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Best Sling Baby Carriers For Around The House

Updated on March 20, 2013

A Sling Baby Carrier Can Make Life Around The Home Much Easier

Pictured to the left is the Baby K'tan baby sling carrier. It is one of the best baby sling's for casual use around the home because you can use it for either one or two kids, you can easily get your baby in a skin to skin position, and the carrier is much more comfortable than one of the more structured options.

Similar carriers that work around the house include the Mobi Wrap, the Maya Wrap, or any number of inexpensive slings that can be found in your local baby gear stores or online.

What I like about the K'tan is that it's not the most expensive carrier but I feel it's the most versatile. It can work and feel a lot like a Mobi Wrap but can also feel like a traditional pouch sling carrier.

The K'tan is basically a couple looped pieces of material joined together as opposed to a single long piece of elastic cloth. This gives it a wide amount of uses and a much quicker learning curve.

You can see more bout this wrap below as well as a number of alternatives.

Top Rated Baby Sling Carriers For The Home

Below you'll find the Baby K'tan wrap as well as a number of other wraps and slings. Each of these are perfect for outings with a newborn but even more so they are going to be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time at home. If you want to nurse in them you can easily and they aren't anywhere nearly as expensive as some of the higher end structured or framed baby carriers.

Baby Carriers For Those Out-Of-The-House Excusions

If you want something a bit more robust for outings make sure to see the following pages. Whether you are going to the mall, going hiking, or just running errands a bigger carrier can work well for baby even into his toddler years.

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Do you have any opinions on the value in buying an expensive baby carrier versus a basic model that's half the price? Let us know below.

Are The Expensive Baby Carriers Worth It?

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