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Make Yours The Best Funeral Ever!

Updated on February 5, 2013

Funerals Aren't Suppose To Be Fun!

There have been quite a few movies and television shows that have amusing funeral scenes and it has made quite a few people do some thinking about planning their own funerals.

Should a funeral be either fun or funny? It's a far cry from how I was raised but I guess everyone should be able to decide this for themselves. I'm afraid that I would have a hard time trying to convince myself to plan a fun or funny funeral for anyone that had already passed away. I'd probably have a hard time doing it even if the person had requested that I do so.

But, if a person wants to plan a theme such as this for their own funeral; who am I to stand in their way?

Some may think that this site is in bad taste but all we are trying to do is provide a little information for those who want it. Enter at your own risk!

Why A Fun Funeral?

Think about it! We all know that the day will come for us to die and when you pass away you'll be leaving loved ones and friends behind.

It's only natural for your family and friends to mourn your passing, so why not make it as easy for them as possible? Have a funeral service that urges them to have fun and lets them know that you were ready.

They will miss you enough as the days go by so why not celebrate your death as well as you did your life. Leave something that will keep them talking for months!

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A Few Fun Funeral Sources!

Miniature golf is offered by Ahlgrims as a standard part of their funeral package, and many take it. Ahlgrim and Sons Funeral Home, 201 N. Northwest Hwy., Palatine, Il. (847) 358-7411

Pre-arrange your "Fun Funeral" today!

A leather-clad former minister has had a motorcycle hearse built for bikers' funerals. The last ride

A man promises his father that if he lived past 100 years old, he would have a stripper dance at his funeral. Stripper Hired to Dance at Funeral.

PAY-per-view funerals go live online in Britain, allowing mourners who cannot attend services in person to pay their last respects via the internet. Pay-per-view funerals online!

TAUNTON, England, Aug. 6 (UPI) -- The family of a deceased Puriton, England, fisherman said the angler's dying wish has been fulfilled -- his remains were turned into bait. Fisherman's ashes become bait!

As a final wish, Fredrick J. Baur, the man who designed the Pringles packing system, will be buried in one of the icon cans. Ashes Buried In Pringles Can And More!

Funerals Differ In Different Societies!

We each have our own beliefs as to what is the proper funeral. Most of us in the United States are familiar with the traditional funeral. Quiet and somber.

Yet many in New Orleans believe in a jazz funeral. A jazz funeral consists of a parade of family, friends, jazz band from the home, funeral home or church to the cemetery. During the parade, the band plays somber music on the way to the cemetery and then on to a gathering place where the music changes to loud, upbeat, raucous music and dancing where onlookers join in to celebrate the life of the deceased.

For the Balinese, the cremation ceremony is a time for fun. The cremation of the dead releases their soul so that they can reach the higher worlds and be reincarnated, thus it is a time for gaiety and not mourning.

In Ghana, "fantasy coffins" are sometimes used to bury the dead. These coffins will be made in the color and shape of a fantasy item such as an airplane, boat, fish, crab, etc.

For us to say that only one type of funeral is proper would be dis-respective to other cultures.

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Fun Or Funny You Tube Videos!

How Do You Feel About Fun Funerals?

Would you attend a friends funeral if it had a fun or funny theme?

Make Your Funeral Fun!

How to Make Preparations for a Funeral

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Did someone recently pass away in your family? The last thing you want is to be stressed out about how to plan a funeral. These tips should help.


  1. Choose a funeral home. They will ask all the necessary questions and help you in all aspects of arranging a funeral. Do not be afraid to consult a few Funeral homes and discuss their services and costs.

  2. Call your pastor, rabbi, spiritual leader to help you set up at your place of worship for a service. Or, if the deceased was not religious, consult a humanist minister.

  3. Ask friends and loved ones to bring pictures of the deceased to make photo collages.

  4. Also have a photo to give to the funeral director for reference. This will help them to try and give your loved one the appearance that they had when they were alive. This is important, especially if you wish to visit them in the chapel of rest.(please note that there are circumstances whereby the funeral director may not recommend viewing and bear in mind that some circumstances of death may mean that the funeral director and embalmer cannot restore the condition of the deceased)

  5. Consider asking for donations instead of or as well as flowers. When doing this consider whether the deceased believed in a certain cause.

  6. Leave a guest book at the wake and funeral so that people can leave their addresses if they wish. This enables you to see who attended which is useful because on the day of the service it can be emotionally overwhelming and you may not get chance to talk to or greet all of the mourners.

  7. Consider placing a death notice in the paper. This can inform people who may not have heard that the person has died. This may just be in a local paper, or if the person had friends in other areas you could consider placing notices in other papers (i.e. if the person moved away from where they grew up it may be nice to put a notice in the paper of the place where they used to live if you think there will be people there who would want to know about it)

  8. Plan your funeral in advance to alleviate stress & confusion. There is a great planning tool "Memorial Preferences" which is in workbook format, pages of checklists, includes space to organize your affairs, list your medical, family, military, financial records as well as an outline to write your own obituary & a page of creative tips planning your service.


  • Pick up the book Good Grief. It's small and full of help.

  • If you do receive flowers, write down a description of each and who it is from before trying to give some away. Dealing with a house full of flowers can be trying when you are grieving.

  • Ask for help. People want to help you, but often feel helpless.

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Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Make Preparations for a Funeral. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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      Christina_Moore 7 years ago

      Planning your funeral ahead of time can eliminate a lot of potential stress from your family during a time of grief. Another thing that can help is by investing in a Life Insurance plan. That is the best way to insure your will be protected after you pass.