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Breastfeeding Benefits-Top Reasons Why You Should Choose to Nurse

Updated on April 16, 2012

It's finally here! The day has finally come when you can look that little one in the face and marvel at the wonder of him. For months you have thought about what he would look like and how he would sound. Now, as you stare at your adorable bundle of joy, you realize that there are so many things you have not yet decided on. One decision you need to make, and quick, is whether or not you will breastfeed. You may have heard of some of the benefits of breastfeeding but do you know all of the reasons why this is the best choice to make for your little one?

We all have a right to make our own decisions. Some moms just find that they can not handlle breastfeeding. Their nipples crack and bleed, their bosom throbs with the overflow of milk, or perhaps it is the opposite problem and try as they would like, their body does not want to co-operate and produce milk. These can be all medical or emotional problems that can be addressed with your doctor if you still would like to keep at breastfeeding for the benefit of your baby.

Some of the top breastfeeding benefits are:

1.) It saves you money. Formula is expensive. Babies drink on average a 4-8 oz bottle every 1-4 hours depending on the baby and age. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by choosing to breastfeed.

2.) Babies who are breastfed get sick less often and when they do they have a quicker recovery time due to the antibodies that the mother passes on through her milk. This means babies are less susceptible to ear infections, respiratory infections, as well as having less allergies and more thanks to mom. These antibodies will help him to create his own set of strong antibodies in which he will soon be able to fight off infections and illness on his own at a much quicker rate.

3.) Sucking on a breast requires more work and thus enables your little one to work his jaw muscles and help in the development of his cheek bones and jaw alignment. This could mean less trips to the dentist for costly orthodontist work in the future.

4.) Not only does breastmilk provide the proper vitamins and nutrients for your little one to grow and become strong, it is always available and never needs to be heated. A 2am feeding is much easier to handle when breastfeeding than it is when you have to plod your way downstairs to the kitchen, make up a bottle of formula and then make sure that it is the correct temperature to feed your hungry, screaming little one.

5.) Breastfeeding benefits extend even to mom. When your baby breastfeeds, it causes contractions which will enable your uterus to shrink faster and controls the amount of bleeding that will occur right after birth. This can mean a much more comfortable recovery with less chance of any dangerous after effects.

6.) Breastfeeding is great for helping you burn calories and get back into those pre baby pants that are hanging so lonely in your closet. While you will need to make sure that you eat more to produce enough milk, especially if you are feeding twins, your body will be burning at a much faster pace allowing you to indulge in that ice cream or chocolate cake every so often without guilt.

7.) And last but not least, one of the best breastfeeding benefits is the bond that is created between mother and child. Being able to look down at your little one as they nurse and feel the emotions that swell up when you realize that this tiny bundle which you have helped create and bring in to the world, is gaining nourishment and love from you. Your child will learn to know and trust that within your loving arms he will be safe and secure.

While it may not be concrete evidence based on scientific facts, it is theorized that those who are breastfed learn to adapt in society and are more affectionate and giving in relationships due to a strong sense of well being and sense of worth. Breastfeeding benefits extend way beyond the first few months in the development of a child and can have lasting results through their entire life. It has also been stated that those women who choose to breastfeed are helping to lower their risk of getting breast cancer. The more children you have and nurse, the more of a help you are giving to your body.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Great information. Breast feeding a child is such a great gift to a baby. I think I read some where that breast fed kids grow up to be more successful and intelligent.

    • MelissaBarrett profile image

      Melissa Barrett 6 years ago

      You forgot the "birth control by breastfeeding" :) Nice article.