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Father-Son Projects - Bonding With Your Son

Updated on April 26, 2013

Building A Great Father-Son Relationship

Spending time with your son is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a dad. It took me awhile to learn that though... it can be easy to get caught up with providing for your family (jobs, toys, food, junk) and forget about what is important - enjoying time together, teaching (and learning), and passing on your values. Then there's the me... I worked hard all week so I should get to relax... I used to be that way too, but since I've found the way to spending quality time with my son I feel more relaxed and less stressed out than ever.

Reading With Your Son - Reading with your son is a great way to help him learn...

Reading with your son
Reading with your son

Reading aloud to you son is lots of fun. You get to spend quality time together teaching and learning about new things. It's also beneficial - reading aloud to children helps them become better listeners, build their vocabulary, and develop their own reading and language skills. The best thing about reading to your children is they're never too young - even babies will benefit from being read to. So hit the library and find some books that are suited to your son's age and start reading with him. You'll both enjoy it...

Paper Airplanes - Making paper airplanes with your son is lots of fun and inexpensive...

Making paper airplanes is a lot of fun - and it's practically free:) What could be better? You can start out with simple free flight designs, then as your son get older and you get more experience you can move up to more advanced designs like the walk along glider shown in this video.

Free Paper Airplane Designs
Free Paper Airplane Designs

Free Paper Airplane Designs

There are lots of web sites with free paper airplane designs but my favorite is They have 15 paper airplane designs ranging from simple to advanced and all of them are available on the site as free pdf files. All you need to do is print them out on a standard 8.5 x 11 (A4) sheet of paper and start folding. They also have a great section on flying tips and links to other sites.

Amazing Paper Airplane Books...

Lowes Build and Grow - Build and Grow clinics are FREE and lots of fun...

Taking your son to a Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Your son gets to build a really cool toy (it's free) and gets to learn the basics of build8ing things. The first time you take him Lowe's even gives him (or her - they accept daughters too:) ) a free shop apron and pair of safety goggles. The kits are also free and you just can't beat that. So far the Build and Grow Clinics are my son's favorite activity to do with me. Starting in June 2012, the Build and Grow clinics are also offered on Sunday afternoons for those who can't make the Saturday clinics.

Go For A Walk

Walking with your son is a great chance to learn new things...

Build a Bird House

Work on your son's skills and teach him about nature...

After your son has done a few Build and Grow clinics he'll be ready for more advanced building projects. Bird houses are a great choice. They're pretty simple and there are lots of cool designs that can be made in a couple hours. You can get books of bird house designs at Lowes or from Amazon. The best thing about bird houses is that when you're done building them, you can use them to attract birds to your yard and start a bird watching hobby.

Bird Houses You Can Build In a Day - Lots of cool, simple designs here...

Build a Model Railroad - Kids of all ages love trains...

Building a model railroad with your son
Building a model railroad with your son

(Photo Credit: slambo_42 under Creative Commons license)

Building a model railroad with your son will give both of you hours of fun and years of great memories. If your son is very young, you can start with a simple toy set like the b>. If he's older, you can choose between scale model trains in N or HO scales, or toy trains in S or O scales or even G gauge.

Build a Model Airplane

A great activity as your son gets a little bigger...

Teach Your Son to Play Catch

Lots of fun for son AND dad - your son will love it...

Take Your Son Fishing - If you don't like fishing, camping is just as good...

My son's first time fishing
My son's first time fishing

Teach Your Son to Ride a Bike

The most challenging but most rewarding thing so far...

Dangerous Book for Boys


Your turn: What is your favorite father-son project?

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    • ManipledMutineer profile image

      ManipledMutineer 5 years ago

      This is excellent advice! My son is into Warhammer whilst I like scale modelling, so we sit together and make and paint, and even share paints sometimes!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I haven't built a model airplane with my son as of yet. When it comes to projects, we do enjoy putting together erector sets as well as legos. My son enjoys sports, so while not really a project, we spend a lot of time playing catch, tennis, and wrestling around in the pool. When the weather warms up, we're going to refinish a bed frame for him.