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Camo School Binder

Updated on March 13, 2013

Camouflage Binders That Will Keep You Organized At School

Camo is a fun design for school age kids. Fun camo school binders can come in many different colors but my favorite is the dark green camo, pink camo and bland/white camo.

When looking for a camouflage binder for school you are probably looking for a well designed binder as well a cool design that will make organizing a breeze. Look for a school binder with a zippered side to make sure papers stay in there place and an inclosed pocket so pencils and pens have a spot with out cramming a lot into a binder.

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Cheap Zip Up Light Green Digital Camo Binder

This is a very sturdy camo binder with a zippered side and a handle on the edge for easy carrying.

3- Ring ACU Binder Camouflage Planner Organizer Folder with Time Management Pages
3- Ring ACU Binder Camouflage Planner Organizer Folder with Time Management Pages

This is probably my favorite camo binder for it's price. Three ring binder has lots of pockets and room for hanging notepad.

While binder is not waterproof like I prefer, it is made of a fabric that cleans easily with a damp clothe.


Tactical 3-Ring Binder Cover, Large, Zippered Military Field Admin Case

Tactical 3-Ring Large Binder Cover ACU Universal
Tactical 3-Ring Large Binder Cover ACU Universal

While this binder is a little more expensive then what I would want to pay for a school binder, with it's features I could really see why someone would. This is a great binder to have if you need one that will be outdoors with you a lot getting a lot of outdoor use.


Not all Camo Binders Have To Be Green

Zip Up Pink and Black Camo Binder

This is my favorite of course. My boys would roll there eyes at this pink camo binder but a girl that has a little tom boy in her may just love it.

Pink Camouflage 3-Ring Binder
Pink Camouflage 3-Ring Binder

This would be a very cute three ring binder for a girl that wants to stay organized.

Pink Jordan three ring binder comes with inner pocket and wipes clean easily.


Warning: Some Schools Do Not Allow Kids To Bring Binders To School

Tips For Organizing Your Binder YouTube

Do you prefer binders that can zip up or do you like them to have a snap? Does your school binder need to have a lot of pockets?

What Do You Look For In A Binder?

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    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      I'm not sure I would want a camouflage binder. How would you ever find it if you lost it in the woods? Lol. Blessings.