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Breastfeeding Adopted Babies-Steps for How it Can Be Done

Updated on April 16, 2012

When I was younger, I had an aunt who adopted a baby who was only days old. She had always wanted to experience bonding with her new baby and since she couldn't give birth, she researched into how to be able to breastfeed instead. I thought this was a weird concept and when I found out it was possible, I was intrigued. I wondered how many other adoptive moms would like the pleasure of doing this as well so I thought I would write a brief article on how breastfeeding adopted babies can be done.

While it is different from breastfeeding a baby that you have been pregnant with for 9 months, it is not as hard as one might think. If done correctly, you can even end up producing a large amount of milk just as you would for your own birthed newborn.

Breastfeeding and milk supply

The two objectives to look at when beginning this process is first to get your baby to breastfeed, and the other is to start producing enough breast milk for your little one to gain nourishment.

As many mothers know, there is more to breastfeeding than just the actual production of milk from your body. It is the closeness and bonding that the feeding provides that will first help in the production of milk. As a baby comes to trust and enjoy being nestled up close to their new mother, nature has a way of helping things along if you use the aid of the right tools to get your own body responding as if it had just given birth.

Taking the breast

You will need to introduce your new baby to your breast as soon as possible so he can learn how to suck. While there will be nothing there for him to get, you can use a feeding tube attached to your nipple that will allow him to gain substance while learning how to properly suck from your nipple.

While some woman may be tempted to use a bottle, this will cause more problems for completing the process successfully than anything else. Babies can get nipple confusion and may often want to just stick with feeding from a bottle because it is easier. You do not need this as an option. In order for your body to understand and learn how to produce milk as it should, a baby needs to be sucking on your nipple as much as possible.

Producing Breastmilk

If you would like to be prepared for your new baby as much as possible and make the transition from tubal feedings to your own body producing milk, you may want to speak to a lactation specialist. Once you have found your new baby and it is getting close to birth time, you can get started with a pump and certain exercises and procedures that your lactation specialist can help you implement.

You may never end up creating a full supply of breast milk, and you may have more than enough. This is the case even with those moms who give birth to their babies. You should never feel discouraged with what you manage to accomplish and just work towards building that bond and doing the best your can.

If you are going to use a pump and get practicing before your new one arrives, you should know that most breast pumps regardless of their power will never produce as much milk as the sucking power of your little one once he starts nursing. A proper latch and continuous sucking power will help with production in so many ways.


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