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Best Strollers For Newborns

Updated on June 4, 2013

What Stroller for a Newborn

Hello, my lens is about the various strollers for newborns that are available. There are 4 basic things a newborn stroller must have, or I will not recommend them,period. They must be Strong, Safe, Easy to fold up or open up, and durable. If a stroller meets these 4 criteria, there is no need for a warranty.

Single Wheel VS Double Wheel Strollers

It is very easy to see that a single front wheel is greatly more beneficial than a doubled wheeled stroller. We will look at a few reasons why:

1) They are easier to turn around corners.

2) They roll easier because the wheel is a bigger diameter, and there is only 1 wheel, not multiple.

3) They are usually built better, this is because these styles are usually called Jogger Strollers.

4) It is way easier to push through dirt, or gravel.

These are reasons that I would choose a single wheel over any other. When we had our first child, i bought a double wheeled, cheapy stroller from either a yard sale, or from the neighborhood department store. This is when we lived in South Dakota. It was alright in town, on side walks, and parking lots, but you could imagine going to Mount Rushmore with this folding kiddie trap.

Not fun at all, and my wife was you know what. So I bought a better one, and you all know why.

At the time they didn't have single wheeled out yet,so i bought a sturdy double wheeled, but it had large wheels on the front, not those little ones that vibrate side ways as soon as you pick up your speed a little.

If i where to buy one now, it would defiantly be a single wheeled, jogging stroller.

Graco Microlite Newborn and Baby Stroller

Here is a Video Review of the Graco Micro-lite Newborn and baby stroller. This is a very nice stroller. And don't forget, Free Shipping from Amazon. Plus, the guarantee, and customer service can not be beat.

One thing to remember, a Single Wheel on the front is easier to turn than a double set of wheel.

How about these add ons for your benefit.

These are a few add on's that will help you or benefit you in some way when you are out with your new baby or even an older child.

Baby Jogger Child Tray - Black - One Size - City Mini/Classic/Elite/Summit
Baby Jogger Child Tray - Black - One Size - City Mini/Classic/Elite/Summit

Give your child a surface to play on, or keep them occupied.


Graco Trekko Stroller, Metropolis

Contours Options 3 Wheel Stroller, Berkley

Metrolite Stroller


Graco Metrolite-Zoey

Best Stroller Tips

Since you are, or someone you know or love, is expecting a newborn baby, you are going to need a newborn or baby stroller. You have also noticed that there are a lot of choices when it comes to strollers.

In order to narrow down your selection so you can make the best choice possible for you is to take the time to determine how much you have to spend on your stroller, then determining what your needs are.

Here are some tips that I think a stroller should have:

1. a cup holder, for the adult, and one for the kid.

2. handle bar can be reached easily by every one who pushes it

3. you can turn quickly and easily

4. front and rear facing options

5. cargo basket has good ground clearance

6. metal and fabric are sturdy with good stitching

7. Canopy has a small clear window to see infant or child

8. ease of folding, possibly with one hand

You need to take into account the safety and security of newborn baby strollers. You want to make sure that they are strong, sturdy, and easy to move around. You also need to make sure that it has sturdy straps and harnesses to prevent your baby from climbing out or falling out.

Most important, you need to remember that you just need to take your time in making this decision so that you do not make the wrong one. Purchase the right one now,that can be used for a long time.

Graco Twin Strollers

Here are some Graco Twin Strollers for newborns and babies.

Again i have picked the best that i believe conform to my 4 criteria for a stroller.

Remember from before, a Single Front wheel turns easier, and a sharper corner.

Graco Duoglider LX Stroller, Wilshire

InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller, Orange/Gray

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Orange

Graco Twin IPO Stroller, Platinum

Macleran Twin Techno baby stroller

Learn all about the Macleran Twin Techno baby and twin stroller in this video. This is the Ferrari of twin baby or twin newborn strollers. Just watch the video and you will learn all about this beauty. I wish i had one of these for my 2 boys after they where born.

Twin Strollers for Newborns

I have here some of the best twin strollers i can find with the best reviews. Plus, Free shipping. All from one of the best and most trusted online retailers there is. Amazon.

My criteria is the same here. They must have the 4 qualifications, and the best reviews from actual users.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Scarlet/Silver

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Charcoal/Silver

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller, Crown Blue on Crown Blue Frame

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Denim

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I would really appreciate some feedback and comments on my lens to let me know how i am doing. Good or bad, just an honest opinion. This will help me cater to the needs of the Squidoo community here.

How is my Lens?

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    • Alan Katz profile image

      Alan Katz 5 years ago from Florida

      Nice lens. Looking to buy a stroller can be almost as complicated as shopping for a car. There's a lot to consider. You've made it easy.

    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      The way our children were spaced out, we needed a stroller for over six years. Getting the best one we could get paid off significantly. My sister had a cheap one to start with and then had to replace it before she was completely done having kids. These look like great choices!