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Old Fashioned Carriages - Buy a Baby Stroller Online

Updated on July 28, 2014

Old Fashioned Baby Stroller

Traditional heritage style pram
Traditional heritage style pram | Source

How to Choose A Stroller

Buying a stroller is similar to buying a car. You don't want to just buy the first stroller you see. You want to consider all the options and decide what features are important to you. Some things you might consider when buying a baby stroller, just like in buying a car, are: Price, Quality, Color, New or Used, Brand, Consumer Reviews, etc... You generally don't purchase a car without test driving it, and I recommend that you also test drive a stroller for the same reason. You want to make sure that it's comfortable, manuverable, handles well, and meets your needs.


Types of Strollers

If you do a google search for stroller you get back an overwhelming number of matches for all different types, colors, brands, etc... of strollers. There are so many to choose from now a days, it's hard to know which one to pick. Here are a few of the most commonly used strollers.

Umbrella Stroller:

Umbrella strollers are one of the most common and most basic stroller out there. They are very light-weight, and very maneuverable. They are typically made with upside J-shaped handles and fold down, to easily be stored in your trunk or closet, taking up very little space at all. They tend to be the least expensive stroller on the market. However, they are generally not recommended for children who cannot sit up on their own as they have little to no back support, and the seats do not typically lay back.


Carriage or Bassinet Style Strollers

Carriage strollers are designed with rear facing bassinets. The style is very similar to the British baby stroller called the Pram or buggy. These types of strollers first became popular back in the Victorian Era. They typcially were black and white with large wheels and had a baby bassinet with a half cover as the bed.

This old fashioned style of baby carriage has come back into style with a florish and is considered one of the higher end styles of stroller. They are typically used for newborns and infants, as they are not made to carry considerable weight and are for children who have not learned to sit up yet.

Rear-Facing or Front-Facing

The nice thing about strollers today, is there are so many options to choose. Now you can choose whether to have a rear-facing stroller or a front-facing stroller. Some strollers even offer the option to do both. There are benefits to both types of strollers.

Rear-facing strollers are great for infants and young children because the child sits facing the parent. Young infants tend to do better when they can keep their parent in view. With the child facing the parent they are able to have plenty of interaction and respond to a child's cues.

Forward-facing strollers are the most common type of stroller used today. They are better suited for older children and toddlers who are more curious about what is going on around them and want to be able to see where they are going. This type of stroller is perfect for outings in the park or walking through the zoo, where they can see what is all around them but provide the parent with security in knowing their child is securely fastened and cannot wander off.

Travel Systems

An infant travel system is a matching car seat and stroller combo. The car seat can snap securely into the stroller. This is perfect for newborns and infants, because you do not have to hassle with unstrapping them from the car seat and re-strapping them into the stroller. Most travel systems also come with a base that you secure in the car with the seat belt. Therefore, instead of having to strap and unstrap the carseat you simply snap the car seat securely in the base and you are ready to go.

Infant travel systems are a popular alternative to buying a stroller and car seat separately. The travel systems come in all styles, patterns and colors and the stroller accomodates a baby from newborn all the way to toddler.

Multiples Strollers

With the help of invitro fertilization and fertility drugs, multiple births are at an all time high. It is no longer uncommon to have twins, triplets, or even quads. Therefore the need for multiples strollers has risen. Even if you do not have multiples, duo strollers are a convenient way to transport more than one child at a time.

Multiple strollers give parents and caregivers the freedom to transport more than one child much more easily. These strollers have also increased in popularity with day cares and at-home child providers because they allow for them to be able to take the kids on walks around the park or to the zoo without fear of having them wander off.

Multiples strollers are specifically designed to carry the added weight of more than one child. They are made of strong high-quality materials, with canopies and reclining seats to offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

Whether you want a tandem stroller (one in front of the other) or side by side multiples stroller, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.


Jogging Strollers

Jogging (running) strollers are baby strollers that are specifically designed to be used while a person is jogging or running. They are made of strong high-quality materials that can withstand the strain and impact that running or jogging may cause. They also keep the child or children safe and secure within the stroller and provide adequate cushion and support while being pushed at a higher rate of speed than walker and over non-smooth surfaces.

Jogging strollers are a great way for mothers to help eliminate the post-pregnancy baby weight and to get back into shape after delivery. They are also a great way either parent to bond with your children and stay fit, by spending quality time with your kids outdoors.

Jogging strollers come in all shapes and sizes, and for all different types of terrain. You can get strollers for street running, but you can also find those that are made for trail running. The strollers for trail running typically have a heavier duty frame, larger wheels with thick tread, shock aborbers, and even a fender to deflect dirt and debris away from you and your kid.

Jogging strollers even come in multiples strollers as well, so you can bring more than one child along on the journey and make it a fun, family outing.

Stroller Bikes

Not to be confused with bicycle strollers, the stroller bike is the latest invention by Taga that combines bicycle and stroller technology. According to their website, "Taga is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. It is a baby stroller and carrier bike all rolled into one - and a means of transport unlike any other. In seconds, Taga goes from super fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators."

The Taga bike stroller is currently the only bike that transforms into a stroller on the market. They have designed it to meet or exceed the strictest bicycle and stroller safety standards for the US, Europe, and Asia. The Taga is adaptable to grow with your family. It can be used with infants, multiples, 6 year-olds, and more. It is an environmentally conscience way to travel. "The fact that you can stroll with it, ride on it, and take it on public transportation makes Taga one of the greenest vehicles around."


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