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Camera Activities for Kids

Updated on February 25, 2013

Fun Things Kids Can Do With The Camera Taking Photos

My kids love to play with the camera, especially my youngest can spend hours making faces in front of my computers' camera. They also love craft projects and other types of projects that involve taking photos. It is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Camera activities for kids can be great to save for décor, to give to family members and to keep for memories. Kids can really get into photography and create something that can really get their viewpoint on a subject. My Kids just love creating things with their photography they do, they take pride in what they make and have actually learned how to take a great photo.

Look below to get ideas for fun photo taking activities for kids that will be fun for the whole family.

Fun Photography Activities for Kids

Camera Activities For Kids
Camera Activities For Kids

Photo Crafts For Kids

Camera Activities For Kids

There are many photo craft projects that kids would enjoy doing with their photos they have taken. This can be a fun and useful activity for kids close to the holidays so they can make gifts for their friends and family. My kids love making photo ornaments during Christmas time, photo cards for Valentine's day, photo eggs for Easter and for Fourth of July they make a fire works photo collage.

It can also be a fun activity for kids to decorate their room with their photos. One of my favorite ways to do this is to create a photo wall in their room with their photos that they love.

Camera Activities For Kids
Camera Activities For Kids

Photo Journal For Kids

Kids Camera Activities For Kids

If your child loves to play with the camera on vacation or on a family trip they will love to put a photo journal together. A kids photo journal can be done either by digital format or good old paper and pen with the photo glue to the page. I have also seen some really cute photo journals done by kids that was kept together in a photo album and notes was written on the side.

My favorite photo journal for kids that I have seen was a Voice Recording Photo Album Memory Book and Journal with a voice recording mechanism for each page. While this may not be a practical way to keep a lot of photos it sounds like a great way to help a child document a year or a special event. The one that I saw was a girl that documented her relationship with her grandma after her grandma passed away.

Camera Activities For Kids
Camera Activities For Kids

Scavenger Hunt Camera Activities For Kids

Kids Have Fun Taking Photos Of Things on A List

The great thing about digital cameras is that your child can take lots of photos and not be wasteful. If your little photo taker gets bored try getting there mind set on a scavenger hunt with their camera. Give them a list of items to find and take pictures off. You can make your own list or follow one someone else made. To get ideas go here.

My favorite scavenger hunts for kids have been based on a specific theme. One summer camp I know of gave a digital camera to groups of children and list of riddles. The kids had to take a picture of something that they could take a photo of. For smaller kids a scavenger hunt may be more simple like: take picture of something green or take a picture of three round thing together.

Camera Activities For Kids
Camera Activities For Kids

Show Off Their Photos On The TV

Camera Activities For Kids

While my boys love taking photos with their camera they love to see them on the the TV. Many TV entertainment centers will allow you to connect to a digital camera to turn their photos into a photo slide show. They will love to see all their photos on the big screen and they will feel like a big TV star when photos of them pop up on the TV.

There are a few methods to hook up you Digital camera to the TV to make a slide show, for more information go to

Kids Portable Picture Frame - VTech Preschool Learning KidiLook Digital Photo Frame

VTech Preschool Learning KidiLook Digital Photo Frame
VTech Preschool Learning KidiLook Digital Photo Frame

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