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Parenting Stress – Meditation to Make your Life Easier

Updated on July 24, 2017

Being A Parent Isn't Easy

Parenting is the most difficult and most important job on the planet.

Stress is an unavoidable feature of parenting. It may commence during pregnancy, and by the time a child is born, no parent is impervious to the relentless and unremitting stress of their position.

Dealing with feeding, selecting a sleep training method, and deciding where the child will sleep all cause a lot of stress to new parents. Nursing round the clock, catering to the baby’s every need and sleep deprivation can take their toll. As the child grows, discipline is yet another source of strain. Furthermore, coping with all the pregnancy weight and poor energy levels makes you irritable and short-tempered. Additionally, you tend to feel guilty about not being able to be the best parent. All this wrecks immense havoc on your physical as well as mental health.

Up until recently, parenting was a joint affair. Extended families took the pressure off you when you needed a break from your 2 year old or when you needed help from your rebellious teen. Now, a great deal is asked of mothers and fathers who parent without any helps from grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins.

Why Do We Get So Stressed?

Modern life has created tremendous stress on parents, particularly mothers; and whilst extricating yourself from the cycle of turmoil, hassles and tribulations is difficult for everyone, it is especially difficult for a mother.

A mother’s brain is an unending list of 'things to do'; she never gets done with her chores. Furthermore, she does not have the time to fit in a de-stressing session of Yoga or pottery.

Develop your own Coping Strategy

Practice this mediation on a weekly basis. Find time to be alone for half an hour and meditate to help you visualize how to be a better parent.

  • Sit comfortably; if you can an altar, light a candle and offer a flower and make a mental connection with your higher power. in case you do not believe in the higher power or don’t have an altar, make an offering to your best self.
  • Bring to mind those qualities that you would like to have as a parent. Your list may include – being less of a nag, being more supportive, spending greater time, not yelling, being non-judgemental, being emotionally available, and playing with them.
  • You may need to know when to draw the line, when to let go of the reigns a little bit, when to protect them.
  • Even if you do not have the skills that you want to have, visualize yourself as having them.
  • Ask your higher power help you become the parent that you want to be. Imagine your higher power smiling at you, offering you encouragement and support.
  • End your meditation by sitting quietly for a couple of minutes; enjoy the peace and quiet.

Visualize the Good Parent that you Wish to Be

Be the Best Parent

Practising this mediation will help you manifest the parent you would like to be on a daily basis. It will help you to be the best parent that you can be.

Most importantly, it will promote an easier relationship with your child.

Try to Relax and Not Get Agitated

How Do You Tame Your Child's Tantrum?

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