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16 Beautiful Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Updated on September 16, 2014

Flutter By... Butterfly!

The butterfly has to rank among nature's most beautiful and serene beings. Their demeanor is almost a perfect representation for a newborn baby... which is surely why they're such a popular theme for showers and invitations.

Here are some of the best butterfly baby shower invitations I've come across as well as some neat ideas for a butterfly themed shower.

Flutterby Shower


This simple but beautiful design comes in three colors - pink (as shown), blue and orange. Each color scheme has optional matching thank you cards, address labels, and gift bag tags.

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Spring Butterflies (with matching postage!)

These butterfly baby shower invitations feature a clever poem "we're fluttering with excitement and happy to say... a sweet baby girl is on her way." You can customize the text, font, and font color and choose from several paper stocks.

If you like them, you'll love that they come with optional matching postage stamps, thank you cards, envelope stickers, a party banner... and even a nursery wall illustration for a coordinated butterfly baby shower theme!

Sunflower Fun


Probably my favorite of the bunch. This detailed illustration features a couple of butterflies hovering over flowers as a ladybug rests in the grass. I also really like the "dream, wish, love, smile, dance, sleep, laugh, sing" border. These are customizable and come with optional thank yous and address labels.


Butterfly Kisses....

This mustard colored card with blue and pink butterflies is perfect for a boy, girl, or gender neutral shower. It features a simple modern design on high quality premium paper.

Blue Skies! Butterflies!


I love the "feel" of these invitations - and I don't mean the premium paper stock :). The bright colors and banner design are welcoming and perfect for a baby shower invitation. The girl version includes a butterfly. The boy version features a worm. Unique.

Butterfly Mobile


A serene and colorful butterfly baby mobile hangs above your shower details in this modern, refined design.


One Itty Bitty Butterfly

Subtle and elegant with a sole butterfly hovering above the green vines. Great colors and optional add-ons make these butterfly baby shower invitations a top choice.

IDEA: Butterfly Cupcakes!

IDEA: Butterfly Cupcakes!
IDEA: Butterfly Cupcakes!

Stained Glass Butterfly

This stunning and realistic design looks almost like stained glass, and features a butterfly poised atop beautiful flowers. Perfect for those who prefer a more elegant and natural design to cartoon-like imagery.


Colorful Jungle

Another multi-animal design in which happy butterflies play a prominent role. The bright colors are incredible attention grabbing making this design really stand out!


Shades & Textures

These simple invites features various shades of pink as well as textured letters and animals (including a butterfly of course) with plenty of room for your shower details. They're available on several unique styles of paper as well.

Invitations with Matching Decorations!

8-Count Party Invitations, Butterfly Sparkle
8-Count Party Invitations, Butterfly Sparkle

These invitations come 8 to a pack, and also feature matching plates, cups, napkins, goodie-bags, banners and more. Everything you need!


Adorable Animals

This wonderful gender-neutral card features 10 adorable animals (including a butterfly, of course) - each a different color. The design on back makes these invitations even more unique. You can also choose from optional thank yous, address labels, and gift tags for a coordinated design:

Easy Cake for a Butterfly Themed Baby Shower

Polka-dot Butterflies and Forest Animals


Polka dot butterflies play prominently in these forest theme baby shower invitations. A back panel design adds even more character to this great design.

All Aflutter


A striped butterfly is the focal point of these simple and modern butterfly baby shower invites. Available in 2 colors, with all sorts of optional add-ons (including backers, liners, address labels, and thank yous).


Plaid Bunnies and Butterflies

This plaid bunnies and butterflies design is also available in pink and gender neutral orange. The invitation instructions "please bring a book for baby's first library" are easily changed if necessary. Optional thank yous and address labels are available in all 3 color schemes.

Monarch Butterflies


Three monarch butterflies. One great looking baby shower invitation.


Stripes and Butterflies

This front / back design is fully customizable with your choice of text, font, font colors, and even paper. I really like the matching postage and thank you cards as well.

Love any of these butterfly shower invitations? Let us know! Please share and comment on this lens!

Which One Do YOU Like Best?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very nice collection here!

    • siryellow1 profile image

      Alan 5 years ago from New York

      @anonymous: Hey hector. Just click the card and you'll see the pricing and order info!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I Like Flutterby Shower card set. how much for 50 of everything. thanks

    • TTMall profile image

      TTMall 6 years ago

      Very informative lens. Well done!

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Beautiful designs. Kids love butterflies and other animals:)