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Nannies Provide Quality Childcare in Canada

Updated on February 10, 2016
Woman Hugging Young Girl
Woman Hugging Young Girl | Source

Day Care or a Nanny?

This page discusses hiring a live-in or live-out nanny in Canada. It explains the role of a nanny service in a family. It also discusses recruitment and offers tips for finding the right nanny or caregiver for your family.

As every parent living in Canada soon discovers, the hunt for acceptable childcare is both burdensome and stressful. Possibilities can be plentiful in some situations, but limited in others. Parents with one child may arrange suitable childcare without undue problems. However, parents with two or more children in need of care usually find their options are limited.

The Daycare Option

Many Canadian parents find that daycare is widely available and well utilized. It may meet the needs of the one-child family quite nicely. However, parents seeking daycare for two or more children are unlikely to find a daycare facility with space available for all their children. Parents in this situation are forced to enroll siblings in different facilities - a solution that is both burdensome for the parents and emotionally troublesome for the children who are separated from their brothers or sisters.

Hiring a nanny is another approach to quality childcare.

The information in this article is provided by Manuela Gruber Hersch, the founder and manager of International Nannies.

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International Nannies and Caregivers Ltd. Logo

Using a Nanny Agency in Canada

A Nanny Service Paves the Way to Employing a Nanny

Many Canadian parents opt to use the services of a Nanny Agency. A nanny agency paves the way to helping families connect with suitable nannies who will provide quality child care.

International Nannies and Homecare Limited is the premier live-in nanny agency in Canada. Serving all provinces and with offices from coast to coast, this agency screens and interviews nannies as well as providing a referral service. International Nannies and Homecare Limited operates in adherence to all aspects of the recent revisions to the Canada Caregiver Program.

Founder and manager Manuela Gruber Hersch began her career in Canada as a nanny, moving to this country from Salzburg, Austria. She now operates Canada's premier nanny service as well as employing a nanny to care for her own young children. Manuela prides herself on providing excellent service to both nannies and families. Her company also provides homecare services to the elderly and to others in need of this service.

Nanny Playing with Small Boy
Nanny Playing with Small Boy

The Nanny Alternative

Live-in Nanny or Live-Out Nanny

Increasing numbers of Canadian parents are discovering that hiring a nanny is an excellent solution to the childcare challenge.

With a nanny, your children receive superior childcare right in the home - and at a cost that is similar to the cost of using a daycare center. In fact, the expenses related to hiring a nanny may be less than the cost of using a daycare, particularly if there are multiple children in need of care.

Live in or Live Out Nannies

Parents choosing to use a nanny for child care have two choices: the nanny can live in the home or live out and come in for pre-determined shifts.

In both cases, the nanny offers individual, quality childcare in your dwelling, along with performing some small housekeeping tasks.

When children are younger, many families realize that a live-in nanny is the preferable solution. When a nanny lives in, she (or he) can be more flexible in terms of availability and the types of tasks undertaken.

Live-in nannies receive a weekly salary, plus room and board. The costs of hiring a live in nanny will vary, depending on the location and other factors. However, a live-in nanny often turns out to be the most economical choice.

Families who lack space in the family home, and to whom flexibility is not an issue usually opt for a live-out nanny.

Live-out nannies receive a weekly wage. The wage will be higher than that earned by the live-in nanny, given that room and board is not a consideration. The weekly wage will vary, depending on various factors. Location is a factor, as before, plus the nanny's experience and the number of children in need of childcare.

Both live-in and live-out nannies provide the same excellence in terms of care, but live-in nannies are often more flexible with regards to hours worked and the types of duties they will perform.

Parents and Baby
Parents and Baby

Employing a Nanny in Canada

Recruiting a Nanny

Today, the majority of the nannies employed by Canadian parents come from foreign countries. The Canadian government's Live-in Caregiver Program encourages nannies and other caregivers to relocate to Canada to provide much needed services to families.

To quality for the program, the nanny is required to have adequate training and/or appropriate work experience. Additionally, each nanny must pass a background check, medical checkups and security checkups through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Parents wanting to hire a live-in nanny are wise to start the nanny search well in advance. Many find it can take from three months to a year to engage a nanny. The time varies depending on the country the nanny is coming from. The process for hiring a live-out nanny is usually shorter, since he or she is already in the country.

Contacting a reputable and stable nanny referral agency, such as International Nannies, is often a good way to start the search for your family's ideal nanny.

Choosing the Right Nanny

Ensure the Nanny is a Good Fit

Regardless of whether you hire a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny, the key to success is choosing a nanny who blends in well with your household.

Obviously you will consider the nanny's experience - but it is equally important to consider the individual's personality.

Even though you may have experience hiring employees in a workplace, the situation is much different when you hire a nanny. This person will live in your home and will have a significant impact on your children's lives. You and the nanny will come to know each other extremely well.

In such a case, personality conflicts can occur. How those conflicts are handled will determine the success of the nanny placement. You must strive to find a nanny who is compatible with your family and compatible with your way of doing things.

According to International Nannies founder, Manuela Gruber Hersch, It's often wise to go with your instincts. "If you have an uncomfortable feeling about the person or feel ill at ease with them for any reason, it could be a mistake to make a job offer," said Hersch. " Instead, wait until you find a nanny with whom you feel comfortable. If you and the nanny connect on a personal level, it is a good indicator that a great relationship will develop."

When you hire your nanny, it may well be one of the most onerous decisions you have had to make. But, if you have the right connection with you nanny, you are likely to have a childcare solution that affords peace of mind while giving the children a rewarding experience.

© 2010 June Campbell

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      June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      @anonymous: I don't know about camera. Perhaps that would be something to discuss with the service provider.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thank you for the information about nanny services in Canada. My wife and I have been looking everywhere for someone good, but we didn't know if we should go with an agency or not. Also, I'm wondering what your opinion is on hidden cameras. Any suggestions?