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Best Infant Life Jacket - Review Of The Top Models In 2012

Updated on October 5, 2012

Review of the most important features

Infant Life Jacket shopping can be tough. There are multiple products out there that feature superb designs for infants and toddlers that are highly effective when an emergency arises. However, some life preservers available on the market are too plain, lack proper padding, or are just unsafe. When protecting a loved one, it is important to choose a quality product that has a proven safety record.

As with all emergency supplies, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have. That is why it is important to take the time to research each vest before purchase and make sure that it is suitable for the infant or child's needs. The vest size should be accurate to the weight of the child in order to work properly. The ideal vest will also be fashionable or feature characters that the child enjoys so they will look forward to wearing their vest. Testing the product in a bathtub before the first boat trip is also highly recommended. There are several different manufacturers on the market and each produce a different style of flotation device that provide safety and comfort for the child.

Stearns Infant Classic Boating Vest - Inexpensive, high quality jacket for your boat trips

Stearns Infant Classic Series Vest
Stearns Infant Classic Series Vest

The Sterns Infant Classic Boating Vest is a perfect choice for children weighing under 30 pounds. Each vest is a traditional design and available in either blue or red. Several straps help to ensure that the child is wearing the vest securely and allow for movement. The vest also features an extra leg strap and grab handle to keep the floatation device strapped on to smaller children. The Coast-Guard approved life jacket is made of nylon to keep the child comfortable while wearing the classic-style vest.


Stearns Infant Antimicrobial Life Jacket - This vest guarantees both safety and health

Stearns Infant Antimicrobial Life Jacket
Stearns Infant Antimicrobial Life Jacket

Another great quality vest for kids by Sterns is the Infant Antimicrobial Life Jacket. This stylish vest comes in either a blue monkey or purple hearts design that children will love. The vest lives up to the same quality as their classic life vests, however, these vests have been treated with an anti-microbial formula designed to help fight odours and mildew. Water can be soaked into the vest after use and normal vests made from foam will absorb the water, rather than allowing it to be fully dried. This causes mould and other germs to spread throughout the device.

The vest is designed for infants weighing 30 pounds and under. Constructed out of nylon, the fashionable vest is comfortable as well as clean. The Sterns Infant Antimicrobial Life Jacket has also been Coast-Guard approved.


Stearns Infant Life Jacket - A life vest your child will be happy to wear

Stearns Infant Life Jacket
Stearns Infant Life Jacket

Produced also by Sterns is the Infant Life Jacket featuring either Spider-Man or Nihao Ki-lan characters. Having recognizable characters on the child's life preserver helps them to remember to wear their preservers at an early age. The designs also promote safe fun.

These designs make safety fun for young infants weighing less than 30 pounds. Like all Sterns life preservers, the jacket is Coast Guard approved for safe use. The soft nylon covers a hard PE foam that works as the flotation device. The vest features a plastic buckle and zipper in front allowing for extra space and also features a grab handle and leg strap for added safety.


Kent Infant Full Throttle Baby Safe Vest - Extra safe vest for infants

Kent Infant Full Throttle Baby Safe Vest (Orange)
Kent Infant Full Throttle Baby Safe Vest (Orange)

The Kent Infant Full Throttle Baby Safe Vest takes a different approach to the traditional life vest, supplying the infant with a vest that covers the majority of the torso and neck. By placing the baby in a full body jacket adds to safety by ensuring a lack of movement for younger infants who cannot swim or float.

The vest is comfortable to wear and buckle openings allow for the vest to be put on easily. The collar is oversized to add head support and safety, while additional straps provide a secure fit. The snug vest is approved for use by the Coast Guard for infants under 30 pounds.


Obrien Child Neoprene Vest - This vest combines trendy design with high safety standards

O'Brien Child Neoprene Life Vest (Light Blue/Pink, 30-50 - Pound)
O'Brien Child Neoprene Life Vest (Light Blue/Pink, 30-50 - Pound)

Very comfortable and stretchy, the Obrien Child Neoprene Vest is a wise choice for many parents. Each jacket features a trendy design. The construction of the flotation device allows for stretchability and increased movement. Constructed from Qubicfit nylon fabric, the vest allows for a comfortable custom fit. The vest features extra security measures including a leg strap and head pillow strap. The Obrien Infant Neoprene Vest has been approved for use by the United States Coast Guard and is suitable for infants weighing under 50 pounds.


MTI Adventurewear PFD Life Jacket with Collar - High quality toddler life jacket available in 4 color combinations

MTI Adventurewear PFD Life Jacket with Collar
MTI Adventurewear PFD Life Jacket with Collar

The MTI Adventurewear PFD Life Jacket with Collar is also a very popular choice in life jackets. MTI is committed to safety and each vest is approved for use by the Coast Guard. The vest comes in multiple sizes for infants and children, and is available in four different colors: red, lime, yellow, and mango. This offers a variety of choices that the child can grow into over time. The vest is designed with a comfortable zipper closure and adjustable straps on the crotch and belly to help secure smaller children. The foam filled floatation device is complete with grab loop.


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