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The Best Jogging Stroller Under $300, $250, $200, and $150's This Year

Updated on June 28, 2013

Looking For The Best Stroller For Jogging That's Priced Within Your Budget?

No matter who you are shopping for, yourself, your spouse, or a firend or family member it's important to stay budget conscious even when looking for top rated products. Jogging strollers can be very pricey, some of the high end running strollers approach and eclipse $1000.

Below I've helped parse through the noise and present to you an easy rundown of the best jogging strollers on the lower end of the pricing scale with strollers like the Turismo pictured at left.

Currently I'm featuring jogging strollers that are current models from 2012 and I have sections below featuring the top jogging strollers under $300, $250, $200, and $150.

Whatever you are looking to spend there are jogging strollers that you can afford. The trick is to finding the best jogging strollers under your price range. The links above will take you to the various sections. Please use them and find the right jogger for your budget.

Photoed above is the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger, which has some of the top ratings of any joggers and it's competitively priced under $200.

Best Strollers For Joggers Under $300

There are a lot of really expensive strollers on the market but in my opinion $300 is the threshold where you don't get much more benefit for spending more money.

If you have up to $300 dollars to spend then you have nearly free reign of all the jogging and running strollers for sale. Some will be omitted from this category because they are a bit more expensive than this but most strollers are included below. Also, prices change all the time. In some cases some of these strollers may be temporarily more expensive than $300 seeing as though they are almost always on some sort of discount.

A few important things to note when shopping for joggers in this category is that a true jogging stroller is different from an all-terrain stroller. Jogging strollers are geometrically designed for running and faster speeds on the roads and trails. If you want an all-terrain stroller then there are more options available they are just not as good for running as those listed below.

Best Jogging Strollers Under $250

Most jogging strollers have published retail prices well higher than their current listing price on Amazon. In some ways shopping online like this gives you the ability to see a large list of top quality products where most everything is on some sort of discount.

The strolelrs listed below tend to fall in the $200-$250 rage however some of them may fluctuate slightly higher or lower than this range due to sales cycles which are always changing.

The jogging strollers of this category however are probably the best selling jogging strollers of any pricing tier. They tend to have all the quality of construction that the more expensive models have as well as most of the extra features which are really just nice to have.

In fact my favorite jogging stroller falls into this category. The Baby Jogger F.I.T. stroller is usually priced right at the top of this tier, right around $250 give or take a few. I like it best because it's bigger, mostly lighter, and cheaper than the more expensive models and it has more features and things to like than the cheaper options featured below.

Having said that the others on this list are exceptional jogging strollers as well. if you have a budget that allows for a $200-$250 jogging stroller then you would be hard pressed to find better options than those listed below..

Need A Cheap Jogging Stroller?

These Are The Features You Are Likely To Forfeit On The Low End

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheap and inexpensive jogging strollers. In fact I don't recommend parents buy high-end strollers in the first place. Only the most dedicated runners running at the highest level should consider buying anything over $350-$400.

What makes cheaper jogging strollers good is that they are actually designed for the activity as opposed to all-terrain strollers or urban-use strollers. The design in and of itself makes jogging much easier and safer. What you end up losing on the low end of the pricing range however is arguably necessary in the first place.

Most cheaper strollers weigh a bit more which keeps cost slower. They also lack some of the creature comforts like large wheels, simply folding mechanisms, and good shock absorption. Some cheaper strollers probably won't last as long as the more durable expensive models but they generally will hold up just fine anyway.

In my opinion the only main thing most cheap strollers for joggers lack is good shocks. Of course if you plan on staying on well-maintained paved surfaces then the difference between high end joggers and low-end joggers will be minimal.

Best Jogging Strollers Under $200

Based on sticker price alone most of the strollers in this category should cost more however almost all can be purchased online and in many retail stores near you for less.

These strollers offer parents excellent value. They are as safe as any stroller and they aren't stripped down either. These strollers main draw-back is that they don't have some of the premium features that high end joggers have and they often times weigh a bit more.

If you are not capable of spending hundreds of dollars or simply don't want to, some of my favorite joggers fall into this category. My top pick is the Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller by Pacific Cycle. It is a fixed wheel stroller designed for jogging first and foremost. You could use it for trail hiking or everyday use but you'll get the best performance out of it while jogging.

It's really tough to beat the price on it too.

The Best Strollers For Jogging Under $150

As you might expect from the above sections most good jogging strollers cost a good deal of money more than $150 but that doesn't mean their aren't bargains to be had.

For serious joggers it's worth investing in a better stroller. They are more comfortable to use for you and for your child. For those who have only a small budget for a jogging stroller or for those people who are only occasional joggers it make sense however to only spend a little on the basics.

The strollers below are simple and inexpensive jogging strollers that will be much better for you to jog with than your everyday umbrella stroller. Like many of the joggers featured above these strollers listed below are generally priced below retail so even though you aren't paying much you are still getting a pretty good stroller.

From this group I really like the cheapest of the bunch, the InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger, which is priced just barely over $100. It is the cheapest of the bunch but when you come into this price range I think you might as well go for the most inexpensive stroller that is good at what it is designed for and that is the Flash.

As a jogging stroller enthusiast and an avid runner I believe whole-heartedly in using a fixed wheel stroller for runs. They are easiest to run with. This stroller has that fixed front wheel, it's geometry is fitting for long jogging strides, and ironic as it is it is actually one of the lightest jogging strollers on the market, weighing in at only 24 lbs. Why pay more than you have to?

What Is Your Favorite Stroller? Can You Use It For Jogging? - Lets us know below.

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