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Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

Updated on November 17, 2016
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

What to Buy a 2 Year Old Girl?

The best toys for 2 year old girls are wide ranging. This article features lots of top toys which make perfect birthday and Christmas gifts based on toys which were popular with my 2 year old niece (and my 2 year old son).

Here are some toy categories to consider for this age group:

Imaginative play - toys which facilitate pretend play such as dollhouses, strollers, tea sets and toy kitchens. These are toys that 2 year olds will love to play with for years to come so are great investments.

Outdoor toys - slides, trampolines and ride on cars burn off that excess toddler energy.

Construction toys - lego duplo, megabloks and other building toys are fantastic for hand and eye co-ordination, facilitating creative and imaginative play and honing fine motor skills.

Arts and craft toys - ideas include big chunky crayons and drawing paper, paints, a magna doodle toy or an aquadoodle where she can draw on a mat with water.

Educational toys; - most toys have educational value at this age but there are specific toys that help with learning numbers, letters, counting, shapes, colors and lots more.

Read on for lots of ideas and suggestions of the best toys for 2 year old girls.

Quick Go To Gift Idea

Kidoozie My First Purse, Fun and Educational, For Toddlers and Preschoolers, Encourages Safe Play
Kidoozie My First Purse, Fun and Educational, For Toddlers and Preschoolers, Encourages Safe Play

Do you need a quick go to gift for a 2 year old girl? It's difficult to go wrong with My First Purse.

My 2 year old niece loves little bags like this one and she will carry them around everywhere.

This is a fantastic toy so she can be like mommy and will love the pretend cellphone, wallet, debit card, lipstick, key and, mirror. The items are big so you don't have to worry about toddlers choking on them.

The cellphone is a fantastic item and 2 year olds love pretending to talk on the phone just like mommy and daddy. Pretending to talk on the phone has been a favorite activity of both my boys at age 2.

Kids will love putting the items in and out of the bag and carrying them around.

It encourages imaginative and pretend play too.


Best Imaginative and Pretend Play Toy Ideas

There are tons of toys for 2 year old girls that facilitate imaginative and pretend play. Here are some ideas:

Eating and drinking - tea sets, shopping, cash registers and picnic sets. Toy kitchens are popular at this age and there are toy versions of most things you can get in the kitchen from toasters to cooking utensils. 2 year olds love to play make believe with these kinds of things - that's why they are always trying to get in the kitchen cupboard!

Babies and dolls - little girls are often encouraged to pretend to be like mommy and nuture a baby. They also love to play with chunky dolls which are a bit bigger for toddler hands. There are some fantastic toddler doll houses further on in the article.

Play Tents - play tents are a fun gift to put up indoors and outdoors. There are themed playtents such as ones for a princess. Kids love sitting in them and having their own space.

Pretending to be like Mommy - she will quite often want to copy things that the adults do. So she may want to pretend to talk on the phone or work on the laptop like mommy. Therefore toy phones, laptops, cleaning utensils - anything that parents use in toy versions are often popular.

Dress up - Some 2 year old girls also like to dress up - this probably gets more popular as they head towards age 3. There are tons of dressing up items to choose from including princesses, doctors and nurses. But they can also be firemen, builders or knights too if they want.

Check out some ideas below.

Tea Set

Fisher-Price Magical Tea for Two
Fisher-Price Magical Tea for Two

Some of the best and first imaginary play for 2 year old girls involves tea parties. My 2 year old and I make cups of tea for dolls, teddies, Mom, Dad, family and friends.

This tea set is quite magical. When you pour the tea from the teapot, the tea disappears. And it magically appears again when you put the teapot back down.

It comes with everything needed for tea for two.


Imaginative Play Idea - Shopping

She's more than likely been in the grocery store quite often while adults are shopping. As toddlers this age will often delight in copying their parents and love pushing things around, she will probably love her own shopping cart to play with at home.

Both my own 2 year old and my niece love pushing things like shopping carts and pushchairs around. They would put all kinds of stuff in the shopping cart, push it around for ages and then just tip all their toys out again. It made a mess but kept them occupied for ages!

Shopping Cart

Little Tikes Shopping Cart - Pink
Little Tikes Shopping Cart - Pink

Shopping carts are lots of fun.

My son and niece love to put lots of things in their shopping cart and push it round and round the house. Then they take all the stuff out again. Rinse and repeat for quite a long time. It really keeps them occupied and out of trouble.

The Little Tikes Shopping cart featured is a good choice. It's really sturdy unlike other options. There is a wide base of support so it's difficult to tip over which offers peace of mind when your child is running around with it. It includes a fold down seat where a teddy or doll can sit. It's a deep shopping cart so lots of stuff can go into it. Carry around pretend food, stuffed animals or other toys and items.

There's also a storage underneath basket which provides plenty of space for a child's favorite things

A shopping cart is also great for imaginative play especially as they get older.


Arts and Craft Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds.

There are lots of great arts and craft toys for this age. Here are some ideas:

Play doh - is a great craft toy for this age. My son used to love making play doh balls, faces, pretend food and animals. There are also lots of themed play doh sets you can get such as play doh pies and ice cream. Just make sure they don't eat it!

An easel - an easel is great for chalking, drawing and painting. My kids have an easel that we put in the backyard when the weather is good. Then they can get messy painting and drawing but we make sure we clean up before we go back into the house. It keeps all the mess outdooors.

An aquadoodle mat - like the one below makes a great toy. You fill the pen with water and then your child can draw on the mat with the pen without making any mess. Once the water dries they can create a new picture. What's great about this is you don't have to worry about your toddler drawing on the walls or anywhere else as if they do it's only water anyway. You can get aquadoodles which allow you to draw in color too.

Chunky crayons and coloring books - sometimes the traditional ideas are the best. At 2 years old if they want to draw and color look for bigger crayons and pens so that they can hold them easily in their hands.


AquaDoodle - Accessories - Travel Doodle - Neon
AquaDoodle - Accessories - Travel Doodle - Neon

The aquadoodle mat lets you doodle with the water pen and not make any mess.

Just fill up the pen with water and get doodling.

Perfect for little ones as they can scribble to their heart's content without you having to worry about them drawing anywhere else.

When their drawing dries it will disappear and they can start again.

The great thing about this set is that it's travel size so you can take it in the car or wherever you need to and keep your little one occupied.


Outdoor Toys

Here are some great ideas of toys for 2 year old girls:

A sand table - Both my niece and son loved sand at 2 years old. They fill it cups and pour it out, drive vehicles through the sand, make sandcastles and more.

Play tents - can provide shade, have a picnic in them or just play. They can be used as dens, filled with balls, read books, play house, play with toys and have your own toddler space.

A water table - one of the best toys I've bought my own children. My eldest played with it for hours when he was a toddler and my youngest loves it now at almost 2 years old. Water play is popular with toddlers. They will spend ages filling up containers and tipping the water out. This toy seems to appeal to children as they get older too. There is a water wheel to tip water into, a container to fill up and pour and boats to float too.

Scooters - many kids get their first scooter at around 2 years old. At this age a 3 wheel scooter is a must. Look for one which is lightweight as it means it is easier for little ones to move and control.

Balance bike - this was my son's favorite toy when he was 2 and I'm sure many girls would love it just as much. If you pick a balance bike for a 2 year old make sure their feet can touch the floor when they are sitting on the seat as they will need to use their feet to push them around. Strider makes a great balance bike for younger toddlers that's worth checking out.

Ride on Toys - 2 year olds love ride on toys and there are tons to choose from including trikes and mini cars. These can be used both indoors (if you have the space) and outdoors.

Other ideas include mini trampolines, slides, balls, soft bowling sets and t-ball sets (great for motor skills and co-ordination).

Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Princess  Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary
Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary

The Cozy Coupe is another toy that can be used for outdoor play (but can also be used indoors too.

The Little Tykes Cozy Coupe has got to be one of the best toys for 2 year old girls.

They will love sitting in the car and pretending to drive. My 2 year old niece and son love the Cozy Coupe at Grandma's house and it's the one toy they both want to sit in at the same time. Grandad pushes them around the garden in the toy and when he doesn't they love to sit in it and move around themselves.


Dollhouses for 2 Year Olds

Many 2 year old girls like to play with dollhouses and there are lots of options for this age group. Here are some things to consider when looking for a dollhouse for a young child:

Chunky dolls and accessories - the dollhouses aimed at this age group tend to have chunky figures and pieces of furniture so their little hands can grasp and manipulate them more easily.

Consider a wooden dollhouse and peg dolls - At a toddler group my kids attend there is a wooden doll house with wooden peg dolls and all the children love playing with it. I don't know if it it's simplicity but it's popular.

Does the dollhouse fold up when play is finished? - There are dollhouses that will fold up. This makes it easy to take between rooms or to take to a friend's house. You can open these kinds of dollhouses out to play with so it's easy for young children to play inside all of the rooms.

The Perfect First Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home
Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

This is just perfect for toddler girls. The great thing about it is that older girls aged 3 and even 4 will probably love playing with this toy too. So it will grow with your child.

It's been well designed with chunky figures that are easy to hold and stand

There are wide open spaces so little hands can reach everywhere.

There's lots to do, press the alarm to wake Emma (one of the dolls) up. Press the radio for fun songs. Open the fridge and oven for lights and phrases. Lift the toilet seat to hear flushing.

In fact, the dollhouse offers more than 50 songs, sound and phrases.

The great thing is that when you have finished with the toy you can fold it up and easily store it away with everything inside. So not only is it well designed for a 2 year old, it's well designed for their parents as well.


Dolls for 2 Year Old Girls.

2 years old is the age that many girls get their first doll.

Many girls at this age like soft dolls to cuddle. She may hug them tight and look after them.

It's good to look for dolls which can offer a bit of imaginative play too. Perhaps the doll can be dressed or undressed (great for working on her own getting dressed skills). It might be nice to be able to brush the dolls hair.

Some dolls are extremely realistic. Some make crying noises, need their diaper changing and even eat food. These are again great features to encourage pretend play.

A Lovely 1st Doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll With Romper and Hat
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll With Romper and Hat

This little doll is soft and cuddly so little girls (and boys) can take it wherever they go.

You don't have to worry too much about little ones getting her dirty as you can wipe clean her arms and legs.

Her eyes open and close which adds a bit of realism.

You can remove her onesie and hat. If little ones learn how to do this, it's great for honing fine motor skills and practising the skills she will need to undress and dress herself.

The doll is extrememly cute and she can also suck her thumb and pacifier.


Educational Toys for a 2 Year Old Girl

There are lots of educational toys for toddlers introducing them to counting, new vocabulary, body parts, letters and more. Some ideas include:

Mr Potato Head - learn the names for different body parts and accessories as well as honing fine motor skills

Stacking, sorting toys, lacing sets and latches boards - Great for learning colors, counting, shapes and working on fine motor skills

Magnetic dress up - these are boards where you can dress up the dolls on the board with magnetic clothes. They are great for encouraging hand-eye coordination, color and pattern recognition, and creativity.

Magnetic fridge letters - these are fun for young kids to play with on the fridge. There are chunky magnetic letters designed for young toddlers so you don't have to worry about them swallowing them. Look out for Leapfrog magnetic letters, they also teach kids the names and phonics for the letters of the alphabet.

Meet Mrs Potato Head

Playskool Mrs. Potato Head Toy BROWN
Playskool Mrs. Potato Head Toy BROWN

Mrs Potato Head is great for teaching the names of body parts and words for items such as bag, hat and glasses.

Mrs Potato Head is also fantastic for developing fine motor skills too. My son loved changing round the accessories on Mr Potato Head, pushing them in and pulling them out.

Kids love giving them different looks by rearranging the pieces. It's hard to go wrong with such a classic toy. Mrs Potato Head comes with cool accessories such as earrings.


Old Fashioned Toys

Sometimes the old fashioned toys without the flashing lights and sounds are the best choices. There are many toys that have stood the test of time and that parents may be able to remember from their own childhood. This is a testament to a good toy.

Some of these toys have already been mentioned in this article and include wooden dollshouses, dolls, tea sets and lego.

But my favorite is the Little Tikes Count n Play Cash Register below. Who remembers one of these from when they were little?

Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register
Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register

This classic toy has stood the test of time and this modern version with credit card slot remains a firm favorite with kids. Plus if you like toys that don't play music or have lots of lights and sounds this is an excellent choice!

2 year olds will love sorting the coins by color. Great for counting too. Pull the handle to open the draw.

There is a lot of educational value to be had with the cash register too.

The coins come in three colors - yellow, purple and orange. These coins are of varying sizes and thickness. Each coin will only fit into one of the three round holes cut into the face of the toy. So quite a lot of problem solving and sorting work needs to be done.


Construction Toy Play Ideas

There are some great construction toys for 2 year old girls such as megabloks and lego duplo. They are both big blocks which will be easy for little hands to hold and manipulate. They will start by building towers but as they get older and their imagination expands the play does too.

Some ideas of play include:

Building Ideas - houses, walls, space rockets, bridges and farms. Encourage your 2 year old to think of ideas of things to build and then have fun playing with them afterwards..

Toddler bowling - we used to play toddler bowling with our megabloks too. Build up three towers with the megabloks and then use a soft ball to knock them down.

Sorting - sort your bricks by color and number for learning fun.

Before You Go - One Last Idea....

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace

Have you still not found the perfect toy or gift for a 2 year old girl? Well here is one final idea - the musical dancing palace gift set.

It's a great castle playset that I know would be perfect for my niece and it's what I want to get her this Christmas.

It comes with Cinderella, Belle, Prince Charming and another Prince - they are chunky figures which are good for little hands to hold.

There's lots of potential imaginative play with the accessories including a 2 seater carriage to bring the princesses to the Royal Ball

She can hear sounds, music and phrases when she spins the lever to activate dance floor. So Cinderella and Belle can twirl, spin and dance with their princesses.

There's also all kinds of phrases like "Isn't this music beautiful?" to help bring the pretend play to life. Of course, these kinds of phrases are also good for learning new vocabularly too.

This toy has some excellent reviews.


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    • VioletteRose LM profile image

      VioletteRose LM 

      4 years ago

      good information, thank you!

    • chrisilouwho profile image


      4 years ago

      Great suggestions! Just a question, I know these are ideas for two year-olds but in your experience what is the best age range for the bilibo? Do older or younger kids enjoy it as well?

    • QualityKidsToys profile image


      4 years ago

      I think it is good to go with educational toys anytime one purchases for a little one. They usually are quite durable and the child stays interested longer because they sort of "grow" with the child. Good call on including the Easel in the above list from Melissa and Doug. Even for a two year old, I think this would be a good "starter" for a future artist! :-) Thanks for the info.!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great ideas! My company's office sponsored a family for Christmas and I got one of the wooden puzzles and one of the Disney babies for the 2 y/o girl and I think she will love them! I couldn't have done it without your suggestions! TY!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Fantastic toys you selected.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      the Little Techie iPad Holder is such a great gift I found at Toys R Us for all those techie babies and toddlers out there is. It's so adorable. The holder features adjustable arms and slots at the feet to secure your iPad upright and in place. It's perfect for toddlers who are able to sit up on their own, as well as younger babies during tummy time! Boys or Girls!

    • Ronlove LM profile image

      Ronlove LM 

      6 years ago

      Very good!

    • plrsource profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lens

    • plrsource profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lens........

    • PlanetGiftBaskets profile image


      7 years ago

      Great gift ideas!


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