bathtub toys for toddler


When we consider bathtub toys for toddlers, there are few leading companies that make great, safe and funny water toys, which additionally help your baby to develop many important skills. These are companies like Fisher-Price, Alex Toys, Munchkin or Sassy. Buying from those manufacturers you can be sure you get those best bathtub toys for toddlers - safe and entertaining. When buying a bath toy, make sure you read reviews so you can get the picture if there were no safety problems or so. Reading other buyers' opinions will definitely help you to make a wise buy decision.

Did you like my selection of toddler water toys?

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    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 

      4 years ago from GRENADA

      Yes I did, stajo82! Nice selection of toddler water toys.

    • PlumberJorge profile image


      5 years ago

      I don't have a kid but nice lens. :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice article, brought back memories of my children at bath time.Actually I don't think you can stop them drinking bathwater, they just grow out of it.Mine used to always grab the face flannel and suck on that, oh for those days again, i would love it, enjoy it while you can.


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