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Breastfeeding- Breast pumps

Updated on November 4, 2014

There are plenty of breast pumps available in the market but what exactly should you look for when choosing your very own?

With increasing awareness in the goodness of breastmilk, mothers are now opting to exclusively breastfeed their baby for the recommended 6 months or even more. The challenging part of breastfeeding would definitely be how to incorporate it to our busy daily schedules of working and managing the household. Many mummies do not have the option of bringing their babies everywhere they go to latch on and therefore suitable products to assist is extremely important. Whether it is the function or the portability you are considering, a good express breastmilk pump should always leave you smiling after realizing how easy it is feed your baby with the best nutrition and also manage your working lifestyle effectively.

There is three type of breast pump and use in different scenario.

Manual Breast Pump

1. Manual Breast pump

For those who prefer simple and fuss free pump. This type of breast pump shall come fitted with an ergonomically designed handle for expression without compromising comfort.

2. Electric Breast Pump

For mummies looking to customise their breastfeeding experience to their liking and good electric breast pump can allows mummies to control both speed and suction power while expressing.

Portable Electric Breast Pump

3. Electric Breast Pump Portable

This type of pump would be a great choice for mummies who are frequently on the go. This lightweight and compact breast pump is ideal for use in the office.

3 Key Steps to Effective Breast milk Expression to concern when choosing an Breast Pump

Fit, Gentle Stimulation and Expression is the 3 key steps to effective breast milk expression. This allows mothers to express their breast milk comfortably, in the most natural way.

Full Advanced Set of Breast Pump. Good to buy.


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