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Bumbo seat recall, refund, strap and alternative

Updated on September 2, 2012

Bumbo refund

**UPDATE: I was able to return my Bumbo Seat to Target. It was a gift and not purchased there. Please see bottom of page for details.**

If you are wondering if you can get your money back from Bumbo, the answer is no. However there have been some reports of some Walmarts and Targets accepting them for store credit. I called a local Walmart and they would not accept it, but the Target did say to bring it in and they would help refund it. These seems to be more of a promotion to get you in the store, which is a great one but be sure to call first to find out your local stores policy.

These seem to be exceptions because as stated by the company you can not return the Bumbo unless you bought it recently and it is still under the store return policy, but you can not return an older Bumbo. If you do have an older Bumbo the only remedy you have is to order the strap. This will show you how to install the Bumbo Strap

Be advised you are also not allowed to sell your Bumbo seat because it does have a recall on it, even though it is a voluntary recall. Even if you sell it and disclose there is a recall and they should order the strap to fix it, it is still not allowed.

So there are three options you can choose.

1. Order the restraint and fix the Bumbo

2. Find a different seat to replace the Bumbo

3. Consider not using any baby seat at all.

Bumbo Recalled again for safety restraint

You can only use the Bumbo on the floor even with the new restraint strap. You are not to put it on an elevated surface because it does not offer any protection from falling or a child moving it across a table or counter top. The belt is only intended to keep them in the seat.

It is noted on the Bumbo website that the strap is not difficult to install, it is simply a template that you insert into the seat and mark the holes. You then put a pin through it and connect it on the other side to keep it secure.

Step 3 of the installation is to install a NEW much bigger warning sticker over the old sticker with the new details. Some of them are the same such as don't use on elevated surfaces and only on the floor. Again this isn't very practical but it's what it is intended for. My concern is that there was already a voluntary recall 5 years ago and they didn't correct all of the problems then. By installing a restraint then would have interfered with the marketing angle of being a strapless seat. Now after even more injuries to infants they have decided it is time to fix it.

I personally don't feel comfortable putting my child in something that has already had the warnings changed twice and now making a significant change to the product. Apparently the studies used to create the product in the first place weren't thorough enough to identify the dangers, not once but twice. How can I have confidence and feel safe that the proper test were performed this time, and it wasn't just the quickest fix that would allow it to stay on store shelves.

Take a look at the You can see other comparison reviews of other baby seats to help decide if you want to fix the Bumbo or buy a replacement.

Target Receipt for Recalled Bumbo Return
Target Receipt for Recalled Bumbo Return

Returned Bumbo to Target

No Receipt, No Box,No Problem

I called my local target and they said would be accepted.

Take note of the highlight sections of the receipt:

The Date (yellow)

No Receipt (green)

Store Credit Amount (orange)

After receiving the store credit I spent all of the gift card, and significantly more so it's a win win for both my family and Target.

Duel Debate Module

Would you buy a Bumbo after it has been recalled twice in 5 years for skull fractures

Do you plan to order the strap for the Bumbo and still use it?

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