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How to boost milk supply?

Updated on August 29, 2011

Suffering from Low Milk Production??? It really may not be the case. You may just need to change the way you nurse to see a considerable change in milk production. As it has been said demand increases the supply as well. This basically means that your body is capable of producing enough milk that your child needs. The more she nurses your body is capable of pumping out to meet her needs. Nevertheless you may follow some basic steps that will help you maintain a good supply of milk for yur child's growing needs.

Start with drinking atleast 5 litres of water a day which is very essential for your body to be able to produce sufficient milk for your child.

Take sufficient rest as mental stress can adversly affect the prodction of milk. Make sure you nap as and when possible to give your body that well deserved rest.

Frequent nursing helps stimulating production of milk so try to feed yor baby as many times with as shost an interval as an hour to 90 min. Offer both breasts to make sure both breasts are completely drained out and produce milk again.

If your child refuses to nurse at very short intervals you may try pumping out to stimulate milk production.

Try to encourgae your baby to suckle as often as possible. You may eliminate the use of a pacifier and instead let him suckle as this helps in increasing the milk supply.

Avoid supplementing your baby with formula feed as she will feel less hungry and nurse even lesser which will make your milk production dip considerably.

All these tips may help increase your milk supply, but if you still feel your milk supply has not gone up you may consider intaking small amounts of herbs that aid in milk production. These herbs are refered to as Galactogues and studies have shown improve in quantity and quality of breastmilk in mothers who consume them.

There are few cases where the breast feeding mother may have underlying thyroid problem that may result in very less production of milk. Please consult your doctor when you feel that these home remedies do not seem to make any difference.


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      new baby 6 years ago

      boost milk?..hmm...very interesting article.